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An Open Letter to Leigh Bardugo

Hello, Leigh ( @lbardugo )! It’s your friendly-neighborhood Baillie! 

I wanted to address the presents I’ve been giving (maybe shoving?) your way. While it’s been fun for me to create things that you (and whatever authors I end up latching on to) might enjoy–someone I volunteered with yesterday at the festival warned me to stop because you were probably uncomfortable with the gifts. 

And it broke my heart.

A little background on why I started giving you gifts: 

The last time I tried to give a friend a present, a personalized and signed copy of Vampire Academy, she accepted with a “Nice! I’ll add it to my collection!” And while I know she meant no harm–instead, meaning to make a joke about how many copies of tVA she had–it kind of made me recoil. It was a present that took hours of action (and standing in line) and a bit of planning to make sure we could get her this present. And my gesture was brushed aside.

I’ve enjoyed giving presents to friends for years and since then I stopped. Which is heartbreaking since I also feel inclined to stop keeping in contact with my friends because, in my mind, this brushoff is some sort of rejection. Even now making friends at my university is kept at a no-present policy so I don’t scare anybody off.

So I turned to authors because I figured they deserve presents and goodies after writing so much and I know I appreciate them to the moon and back. And I know some authors have to deal with mean people a lot and sometimes just need something nice.

I’ll be the first one to admit that my obsession with you increased tenfold when I ended up with SoC at SDCC (and I actually cried walking away from the Fierce Reads booth). Actually–I walk away from almost every interaction with you about to cry because I’m always in such complete and utter awe of your presence. The more I hear you talk at signings and at panels and even just on twitter– it’s more and more clear that you’re a fantastic and amazing person. 

And by no means do I want to make you uncomfortable with my presents.

But please, please, please let me know if it makes you uncomfortable or you truly want me to stop. I just had never stopped to even consider your side of things. 

It makes me feel incredibly selfish.

My Best Regards, 



To Better Explain your gift basket from YallWest: 

Blue Eyeshadow + Red/Gold Lipstick= Wonder Woman inspired Makeup

Fan: I thought I would get to you sooner and that it might help with the heat

Eyelashes: They Reminded me of Six of Crows

Justice League Stickers: I gave the same ones to Marie Lu. Just DC related.

Other Stickers: They were cute? 

Glow Sticks: Some events just need glowsticks

Look at this GODDESS. She is stunning. What a fun outfit to frolic around in. I love the red eyeshadow she’s done. The headdress is so pretty as well.

Lightning in a Bottle, 2017

fill for Cap-Iron Man Bingo prompt “bold,” featuring earth 3490

No one could ever say Tasha Stark wasn’t bold. In dress, in philosophy, in person. She was colorful, and bold, and bright, and asking her to dance was impossible.

Steve grabbed an hor d'oeuvre and made his way through the crowd in a gentle circle, trying to look like he wasn’t better suited for holding up a wall somewhere.

Pepper Potts caught his eye from across the room, quirking an eyebrow at him. Steve felt his shoulders hunch in response as he smiled sheepishly, and Pepper gave the ceiling an utterly despairing sort of look. Then she turned back to him, jerked her head at Tasha, pointed at the dance floor, and flapped her hand at him in a shooing motion.

Steve’s ears burned. Obediently, he turned toward where Tasha was holding court, surrounded by an enraptured audience. Her dress was simple: stark white, so that her skin seemed to glow and the few dark tendrils of hair artfully loose from her updo looked dark and lush in contrast. The sleeves were long and off-shoulder, baring tantalizing stretches of smooth tanned skin, and when she turned a little, the low-cut back exposed the toned expanse of her shoulders and lower back.

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emmanter  asked:

How to keep a feminine aesthetic during fall time??

ooo i love this question! honestly, i dress like it is fall all year round, but in a very girly way. :-) i’m super in love with outfits like this: 🍂 stockings/thigh high socks (there are super cute and warm ones out there, and in all different colors!), high-waisted skirts (try soft ones in plaid, autumn colors, lace, or corduroy); mary jane heels (my shoe of choice), long-sleeved crop tops/leotards/turtlenecks, a cute handbag or crossbody purse, ruffle ankle socks layered over tights, gold highlighter, burgundy or red lips, soft brown eyeshadow, and rouge on your cheeks. 🍂 if skirts aren’t your thing, there’s always wearing high-waisted shorts over stockings, or straight-leg pants or skinny jeans with cute flats (see: Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot). and don’t forget about hats - berets, floppy, and wide-brim are all super cute! ~

anonymous asked:

I should try to cut myself off, but hhhhnnn can I get a punk!Eddie & pastel!Richie?? Love me some flippy hcs.

☠ eddie is apart of a punk cover band
🌸 he plays the guitar and sings backup
☠ he’s in the band with bev (lead), mike (drums), and bill (bass)
🌸 they’re all punk rock af
☠ like everyone looks at them like they’re rock gods
🌸 bc they are
☠ bev’s bf is ben who is a v nerdy boy
🌸 he goes to all of their shows
☠ so he convinces his friend richie to come w/
its not richie’s scene at all
☠ he’d much rather be at home watching makeup tutorials
🌸 or just doing his homework
☠ but ben convinces him
🌸 he says he’ll have fun
☠ but richie refuses unless stan comes too
🌸 stan and richie are bffs
☠ stan takes even more convincing
🌸 to get him to go ben lets them do his makeup
☠ not too much tho
🌸 just shimmery eyeshadow, a nice highlight, and some lipgloss
☠ bev has never seen him with makeup and loves it
🌸 richie shows up in a pale pink tank top, white skirt, and jean jacket
☠ he’s serving looks
🌸 his makeup is done
☠ gold eyeshadow, blinding highlighter, and dark red lipstick
🌸 as soon as the band is on stage he dances along with the bodies around him
☠ not his type of music but whatever
🌸 he dances with stan
☠ the song changes to a slower one
🌸 and he catches the guitarists eye
☠ eddie winks at him
🌸 and richie bLUSHES
☠ bc he’s really cute and he’s looking right at him
🌸 after the show eddie makes his way to the crowd to meet that mystery boy
☠ he’s smitten by the boy with the gold eyeshadow
🌸 he finally finds him leaning against the wall talking to ben and curly haired boy
☠ ‘hey this is richie and stan’
🌸 eddie nods and smirks
☠ ‘you can call me eddie’ *points to richie* ‘but you can call me tonight’

i could totally make a fic out of this