The person older white guy is an in-law, so I’m stuck with him

The younger white guy was specifically white arm candy. He’s my token white friend. I needed to parade him around to show everyone I’m not a reverse racist. He’s from small town Kansas. I needed someone who was that much of a stereotypical white American

I love white people. I have one white friend and like a few white in-laws. Sure they dance weird at family parties and can’t handle spicy food, but I accept them

I’m so hurt you think I don’t like mayo


“Emma and Hook aren’t falling in love blindly; they chose to open their hearts to each other with full knowledge of both the pleasure and the pain of love” (x)

I just love how the setting of these two scenes is so similar. Because they could have a strong connection from the beginning or fall in love at a first sight. But it takes more then that to have a true love. You must take a leap of faith, go all-in and risk your own heart. It’s about the decision to accept this love and love in return. And I love that they are both fully aware of what they are getting into, because it takes a real courage to open your heart to love. And fortunately our pirate and the savior are one of the bravest people.

Reuse Your Old Shutters!

Use an old shutter to organize outgoing and incoming mail! Never lose another bill again! You can also use this for notes, letters, pictures, etc.

Secure shutters on the wall behind your bed to create a headboard. Very inexpensive and easy for any home!

Take it to a new extreme and create an accent wall with old shutters. Although you could do this with shutters that are all the same color, I love this idea of using ones of different colors!

Turn the old shutter into a shelf for a rustic, country look. Very inexpensive idea that will add more wall storage in your home.

@avpdjaunearc and i were talking about the GARBAGE CHILDREN the other day and he said that “they need to be recycled”

so. this happened. :3c

  • Reader: I noticed while reading One Piece that, except for the character introductions and Question Corners, you never recycle old pictures for flashback and stuff. Is that a personal policy of yours?
  • Oda: You noticed that? The answer is yes. I never copy and paste any of my old drawings. Shueisha pays us a manual script fee and it's by the page. So since we're getting paid by the page, I thought it would be kind of cheap to recycle stuff I'd drawn in the past. (Ha!) But this is by no means a shot by other comic authors. This is just something I do because it's in my nature to do it. It lets me draw comics with all my heart. Yes I know, I sound like a sucker. I think it just shows that I'm an earnest-minded person who's not all lewd. Seriously.