red and black gorillas


Finally, HQ scans of the entire Jyuohger first quarter toy catalogue! Up first we have the Jyuoh Changer, a phone device that looks more like a rubik’s cube. Rotate the sides to either transform (with an “Aaaaahhh!” call), summon the Cube Animals (“Cubicle~!”), or combine the Cube Animals into Jyuoh King (“3! 2! 1! Jyuoh King!!”).

The Transformation Phone Jyuoh Changer resembles a rubik’s cube merged with a phone. Rotate the sides to line-up the images and activate the different modes: Change (“Ahaaaah!”), Summon (“Cubicle~!”), Combine (“3! 2! 1! Jyuoh King!!”). Their main sidearm, the Animal Bayonet Jyuoh Blaster, has two modes: gun mode (“Jyuoh Shoot!”) and sword mode (“Jyuoh Slash!”). Jyuoh Eagle uses the EagRiser, a whip sword.

Jyuoh Eagle has the ability to transform into Jyuoh Gorilla, which makes the “beak” on his helmet move, changes his suit to black, and displays a gorilla in red instead of an eagle. In this form he can use Cube Gorilla, which forms Jyuoh Wild with Cube Elephant and Cube Tiger. The latter two Cube Animals can also combine with Jyuoh King. Cube Giraffe can attach to Jyuoh King to form a bazooka weapon.