red new releases

best “new-to-me” films: feb 2017
  1. a moment of innocence (1996, dir. mohsen makhmalbaf)
  2. fire at sea (2016, dir. gianfranco rosi)
  3. the red turtle (2016 dir. michael dudok de wit)
  4. the edge of seventeen (2016, dir. kelly fremon craig)
  5. lights in the dusk (2006, dir. aki kaurismäki)

honorable mentions:

  • i am not your negro (2016, dir. raoul peck)
  • the last of england (1987, dir. derek jarman)
  • the signal (2014, dir. william eubank)

short films:

  • alone (2017, dir. garrett bradley)
  • eager (2014, dir. allison schulnik)
  • music is my mistress (2017, dir. kahlil joseph)

favorite new releases:

  • get out (dir. jordan peele)
  • john wick: chapter 2 (dir. chad stahelski)
  • a cure for wellness (dir. gore verbinski)
  • kiki (dir. sara jordenö)

This poor fox was brought into the centre recently by the RSPCA after being found with a leg injury.

Our vet, Emma, was quickly on hand and gave the fox a thorough examination. The poor vixen not only had several large wounds in her leg, but also had signs of mange and required urgent treatment.

After shaving and cleaning the wounds, Emma wrapped the leg in a padded, wet bandage and gave the fox medication for her pain and mange. She was placed on a course of antibiotics before being moved into one of our fox pens for some rest.

Please keep your fingers crossed for her!


This beautiful female red fox, who has become a bit of a Facebook sensation, was brought into us by one of our volunteers, Alannah Hawker, after she was seen with a bad limp and was struggling to jump and climb.

Alannah regularly photographs and films the foxes that visit her garden and after successfully trapping her, brought her in for urgent help.

From video footage of her walking we feared a broken leg, but after a thorough examination and x-ray that was luckily not the case! Her knee was slightly swollen and she had a small wound inside her leg. She had also, heartbreakingly, been shot with an air rifle, but luckily for her this was an older injury and seemed not to have caused lasting damage.

She was given painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for her soft tissue injuries and quickly picked up. She is using the leg more and more each day and we have huh hopes for a happy outcome for this girl!


This female fox was brought in to us by the RSPCA after being found walking down a road with a wound on her side.
She was dehydrated, had a lot of fleas and the wound on her side was already infected. Luckily, our volunteer vet, Maru, quickly cleaned all of this up and put her on a course of antibiotics. She was very bright and feisty and she will be released back into the wild once her wound heals!