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some sort of fixation…

  • Bodhi, sweet angel Bodhi, paid all of the attention in the empire induction safety talk; he presses the three red buttons at 12, 6 and 3 o'clock, twists anticlockwise 45° and the grenade is disarmed.
  • Unbenkownst to Chirrut, Jyn placed her crystal within his staff, a tiny morsel of hope; the blaster shot headed straight for his heart, strikes it instead, and is deflected into his shoulder.
  • Baze, seeing his love in pain and in danger, but not without hope for survival, flies into a rage and fights his way back to the ship, dragging chirrut behind him; he kills 32 men, and saves one.
  • Cassian and Jyn are just about to step into the lift when Bodhi hisses from the radio telling them to get where he can see them FAST; they don’t look down when they step over Krennic, even when he grips Jyn’s ankle and begs
  • Two days later Cassian is well enough to argue his way out of medbay, down to droid storage, where he loads K2-SO’s last backup into another imperial droid; K3-SO sighs and says, “Did you let me die again? You know as soon as I work out how, I’m deleting the self-sacrifice algorithm you wrote into me.”
Christmas Dinner - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Damian and the bat fam is going to Dami’s little gf house for Christmas and her older sister opens the door and Jason falls in love with the sister.

“Remind me again why I’m the one who has to drive you to your girlfriend’s house.” Jason complained.

“Because Grayson is on a date with his flavor of the month and Drake taking me would result in one of us being obliterated. You were the logical option.” Damian explained. “Besides my girlfriend wants to meet you for whatever reason. Something about wanting to meet all of my brothers and you being the last to hold out.”

“Well isn’t she sweet.” Jason commented dryly as he pulled into your driveway. “Alright amscray.” Jason said when the car came to a stop.

“Not a chance. She will kill me if she doesn’t meet you.” Damian said shaking his head. Jason sighed in defeat and shut off the ignition.

“Fine.” Jason sighed, zipping up his coat in preparation for facing the bitter cold. He didn’t wait to see if Damian was following him when he quickly made his way over to the door. Might as well get this over with.

Jason rang the doorbell and shoved his hands in his pocket while he waited for someone to answer the door. He expected Damian’s girlfriend or hell one of her parent’s. He certainly didn’t expect to be greeted by the captivating vision that was Damian’s girlfriend’s sister. Jason’s jaw dropped at the sight of you while you stood there staring at him expectantly.

Say something asswipe! Jason’s mind shouted at him.

“Uh … Hi.” Jason said. He intended to say something smoother

“Hi? Can I help you?” You asked. Jason couldn’t help but be utterly enchanted by the sound of your voice. God, it sounded like music to his ears.

“I - uh … well you see …” Jason stuttered, completely struck by your presence.

“Hey [Y/N]. The bumbling idiot with the fly trap mouth is my brother.” Damian greeted

“Oh I see … does he have a name?” You asked flirtatiously. Damian shoved his elbow into Jason’s side when he didn’t immediately answer. Jason blinked rapidly and shut his mouth in attempt to regain composure. He was making a fool of himself.

“Jason. My name’s Jason.” He answered perhaps a little too eagerly. What was wrong with him today? Why did you reduce him to acting like some sort of love sick teenager? He was a grown man, he knew how to talk to women so why were you any different.

You let out the most adorable laugh and opened the door open further invitingly.

“It’s nice to meet you Jason. Would you like to stay for Christmas dinner? I made dessert.” You said temptingly with a suggestive wink. Jason melted inside at your proposition and immediately wanted to agree. He had never been one to be all that big on Christmas or family gatherings but if it meant he could have the chance to get to know you better he couldn’t find the sign up sheet fast enough.


“Sure!” Jason and Damian said simultaneously. Damian shot a glare in Jason’s direction and Jason gave him a defiant look in return.

“Great! The more the merrier!” You said happily, taking Jason by the hands and pulling him into your parents home. As you gave Jason the tour of the home and introduced him to everyone, Jason could vaguely hear Damian grumbling behind him.

“ … should have asked Tim to drive.”

Batfam on Ice

AN: This was supposed to go up last night but … I was tired. So here we go!

Prompt: Batfam Ice Skating

    You watch from your seat as the boys glide over the ice. They seem intent on outdoing each other, as the girls watch. You see Barbara giggle as Dick lifts into the air and lands a small jump. He’s hesitant. You can see it in his eyes. You suppose it’s vastly different from flying in the air, to trying to jump on ice.

    Jason is simply trying to get as much speed as he possibly can. You can’t help but think he’s graceful, the way he glides over the ice, not one movement wasted.

    Tim makes you laugh. He’s in the corner, phone in hand, watching some anime that deals with ice skating. He’d been obsessed with for several weeks now, and had even gotten Damian interested in it.

    Speaking of the devil, you watched with a smile as Damian landed some difficult move, and called out “Well?”

Tim didn’t even look up from his phone, “You need more height.”

“I want to try a quad.”

“You’re too young to try a quad!”

“Says who?”


You don’t even try and make sense of the conversation. Instead you pull the blanket around you a little tighter, and snuggle into its warmth. A minute later a steaming cup of hot chocolate appears in front of your face, and you take it with a smile. Bruce sits down next to you, and wraps an arm around your shoulders.

“Do you find them getting along a bit disconcerting?”  

You lean into his embrace “They’re bonding, and getting along, what more can I ask for?”

“You might as well try asking for world peace, at this point. I thought that was just as impossible.”

You grin before kissing his cheek. “I’d rather ask for an end to morning sickness. I’m six months in and it hasn’t stopped.”

Bruce’s hand goes to rest on your rather noticeable bump “Have you given the name any more thought?”

You smile “Damian and Tim actually came up with one I really like.”

“Hmm, what’s that?”


  • underrated group stans: Hey guys! you should check out this group, they're extremely underrated and have nothing but bops.
  • yall: *crickets*
  • Underrated group stans: Hey guys! This is really important this group is having a comeback and really needs all the support they can get or else they could disband
  • Yall: *crickets*
  • Underrated group: Disbands
Christmas Morning Cuddles - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: It’s day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas!!!!! Enjoy the floof!

Prompt: Could you do some cuddly holiday fluff with Jay? Maybe they are at the manor (the idea of everybody being happy and together on Christmas slays me just pls) and like really cute sweet waking up and then like Dick comes barreling in and belly flops on the bed like wake up bitches its Christmas? IDK I just want batfam Christmas and cuddles with Jay.

You woke to the feeling of Jason wrapping his around your waist and pressing soft lazy kisses every once and while on your neck and shoulder. You smiled lazily and snuggled closer to him, not ever bothering to open your eyes.

“‘Morning.” Jason mumbled, his voice heavy and gravelly with sleep. You cracked your eyes open slightly and smiled up at him. You reached up ever so slightly and pressed a kiss to the underside of your jaw. The two of you cuddled together in silence, simply enjoying the quiet Christmas morning. You could vaguely hear signs of life starting to stir downstairs but you weren’t just ready to leave your bubble just yet.

You and Jason probably would have stayed in bed all day if you could. You probably would have too if your blissful lazy morning wasn’t interrupted. You should have known that a ‘quiet morning’ doesn’t exist in this house.

Your peaceful bubble was popped when Dick burst through the door and jumped on Jason. Jason let out an aggravated groan and tried to push Dick off the bed.

“Come on guys! Get up! It’s Christmas!” Dick said excitedly like a kid on … well Christmas morning. He was already decked out in a hideous holiday sweater and Santa hat.

“Oh my god. Grow up.” Jason groaned

“We’ll be down in a few minutes, Dick.” You said laughing lightly at the two of them. Someone had to be the peacekeeper in this situation. At least Dick waited until a decent hour to bother you unlike last year.

“Alfred’s making breakfast, the entire family will be there! Merry Christmas!” Dick said enthusiastically before leaving the way he came with a noticeable pep in his step. Sweet Holy Night that boy loved Christmas perhaps a little too much.

“We should probably get up before he comes back and drags us out by our antlers.” You suggested. Jason made a low groaning noise and buried his head into your neck.

“Five more minutes.” He mumbled.

“Your funeral.” You joked, snuggling closer to him. You were going to enjoy every moment you could of this before you were both inevitably forced to join the rest of the family.