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 bada bing bada boom a few days late but heres a new layered map with the 10.0 map. you can tell where i actually stopped caring. the lakes and st louis match up and you can kinda tell the general position of the rest. ive given up on being productive so ive made a list of the named cities/present day names and any significant or interesting things i can find about them. theres only so many wikipedia pages i can read before i go insane so def add your own comments if you know shit i didnt talk about. kinda long so ill put it under read more

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  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> So in all the racial groups/cliques at Litchfield, there's pretty interesting sexual diversity. There is a transgender black woman, (Sophia,) lesbian black women, (Poussey, Suzzane), and a possibly asexual black woman (Taystee). Then, among the caucasian ladies, there's a bunch of straight identifying ladies (the Meth Heads, Red, Dogget), some potentially bisexual/pansexual/open women (Lorna, Piper), and a whole slew of lesbians (Big Boo, Alex, Nikky.) Even among the Asian ladies, one of the two is sexually open (Soso), so why, of all the strong, funny, hysterical Latina women, are none of them queer? Is it a cultural thing? Is it a religious thing? The Latina women also had the biggest problem with trans Sophia, (although that could be primarily because Gloria had an issue with her beyond her gender,) so what's the deal??? Someone enlighten me cause there are LGBTQ Latinxs, but apprently, not in this show which is just<p/></p>