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More of this. Because @septhi has made it impossible for me not to :3

The evening melts into twilight, and in the summer heat, the crickets play the first chords of their overture.

They rest in the midst of the symphony, nothing but a pile of sunburns, scrapped knees, and torn clothes. Tucked away in the forgotten corner of the gardens, among the reed grass and overgrown bushes, it is easy to forget the way things must be come sunrise.

Kiki turns her head, glancing at the two boys smeared with dirt and splayed out across the gazebo roof alongside her.

She smiles.

Worth it.

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ObiYuki Drabble - Waltz (Complete)

A/N: I had to touch the thing. I am completely new to this fandom, and I haven’t even finished season 2, BUT I HAD A MIGHTY NEED…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Snow White with the White Hair. This is a work of fiction, and I am not making a profit off it.

He’d promised his master.

“One, two, three…” She murmured, remembering to relax her shoulders. Shirayuki adjusted her arms as she continued her waltz. “One, two, three…” She whispered to herself as she danced with her imaginary partner.

Obi swallowed the pang of guilt as he perched on the balcony rail. He wasn’t worried about the guards in Tanbarun’s castle mistaking him for intruder. He was used to scaling castle walls. He wasn’t used to used to the burden of treason.

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anon i think you failed to realize that mun ≠ muse. i’ve written muses before that would hate me for various reasons, or not care if i fucking DIED because of something they did. do i not have the right to write a character who might disagree with me or want me dead? i mean you do have a point–if wallace was a real person and saw that theme graphic WIP he might be like “oh my god tian stop subconsciously fapping to your psychological problems ‘cause damn, i could cut a cake with that edge.” and that would just be his opinion because he would be a separate person, and separate people can form their own opinions. all my friends call me an edgelord anyway so if you wanna jump on their bandwagon and have fun with them, be my guest…

also, even if we operate under the assumption that mun influences muse, you definitely failed to notice that wallace was scoffing at those “edgy white kids” because they are part of team flare, a criminal organization that’s, you know, dedicated to a worldwide genocide. either way, i still have every right to write wallace mocking “edgy white kids” in team flare while at the same time making dark and canon divergent takes on blank slate characters such as a game canon red because writing a fictional character who has committed violence is very different from actively trying to kill the entire human race except for a select few. 

IP blocked.