Today I went looking for a new toothbrush and I wanted to try to find something earth friendly. I was in Target and came across this. This toothbrush is not only made out of 100% recycled plastic, it’s also BPA free, made in the USA, and comes in a package that has a postage-paid mailer on back so that when you’re done with the toothbrush, you just send it back to them and they will recycle it. How friggin awesome is that? Tonight will be my frist time using it. I will be updating my progress with this little guy as I go. I have big faith in this brush. I hope it does me good :)

good night

{for alrightpotter , because ellie is beautiful and lovely and v kind and a precious soul that must be protected at all costs}

James Potter is asleep in the Gryffindor common room.

Lily has crept through the porthole entrance late on that Friday night, after a discussion with Professor Slughorn that took far longer than Lily had anticipated – now it was late, she is tired, and she can still catch a whiff of that lingering crystallised pineapple smell. 

With the intention of barreling straight into her four-poster bed (for it has been a long week) Lily heads straight towards the entrance to the girls’ dormitory – before getting a view of the boy lying in front of the fire.

It is James – she can tell by his hair. And his glasses. And his long, splayed legs - but that’s besides the point. He is breathing deeply, slowly, evenly – he looks far more peaceful than he has for weeks, ever since his father’s death. His chest rises and falls, his long lashes casting a shadow over his cheekbones.
Lily circles back in front of him, making sure that her footsteps are soft and feather-light.

His face is pressed into a cushion on the sofa, his glasses askew and his lips parted slightly. 

He looks so – he looks like the real James Potter, how he looks without anyone around him, how he looks when he’s in private, when he’s not putting up a front for anyone else. This is James Potter, and the notion brings Lily to draw closer to kneel in front of him and watch.

Lily, this is weird. You are watching your friend sleep. That is classified as Weird Behaviour.

But he is so entrancing, and Lily raises a finger and traces it softly down James’ face. His eyelids flutter, and his lips turn up slightly.

Lily, this is beyond weird. Please leave before this gets any more mental.

He moves slightly, pressing his face further into the cushion, making a soft, pleased sound in the back of his throat.

Lily, as the voice of reason, I demand you listen to me

Lily, this is your subconscious! Listen to me, goddamnit!

This time, Lily lifts her hand slowly, and runs it through his gorgeous, messy hair – Oh Merlin, his hair is so nice – and before she can think better of it – because Lily is often impulsive – presses her own lips to his.

Oh, his lips. They’re slightly chapped but warm, and it’s a sensation that Lily is completely unfamiliar with, but it gives her a pleasant shiver, right down her spine.

Lily backs away now – Merlin, she just kissed one of her closest, unconscious friends – Dear God, he’ll be so mad at her right now – and she stumbles, almost falling right into the flickering flames – but instead of being burnt to death, she tumbles to the floor in a heap – Lily-style.


And it’s like all her nightmares have come true.

James has lifted his head, staring at her with a curious expression on his handsome features, his voice deep and gravelly from waking. His eyes look slightly foggy - how long had he been sleeping, anyway? He must have been so tired - and why wouldn’t he be? With the death of his parents in quick succession, and the amount of work and duties piled on top of him - he must be ready to keel over.

‘I’m sorry for waking you,’ Lily babbles, struggling to her feet and brushing her skirt. She shuts her eyes for a moment, just to collect herself. Opens them. ‘I’m going up now…’ and she gestures vaguely towards the girls’ dorm, and finds herself apologising again. ‘I am really sorry – you’ve been working so hard this week, please go back to sleep – I was never here-’ and as she speaks, she trips over her own foot and lands on the carpet again.

For the love of Merlin-

But James doesn’t laugh. Of course he doesn’t. He’s James bloody Potter – gloriously perfect through all his faults. Lily peers up at him through her mess of hair - he just looks bemused, his face blank.

‘Lily – maybe I was dreaming, but did you – kiss me?’ His voice falters, and Lily’s heart breaks at the confusion evident in his voice. 

‘Oh – um that – yeah, I did – sorry – uh, well, good night-’ and before she can say or do anything more embarrassing, she hurries up to her dorm, blushing furiously and cursing her very existence, leaving James sitting upright on the couch, shell-shocked.

He presses his fingers to his lips, and gives a short, surprised, ecstatic laugh at the beautiful miracle that is Lily Evans.