headcanon that naruto used to have nightmares bcs hOLY SH I T  I ALMOST LOST HIM FUCKFUCKUFH U K and when he gets like that he likes to lie with his ear over sasuke’s heart; listening to his heartbeat to remind himself he’s alive alive alive alive - a finger tapping unconsciously to count the thought until he falls asleep.

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Coming soon to Kat’s Knits: Upcyled Yarn and Products.  I have finally jumped on the upcyled band wagon.  I don’t know what took me so long but here I am and let me tell you after spending the afternoon in thrift stores looking for that awesome buy I am hooked.  There are so many wonderful fibers out there that are just waiting for someone like me to come along and turn them into something new and beautiful.  I got some amazing fiber finds that I am very excited about.  I can’t wait to get some stuff done with them!

I’ll be honest I didn’t really like going in to thrift stores until recently.  With the way that things are going I have started going and am finding that I love it.  I can easily spend my days going in and out of these shops.  My husband and I spent all of Tuesday going in and out of these shops.  I plan to go back to on because they had some old hats that I really want.  

Come by my shop next week and see  some upcyled stuff!

Past Lives and Reincarnation

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to wake up or regress to past lives, so I figured it may be best to make a post about. This will explain what past lives are for, how to do it, and all that shit. Bit of a long post sorry, loves.

The first law of thermodynamics: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed- energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. (This is true on the Physical Plane. You can create and destory on other realms, this is what makes the Physical plane so special. Its the plane of second chances.)

This would have to mean, that when you die, your energy has to go SOMEWHERE. The energy that makes up you as a person continues on, while your body deteriorates under ground. This is essentially, reincarnation.


First off we need to know how to do past life regression.

The steps are rather simple sounding, though they do take a lot of practice, so don’t be surprised if you don’t wake them up right away. Sometimes they won’t be ready to wake up- patience is key here.

The first step is to try and narrow down where you should be looking. There are a lot of time periods, a lot of places (not always on Earth), etc so sometimes when you first start off finding your energy it can seem over whelming. A few questions to help narrow this down may be, is there any time periods that interest you? Is there places or cultures that interest you? Hell, sometimes it may be time periods that scare you for seemingly no reason. This may be due to a life you lived there. Once you have a place in mind, reading up on it may trigger some memories, things may seem familar to you and you don’t know why. This is a sign you have lived there before as well.

Once you have a place or time in mind, lay down somewhere where you can relax, hands at your sides and feet apart on your back. This is a typical way to astral project. Once your body starts to fall asleep, make sure to keep your mind awake, but do not move your body. Imagine a door with your third eye, and once it is clear enough, reach with your astral body (make sure you don’t move your physical body or the OOBE will end.) for the door knob. While you open the door, set your intent on awaking a past life. Tell yourself “When I step through this door, I will be who I was before.” Or something to that affect. Step through, and you will see a memory. Try to figure out where you are. Ask yourself what your name is, where you’re from, what year it is. Try to see what you look like via mirror or other reflection. Even pictures if the case may be.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember right away, after all, the physical body of your past life has been dead a while (or in some cases haven’t been born yet, time may move linear but energy doesn’t). They may take a moment to remember things so be patient with them!

Once you have woken someone up, you can regress to them. All this means is their energy specially will possess you. I will be making a post on how to do this safely, so don’t worry, loves. Sometimes accents may come through, sometimes full languages you may not even speak, it all depends on how strong of a medium you are naturally. But, when they are not possessing you, they will reside in the astral realm as a sort of ghost, a spirit you may talk to when you astral project or other ghost type communications.

A bit of a warning.

Waking up past lives will bring memories, even when you don’t want to sometimes. This can be good, and this can be really bad. The purpose of waking them up should be with the intent to help them get over things that may have happened when they were alive, as well as for them to better help you as you journey through this life. Be aware that sometimes terrible things can be remembered, and be sure to learn grounding spells for when you are in public, if you feel you may forget who you currenly are (for example if you wake up a life from the 1960s, you may forget that it isn’t 1967. Something that you don’t need to have happen in the grocery store.).


As to what lives are for-

All energy resides in the planes other than the physical. Energy can originate from any plane, however when you are not currently doing a physical life, your energy will be usually in the astral realm unless you are Pleiadian or reptilian, as their energy comes from their home planes.

The purpose of coming to the physical plane, to Earth or any other planet, is to learn and either ascend, or descend.

This may sum up the process a bit:

Core Energy: Who you are when you are not “you.” For example, my name is Gábriel, but my physical lives may not be named such. I’ve had lives named Charlie, Gabe, Momiji, Sidarou, Takoda, Nicolas, Namida, Alexander, Isabella, Lohajo, Okami, just a few examples but in the end, they are all Gábriel. I am their core energy.
Your core energy will start off in the astral realm (for the most part.)


Life on Physical Plane: You are born, reincarnated, whatever, as a baby. You live your life, you meet soulmates, you have goals, you learn you suffer you love you die. Etc. Your life here. You may be a different gender, you may be a different race, you may be an animal or plant or an alien, it all depends on what you decided before reincarnation.


Recyling: After you die, your energy is either sent through a black hole (hence why energy “disappears”- its going back to the Astral realm. The small amount that comes back out is returning energy ready to do another life.) Or through ethereal beings. In a sense being “eaten” (sounds really strange in English.. More like absorbed I guess? Someone please give me a better verb haha). Recycling energy is to help balance it back out. If you were too negative in life, it will add positivity, and vice versa. This is to keep your energy from becoming corrupted or broken.


Your next life- this continues between recyling and lives until you ascend or descend to Drahana’d or The Fah’d. This does not mean you either end up a reptilian or as a pleiadian. Those are beings originally from those planes, they don’t have to ascend or descend. (Though- for fellow Pleiadians out there, when we are born in the fah’d it is customary for our parents to send us down to the physical and astral planes to do lives like mentioned above (enter Starseed here), until we “earn the right” to come back home. It’s shitty and lazy parenting. Pleiadians aren’t known for being the best parents around.)


You either ascend or descend. Hell, some energy chooses to do neither and live forever in the astral realms. It’s your choice, you can go where ever you please, as long as you work for it.


I think that about covers everything… If you have any more specific questions about past life regression or reincarnation and ascending/descending, or anything really I guess, feel free to message me personally, but this pretty much covers the basics.

With Love,
Gábriel the Pleiadian

attention: the following are previews (and or) descriptions of fics that I’m currently working on and each piece will be posted once it is completed. 

✭ - humor, fluff, lighthearted
✭✭ - angst, suggestive
✭✭✭ - gore, sexual content, violence


that night in early December — Scenario | serial killer!au ✭✭✭✭✭
They say that looks can kill, and Kim Seokjin was no exception to that statement. Having recently moved into a new town, it doesn’t take long for the abundance of dates to line up. However, all that glitters is not always gold because who would’ve thought that the devil could be such a beauty in disguise?
- seokjin x reader


misconceptions of you Scenario | photographer!au
Min Yoongi spent most of his childhood life behind the lens. Fast forward a few years later, and he is now a youthful twenty-something occupying a rustic apartment in an unfamiliar city. In hopes of finding a new muse, he stumbles upon a pub where he is not only enthralled by the sounds of piano melodies echoing through the air, but the distinctly soothing voice that sings over them.
- yoongi x reader

overtime — Scenario | basketball!au
summary coming soon.
yoongi x jimin

nights with you, days with him — Scenario  ✭✭✭✭✭
⤷ Kim Namjoon spends his nights serving up drinks and recyled advice at a local bar. His best friend, Min Yoongi frequents that bar with the company of his roommate, Jeon Jungkook. Yoongi likes to tell himself that he’s far from being a hopeless romantic and one night stands are enough to get by, but just how much longer can he convince himself to believe such a lie?
yoongi x reader (feat. jungkook)


a bottle of pop, and a table for two — Scenario
For shop owner, Jung Hoseok, each day passes by in much of a flavorless blur with the same ghostly faces searching for a way home. But there is one customer who frequents his shop, reminding him of how it felt to be more than just a forgettable face.
- hoseok x reader



those four words Scenario
At what point would a lie cross the line? Would it be when he lies about not wanting to hold her hand? Or maybe when two pairs of eyes no longer show the same emotion. Maybe it crosses the line when he says “I love you” with his fingers crossed behind his back.
- jimin x reader


nodus tollens Series | tokyo ghoul!au ✭ (part two)
It all began over a mindless exchange of play lines and a bowl of ramen. Entranced by a simple gesture, Kim Taehyung awakens to a reality that is no longer familiar, where he’s forced to live in a society that survives on the deaths of others.
- taehyung x jungkook


letters in red Scenario | death note!au | soulmate!au
It’s often said that people meet their better half in unexpected places and during the most inconvenient times. Jeon Jungkook, a college freshman becomes an overnight criminal after an encounter with a peculiar notebook in which any name that is written causes an instant death. But, what happens when your name suddenly shows up?
- jungkook x reader

ten thousand ways to fall Scenario | yuri!!! on ice!au (possible series)
Kim Namjoon, a six time gold medalist in the men’s international championships traded in his skates for a chance to help hopeful understudies achieve their goals of competing in the big leagues. One of those optimistic students happens to be Jeon Jungkook, a three year skater who’s only participated in regional championships. Now with his eyes set on gold, his only opportunity to win seems closer than ever, but it comes at an unsuspecting price.
- jungkook x yoongi

homecoming — Scenario | attack on titan!au |
⤷ As a child, Jeon Jungkook always thought of the what ifs. What if the stars could speak? What if humans could fly? What if the moon cried and the sun bled? What if churros never existed? And while most of his questions were left being nothing more than utter nonsense mumbled under a night’s sky, there was one question he pondered on the most - “what if we’re not as alone as we think we are?”
jungkook x reader

club one — Scenario | volleyball!au | haikyu!au (possible series)
⤷ summary coming soon.
jungkook x taehyung


an oath to the monster i am — Scenario | killer!au
summary coming soon.
yoongi x reader (feat. jimin)

anomic — Scenario | left 4 dead!au | apocalypse!au
summary coming soon.
jungkook x
reader (feat. jimin)


within these walls jimin x reader | dystopia!au | apocalyptic!au ✭ 
⤷ Government officials have spent years searching for ways to improve human longevity by conducting involuntarily experiments on specially selected candidates from Scythe, one of the five solitary cities under the regiment. Now, they’ve perfected such a serum that allows even the average human to obtain superhuman abilities and in a haste to ship out the extravagant product, they failed to realize one thing — it’s side effects.

epithumia taehyung x reader ✭✭✭✭✭
Making a deal with the devil is nothing short of a tricky gamble and when he comes in the form of Kim Taehyung, rolling the dice is a lot easier said than done.

I’ve seen people saying that they don’t like the idea of BTS doing a ‘romance’ concept or how they should stop recyling the HYYH concept and do something new.

They are not recycling anything. This is a continuation. This whole time they’ve been taking us on a journey of youth that cannot be wrapped up in one concept. In each comeback they’ve shown us different shades of youth and love just happens to be a shade of youth aswell.

I’m actually very excited to see BTS’ take on 'love’ because I’m sure they’ll do something that’ll surprise us all.

Eva Visits Neil's Place for the First Time - a fanfic

Reluctantly, her stomach churning with dread and chagrin, Eva labored up the steps to number 29, lugging a giant suitcase behind her - a loud clunk on every step.

It was her first time here, and she had to admit - it was a surprisingly nice neighborhood. She didn’t think quaint townhouses and cul de sacs would suit him. But then again, she had to remind herself, she could never assume she knew everything about him - despite being acquainted for nearly half their lives.

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