red and gold bracelets

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

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- He had plans to see a movie tonight with you, but he noticed how much more paler you looked– And how you sounded hoarse. As soon as you begin to sway before heading out the door, he knows you two need to stay home tonight. The movie could wait. Swoops you up so fast and runs back inside with you lmao

- You were very apologetic– But he quickly dismissed your ’ im sorries ’ and told you not to worry about anything. He went to the medicine cabinet and got a few brightly colored pills along side a glass of water, bringing you over to the bed and laying you down.

- He still had gifts for you, but he wanted you to try and rest up instead. You’d get a present after every nap! He exclaimed happily. He lays with you, running his fingers through your hair comfortingly as he brings a blanket up to your chin, tucking you in. You were uncomfortably hot– But you knew staying warm would be best. He’ll play a movie if you like– A romantic 80’s chick flick and you two eat valentines chocolate together in the dark. how lovely.


- He noticed you just didn’t seem right. He asked if everything was alright, which you assured him all was fine– You didn’t want to ruin tonight of all nights.

- But you couldn’t even make it out to the car! He had to catch you, it was frightening. He tells Driver Kim to head home, he was going to say in with you tonight.

- Despite your pleas, he sets you down on the couch and gets you some medicine. It was just another day, no big deal. You and him can get dinner again some other time. He gets you some water and your favorite chocolates– Not too much because he doesn’t want you to get even sicker. Cuddles with you and Elizabeth for the night, he’ll read to you if you’d like. Whatever you want too! No matter the rating lolol


- Literally as soon as you start coughing he’s just “ are you OKAY ” and doesn’t want to leave without you taking something, but you’re so shaky and he cant have you going out like that– What if you faint or something bad like that in public? He’d be really scared. So tonight, you two are staying in. No arguing about it!

- He looks so cute in his tux and you’re still in fancy clothes so he’ll sit with you in bed with some candles and champagne– He barely even drinks it because he’s a lightweight, but he hopes it might help you sleep better.

- Turns on a movie and snuggles with you, you ask him not to get too close since you don’t want to get him sick but this man is a Risk Taker ™ so he’ll do it anyways. However he does end up getting sick so you two are ill for the next few weeks. Hey, at least it’s alone time?


- She had everything planned out perfectly, she isn’t one for cliché gifts such as teddy bears or chocolate– Will get you a single red rose and a stunning rose gold bracelet as well as a dinner under the stars. But– sometimes everything doesn’t go accordingly. She knows you better than you know your own damn self so you better believe she knows you’re sick before you do.

- Goes into mom mode and won’t allow you to go out, its not fair to yourself as well as others to be out and about while ill. She promptly puts you back to bed, and says how dinner can wait for another night! She’ll be here with you anyways. Suggests watching one of Zen’s films ( preferably promiscuous jalapeño ) while she gets you something to eat, totally pampers you for the rest of the night.


- He was so nervous about tonight, he spent a lot of time putting something together– but the moment he notices you’re ill he drops all that right away. Picks you up bridal style from the car– making horrible ambulance siren noises while running you back inside. No way you were going out sick! He didn’t want anything bad to happen.

- Tucks you full burrito mode into the bed and puts on a race car movie, not exactly romantic but that’s what makes it so cute. He offers to make you soup but he’s not the best at it. He tries though! Sneaks you chocolate even though he knows you shouldn’t have much. Doesn’t go overboard. Brings in a huge bouquet of flowers to your beside as a gift, good god seven hes acting as if youre dying


- He was going the classic route, a dinner at your favorite place. Card, some gifts and flowers. He did have other plans to show you his love.. Material things aren’t always enough. But as soon as he cups your cheek to kiss you; you’re burning to the touch. He knows you’re sick right away, you beg him not to fuss– you’ll be fine, but he knows better. You shouldn’t push your body past it’s limits– you’ll only get sicker.

- He lays you down in bed, getting a thin blanket so you’re not too hot as well as a cold water bottle to place on your forehead. He strikes me as the dad friend who’s prepared for anything, so he totally has a fully stocked medicine cabinet. Gets you anything and everything needs your help so he doesn’t grab the wrong pill bottle though that would be bad and lots of affection throughout the night. Makes some amazing chicken soup that’s gonna want to make you get sick more often lmao


- Would be brutally honest, you look and feel sick MC. No sugar coating, flat out says we’re staying home. It’s actually what he wanted originally, there would be so many people out tonight.. He knew it would have been overwhelming for him and he wouldn’t be able to focus on you like he should be.

- Tells you to sleep it off, he’ll be here in the morning. You play the “ but it’s valentine’s day! ” card and he shushes you, it’s just a day. He can show his love to you whenever you want, there doesn’t need to be a day dedicated to it.. Thats silly. If you ask, he’ll snuggle with you. It’s risky since he’s prone to getting sick more easily than others, but he’ll risk it regardless. He had some.. Well, plans so to speak for tonight; but you and him can’t do something like that when you’re sick lolol

Her she is! My version of Apple White in Ballet class! I couldn’t be any happier with the way she turned out! What did I do? I used a Dragon Games Apple head and placed it in a naked Apple body. Then, I changed her lip color from pink to bright red to match her dress. I gave her a basic ponytail hairstyle I saw on some ballerinas online and decided it was perfect. Can you believe there aren’t any Apple dolls with ponytails from Mattel? That will make her stand out from the others! I placed one of the headbands with a crown that came with the Getting Fairest Apple, pierced her ears and added some cute apple earrings. I found the necklace in an accessory drawer I have and painted it gold (it was red). I added a gold bracelet from that same drawer and I painted a bow belt gold. I added basic fishnet leggings and painted the Maddie’s budget ballerina shoes from gold to black and red. As for the beautiful dress she’s wearing, I got it from Haunt Couture! Such beautiful detail, fantastic quality and overall an amazing work of art! I recommend you check their shop for one of a kind outfits for your dolls. And there she is! The complete look. I hope you guys like how she turned out! Now she’s definitely worth of being part of my Apple White collection! <3

Things I associate with BTS

Jin: First dates, innocent kisses, large scarves, baseball tees, lilac, snowy days, the feeling of hugging a loved one, trips to the country side, flower crowns, butterflies, white button ups, dream catchers, long hugs, glass figures, soft purple light, city lights.

Suga: Forehead kisses, walks during the winter time, face masks, over sized sweaters, day dreaming, napping on a rainy day, walking deep into a forest, holding hands, listening to rain, burnt matches, statues, lightning, abandoned cities, dried flowers, inverted colors, reflections, brick streets, crystals. 

J-Hope: Cherry blossom trees, bomber jackets, jacket patches, thigh high socks, neon lights, laying in the grass, ripped jeans, walks on the beach, graffiti, blurred city lights, brooches, high tops.

Rap Monster: Radios, watching the clouds, city views, sitting by a lake, purple sunsets, rolled up sleeves, walking on the beach, chokers, tribal patterns, black and white clothes, over sized teddy bears, leather jackets, beanies, crashing waves, cliff diving.

Jimin: Hanging lights, sunlight shining in through curtains, turtle necks, knit sweaters, orange sunrises, trees in the fall, walking around museums, aged paper, sitting in cafes, lazy morning cuddling, frames of photographs, gold bracelets, red ribbon, mist in the morning, cactus, over grown greenery.

V: Circle glasses, broken glass, fluorescent light, water distortion, train yards, looking into water, abandoned libraries, damask, winter over coats, looking out of the window.

Jungkook: Knit blankets, sweater paws, messy bed sheets, bookshelves, white flowers, hand written letters, postage stamps, hanging plants, embroidery, antique shops, oil lamps, green houses, paisley.

Last night before falling asleep, I prayed to Hethert. I felt her usual happy, bubbly presence. I relaxed a little and after a while I got a vision of a goddess cradling me in her arms. She was wearing a red gown, gold bracelets and armbands and no headdress, she was absolutely gorgeous. Her energy felt different than Hethert’s so I asked her who she was. She just hushed me. She felt contented, very motherly, and deeply soothing. It felt like she was full of wisdom, like she has existed for an extremely long time. I fell asleep with the vision of being in her arms.
After waking I did a reading to ask if it was Hethert and received a “no.” I have no idea who she could be, but I hope she comes back.

Yuna Kim Four Continents 2009 (Free Skate)

It’s a recent-ish Scheherazade with no faux two piece, headbands or heavy encrusted jewelry faux or otherwise! CAN THIS BE TRUE?

Mind you, this is not a negative in my book. We could use a little more variety in our warhorse costumes, and there’s no rule, unspoken or otherwise, saying Scheherazade requires you to pretend you’re showing your belly. It doesn’t go against the spirit of the thing.

The design touches are more subtle here, with the gold creating an impression of crisscrossing fabric in much the way many of the other Scheherazade costumes do, but then continuing on into a full covered red skating dress.

Although her only blog is the slim gold bracelets, that much is effective enough. Overall, an interesting spin on the usual Scheherazade design aspects that takes its cues more from Michelle Kwan.

Grade: A

Jealous- Harry Styles Imagine

Anonymous said: Can you write a Harry imagine where Y/N is a famous actress and she’s dating Harry and she is receiving an award for best kiss with her co-star and Harry gets jealous? I love your imagines. They are awesome sauce.

thanks, Love!

“Baby, are you ready to go?” You turned around to see Harry leaning against the doorframe. You smiled and nodded. You picked up your clutch and your phone and walked up to Harry. “Well don’t you look gorgeous?” He smiled, wrapping an arm around your waist and the other hand caressing your cheek.

You were dressed in a red cut-out skater dress with black ankle boots. Gold cross bracelet finishing the outfit. Hair curled and makeup perfectly done.

You grinned and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Thanks,” you pecked his nose. “And you look hot,”  you winked. He was dressed in black skinnies with a black button down shirt topped off with a black blazer and black boots.

He smirked before ducking forward to place a kiss on your lips. “Mm,” you hummed before pulling away. You giggled when you saw his lips were now red because of your lipstick. You wiped his lips with your thumb. “Got a little lipstick on your lips. ” you mumbled.

“S'okay,” he shrugged before placing another kiss on your lips. You smiled and pulled away once again. He smiled and wiped his lips with his thumb this time. He pecked your nose become grabbing your hand that was wrapped around his neck.

“Let’s go.”

• •

“Y/N!” You turned around and saw the boys walking up to you guys. You grinned and let go of Harry’s hand to hug the boys.

“hello, boys.” You pulled Niall into a hug first before hugging Liam, then Louis last.

“Hi, love,” Liam kissed your cheek and smiled. “You’re looking gorgeous tonight,”

“Thanks, Li,”

“Harold, how are you, mate?” Niall patted Harry on the back become shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Niall, you saw me, like, five hours ago,” Harry chuckled.

Niall shrugged. “Yeah, yeah. Okay, don’t tell me how you’re doing.”

“I’m doing good, Niall.” Harry said before wrapping his an arm around your waist, kissing your temple. “You okay?” Him mumbled against your temple.

“Great,” you grinned.

Harry took your hand in his before pulling you to your seats. “Let’s go sit down, the shows ‘bout to start.”

• •

You were seated next to Harry when the show started. Your hands were intertwined together, resting on his lap.

“Hello, Los Angeles!” Danica mckellar said through the microphone. “It’s a pleasure to be here tonight to present the best kiss award!” Everyone cheered and clapped. “Now, here are our five nominees,”

The top five nominees for best kiss was- the amazing spider-man, Emma stone and Andrew Garfield. Fifty shades of grey, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. The fault in our stars, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. Captain America, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. Then your movie with Logan Lerman.

“And the winner is-,” Danica opened the envelope and grinned. “Y/N Y/L/N and Logan Lerman!”

Everyone clapped and cheered. Harry kissed your hand before letting it go. You stood up and walked up the stage where Logan stood with the award in his hands.

You walked up to Danica and kissed her cheek before standing next to Logan who hugged and kissed your cheek.

“Would you like to speak?” Logan asked, pointing towards the microphone.

You nodded. “Uh-hi. Wow um- I don’t know what to say, really. Uh- thanks for everyone who voted and everyone who made this movie happen,” you breathed out before continuing, “I’d also like to thank my co-star, Logan, for this award. Without that kiss, this wouldn’t be in my hands. So thank you! And thank you guys once again! Goodnight!”

You and Logan were escorted backstage after you finished with your speech. You turned around and hugged Logan.

“Take the award home with you,” you heard Logan say.

You pulled away and grinned. “Are you sure?” You asked.

He nodded. “Yeah, of course,” he nodded. “Know lets get back to our seats. ”

• •

When you walked back to your seat, you tried to grab Harry’s hand, but he would just move his hand. You frowned, but didn’t say anything.

The show was coming to an end and you couldn’t be happier.

“Have a goodnight, Los Angeles.” The announcer said through the microphone

You jumped out of your seat and looked down to see Harry standing up slowly.

“Harry,” you said softly, putting a hand on his shoulder. He shrugged your hand off. You ignored the pang in your heart. “Harry, baby, we’ve been over this. ”

“Doesn’t matter,” he mumbled. He walked passed you and towards Ed.

“What’s up with him?” Louis asked when he was standing in front of you.

You sighed. “He’s jealous. ”

Louis laughed and shook his head. “That boy, I swear. ” he mumbled.

“Tell me about it,” you muttered. “Well, I’m going to go talk to him. Bye boys. ” you waved at the boys and walked towards Harry who was talking to Ed.

“Hey, Y/N, congratulations on the award,” Ed said, hugging you.

You smiled. “Thanks, Ed. ”

“Well, I’ll leave you two lovebirds. ” and with that, Ed walked towards the boys.

You walked around Harry to stand in front of him to see his brows furrowed and his bottom lip jutted out.

“Harry,” you sighed. “C'mon, don’t be jealous. I already told you that it was just for a scene. That’s all. No feelings for Logan. ”

“Heard that,” you turned around and saw Logan walking past you with a grin on his face.

“Sorry, Logan.” You chuckled.

“Mhm, no feelings. ” Harry muttered before crossing his arms over his chest.

“For fucks sake, styles,” you wanted to stop your foot like a five year old kid who didn’t get what they wanted, but you refrained. “I love you and only you. It’s just a peck, that’s all. It only happened once. I told you that there was a kissing scene before we filmed the movie. We already had this talk. ”

“I know,” Harry muttered. “I just don’t like it when someone kisses you, is all.”

“It was only Logan,”

He scoffed. “And other people from your past movies. ”

“Harry, we’ve been together for two years, stop being so damn jealous,”

“Okay, okay,” he sighed. “I’m sorry. ”

You rolled your eyes. You knew he was still jealous, but he’ll get over it. “Yeah, yeah. Now, guess what?” You grinned.

“What?” He grumbled.

You grinned. “I won my first award!” You shrieked.

Harry couldn’t help but grin at how excited you are about getting your first award. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pecked your lips. “you did,” he nodded. “And I’m proud of you. Even if it was for kissing someone. More like snogging.”

You slapped his chest before you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around and smiled when you saw Andrew Garfield and Emma stone standing in front of you.

“Hi, we just wanted to say congratulations,” Emma grinned before pulling you in a hug.

“Thanks,” you pulled away and hugged Andrew.


“Thanks.” You grinned.

“Alright, well, we’ll leave you two,” Emma said before leaving.

“Oi, Y/N,” you rolled your eyes and turned around to see Niall walking up to you, the boys trailing behind him. “Forgot to congratulate you,” he hugged you and kissed your cheek.

“Aw, thanks Niall,” you pulled away and kissed his cheek.

“Congratulations, love,”

You hugged Liam and Louis and kissed their cheeks. You wrapped your arms around Harry. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and kissed your temple.

You looked at the boys to see your lipstick on their cheeks.

“I should really stop kissing people,” you mumbled.

“You should,” Harry mumbled.


“I know, I love you. ”

You smiled. “And I love you.”

He who saved me .

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BTS AU (Demon Yoongi/Suga)

Part1/ Part2 /Part3 / Part4 / Part5Part6 / Part7 / Part8 / Part9 / Part10 / Part11 /… ( I will fill in the parts as I go.)

A/N: I was watching Boy meets Evil for the 100 time and while watching Hoseok, low key killing me , I got this idea. Hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests and asks are open. 

Word count: 2, 062

Warnings: Don’t know.😀

  School was ok, you had a lot of friends…but the way you felt deep down, wasn’t the same as the way you looked on the outside.

  Last year ,you were feeling chest pain from time to time. But since then things have been getting worse. You went to see a doctor ,but he said that nothing was wrong with you. Half a year latter, another doctor said that you might have hear problems.

  You went back to the first one, but he was so stubborn and didn’t want to admit his mistake. So ,a month passed since your last visit. That idiot of a doctor told you, that if you feel pain again, you should take some pain killers, which weren’t a solution to anything.

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