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So I finally watched the merc episodes, and I maybe still have complicated feelings about it but as for the episodes themselves I loved them ;-;

So here are The Boys, in all their pre-Chorus Glory! I maaayy have put elements of my merc faces in them just for comfort’s sake ^^;

But ye!! Good eps!! I hope that anything else involving the mercs stays as safe as that, pls that’s all I ask

Transparent version here

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Hey! I just wanted to share this doc I made last weekend about pokemon go’s popularity, our relationship with technology, and how nostalgia of the 90′s generation is influencing us like no generation before. It’s very much a love letter to our childhood dreams, and I’d really appreciate it if you took a look at it. If you like it, please share!! Thank you!!

Lets talk about Hawaiin Grif (rvb) and how epic that would be??

Like in contraste to Simmons (the pailest whitey) he’d be so dark looking with his little tummy,,,,

Grif sometimes mubbling sweet little nothings about Simmons in his native language and Simmons asumes the worst,,,,

Simmons knowing gaelic (i think its spelled this way) and sometime ranting about Grif’s beautiful 2 aclock shadow or messy hair,,,,