red ruby pendant

A Faberge Gold, Enamel and Ruby Egg made in St. Petersburg between 1899 and 1901. The egg is covered with a salmon pink guilloche enamel. The front is centered with a bezel-set round faceted ruby flanked by two overlapping chased green gold garlands, each set with a small ruby. The detachable gold fitting is marked on the suspension ring with 56 zolotnik standard (14K), with initials of St. Petersburg assay master Yakov Liapunov and workmaster’s initials ’ E K ’ for Erik Kollin.

Sister Christian - Part 5

Summary: You are a musician with a show in the same town as the SPN convention. You have always wanted to go and decide this is your opportunity. There, you meet Jensen Ackles.

Genre: RPF, fluff I guess for the first parts. The last one will contain SMUT! :)

Characters: Jensen x Reader. Mentioned are: Jared Padalecki, Cliff, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Ruth Connell, Matt Cohen, Alaina Huffman, and Osric Chau

Warnings: Language for this first part. Eventual Smut in the last part

Betas:  Thank you to @emoryhemsworth​ and @frickfracklesackles​. Thank you to @sis-tafics​ for her help with the smut! Also thank you to @littlegirlsdontplaynice​ for her read through.

Word Count: 1837

A/N: Holy cow! This is my first ever fic and I hope it’s okay.  I decided to make this a mini-series due to the sheer length of this fic! Please leave feedback! Also, this is PURE FICTION! I mean no harm to Danneel and the kids. I love them! Just assume she married a rich lawyer. :) Also, thank you guys for your response with this! As a first time writer, I was nervous but everyone has been lovely! Tags are below. If yours doesn’t work or you want to be removed, let me know! If you have missed any parts, the links to the previous chapters are below the fic! Click on the name of the song below to be taken to the youtube link for the song.

Songs used are NOT MINE. Rights belong to the owners.

Sister Christian by Night Ranger (I based a lot off of Jensen singing it) The video is at the bottom.

Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood

Craving You by Thomas Rhett featuring Maren Morris

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Setting Up

Prompt by aidalovesbooks. I hope you like it because I loved the prompt <3 <3

This is my first sizzy fic so *fingers crossed* Also thank you Ladan for giving me a heads up you’re a sweetheart <3 <3

There are two things Isabelle Lightwood can’t live without. Her brothers and caffeine. Okay maybe her favorite lipstick and that silver bracelet she wore around her wrist that her brother, Alec gave her. But mostly caffeine. And brothers. Her favorite coffee shop, Taki’s, was a block away from her house and she was there with her friends for most of the time. It was practically her home.

Her friend, Simon, worked there too. He was the geeky kind with the T-shirts and he seemed to be born with sarcasm. He also had a very cute smile but no one needs to know that. Except that everyone seems to know about Isabelle’s secret crush on Simon.  

Clary was leaning against the wall watching Simon gaze wistfully at the door as if expecting someone. She and Simon met up every day after school and everyday Isabelle and her brothers came into the coffee shop to order their usual coffee. It was how Simon and Izzy became friends. Simon started writing little jokes on her coffee cup and Isabelle had laughed and called him a dork. Then Jace had shown an interest in Clary and suddenly their little duo became a group

‘If you don’t ask her out I swear I will.’ Clary said glaring at his best friend.

Simon spluttered. ‘I thought she wasn’t your type.’

Clary laughed in disbelief. 'Isabelle is everyone’s type. I mean have you seen her-’

'May I remind you of your boyfriend. You know yai high, dyed blond hair-’ Simon gestured with his hand.

'They are not dyed-’ Clary was grinning at him.

’-with an ego of a size of an elephant.’

Clary stared at Simon.  'Ask. Her. Out.’ Enunciating every word clearly hoping it would finally get into his thick head.

Simon opened his mouth to say something when the the door of the coffee shop opened, the little bell on top of the door ringing. Isabelle entered followed by her brothers, Alec and Jace. Alec was busy on his phone, his thumbs working ferociously on the screen, his entire attention was on his phone. Jace was looking around the place until Clary waved at him and gestured him to come over. Isabelle was looking as gorgeous as ever wearing a white dress that reached her knees and a red ruby pendant resting on her heart. Her ebony hair was twisted up in a bun and her lips were painted in red to match her pendant. Her eyes shined when she looked at Simon and she smiled and strode over to the counter. Simon realized he had been staring and quickly shook his head to recover. Clary pinched him from behind and he yelped, jumping away from her.

'Ask her out,’ she hisses and went over to greet Jace.

Simon stuck his tongue out to her. He turned his attention to Isabelle who had was currently gripping one end of the counter as if she had been pushed, was using it to steady herself and glaring at Alec. Alec grinned at her a moment before turning his attention back to his phone.

'The usual?’ Simon asked smiling widely. Then he realized how wide he was smiling and he probably looked creepy that way so he tried settling for a smaller smile which was hard and now he probably actually looked creepy and-

'Yeah, the usual.’ Simon nodded and turned back to get the cups. Clary was staring, expecting him to do something.

'So, how have you been?’ Izzy asked him.

'Pretty good. I got the tickets to Avengers. Want to come with?'  Simon asked her. She wasn’t into the this stuff but recently she had shown interest in Simon’s geeky obsessions. Simon even got her a Black Widow poster.

Isabelle tilted her head and smiled at him. 'Sure.’

Clary cleared her throat.

'I mean just-just you and me.’



Isabelle was full on grinning now.  'Okay. Like a date?’

'Y-yeah, like a date. With popcorn and drinks and my Captain America action figure because he gets lonely.’

Isabelle crinkled her nose which Simon found adorable and shook her head. 'Leave the action figure.’

'Okay.'  Simon felt light and giddy and fuck did he just ask Isabelle out?

Isabelle was looking at something behind him. 'Jace, what are you doing?’

Simon turned to look at Jace who was holding money in his hand with a sheepish expression. Clary looked like she was trying not to laugh.

'I owe Alec. I never thought you would actually get the courage to ask Izzy out.’ He nodded at Simon, his gold eyes boring into Simon. Simon felt vaguely threatened and tried to push it aside.

'I am offended.’ He told Jace. 

Alec went over to Jace and snatched the money out of his hand, smirking. He gave Clary a high five.

‘Wait, you guys have been betting on us?’ Izzy asked disbelief, coloring her voice.

'We have been planning this.’ Alec told her and then turned to face Simon pointing his finger at him.  'If you hurt her-’

'You will break all the bones in my body, yeah I know.’ Simon said rolling his eyes. He paused. 'Although I think Izzy is very capable of doing it on her own.’

'Oh, you betcha.’ Izzy said, her ruby red lips curling into a smile.

Simon had a feeling this would be a start of something very new and exciting.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s natural and cultured pearl, diamond, and ruby necklace dangling the 51-carat La Peregrina pearl, first owned by Philip II of Spain in the late 16th century - Cartier, 1972.

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