red and green nails

The Signs As Alternative/Rock Band Members
  • Aries: Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Taurus: Marilyn Manson
  • Gemini: Axl Rose
  • Cancer: Kurt Cobain
  • Leo: Anthony Kiedis
  • Virgo: Billy Corgan
  • Libra: Trent Reznor
  • Scorpio: Jack White
  • Sagittarius: Mark Hoppus
  • Capricorn: Dave Grohl
  • Aquarius: Chester Bennington
  • Pisces: Thom Yorke
  • I apologize if I got the Genres wrong, I`m not very good at genres.

My Autobiography
  • Me: *goes downstairs and gets criticised for being sarcastic and rude to family members even though I'm going through depression*
  • Me: *goes upstairs to avoid being criticised and is criticised for being rude and antisocial by family members even though I'm going through depression*

description practice for the losers club’s hands. thank you to @kasprak for helping to write and @stanleybby for proofreading ! <3

Bill’s fingers are long, thin, and pale. Richie says he has ‘musical’ fingers and insists that if Bill played an instrument, he’d be amazing at it. Stan is always there to argue that Bill’s fingers are that of an artist - something that was already common knowledge - and that he was already amazing at art. His hands were almost always littered with specks of paint or shiny black graphite dust that had transferred from his artwork to the side of his hand that leaned on the paper. If he was simply bored or couldn’t muster the effort to paint something big, he’d paint tiny pictures from the tips of his fingers down to his wrist.

Ben’s hands are soft and warm, Beverly might compare them to baby’s hands before laughing and pressing to her cheeks. They are small and chubby, but anyone who has held Ben’s hand knows the feeling of safety and comfort that inevitably comes with it. His hands are almost always filled with books, and if not, Beverly would fill the space with her own hands. He wears scented hand lotion a lot, and must have hundreds. His friends will frequently get a waft of smell and wonder aloud “Why do I smell coconut and mango?” and the answer will almost always be Ben, having bought a new hand lotion. His favorite by far is his cherry blossom lotion.

Mike’s hands are calloused from extensive work on the farm. He constantly has a layer of dirt under his nails which he’s given up on washing out. One time while he was hanging out with Bev, she wordlessly fished out a tiny metal tool from her pocket, picked up his hand, and started gently digging the dirt out from under his nails. She turned the tiny piece of metal on it’s side and filed off the split ends of his nails. Neither of them spoke for those ten minutes, until she finally put away her tool and beamed from ear to ear while he mused about how clean and how different they looked. Now they regularly meet for manicures. Sometimes, she even paints his nails with his color of choice (which he proudly wears and shows off to the rest of the losers. They love it.)

Stan’s hands are beautiful and organic. His knuckles are knobby, and the back of his hands were strung with indigo and violet. When he’s angry, his fingers twitch and clench, and his veins seem to dance. He bruises easily, specifically on his hands. Even the slightest contact presents itself in tiny, painless welts that form in almost every colour. Most people who get the opportunity to touch Stan’s hands might comment on how cold they feel. His hands don’t feel cold to him, but he likes that everyone else’s hands feel warm against his. He only has to mention that his hands are cold, and before he’s even finished his sentence, Bill has jumped to take both of his hands into his. Of course, Stan’s hands feel perfectly fine, but he likes holding Bill’s.

Beverly’s hands were pretty, but not dainty. Every part of her embodied ‘strength’, not excluding her hands. She almost always has her nails painted, with a new color every week. She likes to coordinate the colors with current events, like on Christmas she paints her nails red and green, on school fairs, she paints them the school colors, and when Eddie comes out as gay, she paints her nails rainbow and insists on painting his too. Her hands are always covered in scribbles of poems, notes, quotes that she finds, or daily reminders. If she doesn’t have anything to write, she’ll write the names of all her friends. She claims it’s because her hands feel empty without ink, but it’s more like one of her daily reminders that she feels empty without her friends. Her hands also smell faintly of cherry blossoms.

Richie considers his hands to be ‘regular’, or just something he doesn’t bother too long and hard about. Eddie might say that his hands are bigger than most. His fingertips are calloused from his recent endeavors in learning to play guitar. The strings have left irremovable imprints that serve as evidence to his hours of dedication. Nobody remembers when he started, but he picked up a habit of painting his pinky nail on his left hand black. He never gives a solid answer when people ask why, but he thinks it makes him ‘cool’. Anyone who pays close enough attention might notice that in the slightest of uncomfortable situations, his hands twitch and shake, and his palms get slightly sweaty. He gets nervous a lot more than he lets on.

Eddie’s hands are always impeccably clean and cold from how regularly he washes them. Like Ben’s, they are also exceptionally soft. Richie might retaliate that Eddie had tiny, delicate hands, but they both knew he loved that he could engulf Eddie’s whole hands in his own. Despite the paper thin-seeming layer of skin atop his brittle-looking hands, they were anything but weak. The grip of an angry Eddie Kaspbrak was something nobody wanted to be caught in. He was almost always anxious about something, and as a result was almost always fidgeting with anything he could get his hands on. Scrunching fists around the fabric of his clothes, tearing bits off of paper, quietly clicking his fingers. At times when he gets really distracted, he scratches at his arms and hands. When Richie notices, he starts holding Eddie’s hands more often so that he can’t.

These are just some modern,kinda weird ways to do quick witchcraft and keep it hidden.

-enchant bandaids with positive energies(protection,confidence,peace) and keep them on you if you’re feeling sad,angry,etc. Visualize your emotions as a cut somewhere and put the bandaid over it to try and heal it.

-make your entire room your altar. you don’t have to have one specific place for tools if it’ll look suspicious.

-use hygiene magic such as different hairstyles,bath products,colored hair ties,scented perfumes,flavored toothpaste

-if you’re an artist,clean your brushes on your by painting sigils on your skin when you’re painting

-if your phone is being watched,or your parents are really strict/Christians,use👏your👏school👏library👏check out books on astrology,history of witchcraft,divination,dreams. Also use the computers to search up spells and copy them onto paper/your BoS

-keep tarot cards under your pillow or in the case. this is not only a good hiding spot but good bonding with them. they can also be moonlight charged if your bed is by a window.

-your BoS can be notes scribbled in a regular book,whether on small pieces of different paper or blank space. Careful not to lose the pieces or let anyone else read it!

-create bookmarks of correspondences or whatever you want to memorize and put them in the book you’re reading

-regularly go for walks. unless your parents/people you’re living with are super strict,this is an easy way to bond with nature. bring your pets along for the journey too! talk to the animals,plants and sun/moon/stars. they love you💞

-create a playlist for a spell and as you’re listening,dance or hum along to charge it.

-paint your nails with your intent! green= money,red= courage and so forth

-if your pet is your familiar,play with them and get to know them more

-if asked about sigils ,say it’s for a writing project and they’re a made up language.

Feel free to add on more!