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Friendly Reminder

Diana Farley is my new feminist icon. I can’t even list everything she does to earn my utmost admiration.

  • She’s plotting and planning throughout the whole book.
  • She wants to save Mare at the slightest possible chance.
  • She becomes friends with snarky and sometimes insufferable Cameron and isn’t insulted by her jibes.
  • She never leans back.
  • She seriously doesn’t take any patronizing shit.
  • “Diana, you can’t -?”

    “Because I’m pregnant? I assure you, I can handle two tasks at once. And it’s General now. Act accordingly.”

  • She finally becomes friends with Mare.
  • “I didn’t ask about your family. I asked about you. For once, I’m giving you permission to whine about yourself, Lightning Girl.”

  • She gives Mare birth control while actually giving birth.
  • She brings her newborn baby with her to war councils. Because why not, she can handle two tasks at once.
  • She goes back into battle just weeks after having a child.
  • she still misses her deceased lover and knows his kid can’t replace him

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean your dreams and ambitions are over.



So I didn’t end up getting into the program I wanted to… but surprisingly I’m not all that sad about it. If anything I feel that my rejection helped me solidify my main goals and my main school. With that said, I’m currently applying for universities while studying for my upcoming anatomy and physiology class. My schedule lately has been: sleep, wake up, study, class, lab, study, eat, sleep. But I actually like it?? I think I’ve gone mad.

Albums on repeat:

Got7: turbulence
Hyukoh: 22
Red Velvet: Russian roulette


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