u ever get in the mood to drop some selfies but u can’t cause u haven’t taken a good selfie since before the beginning of time so u gotta recycle some old ones????


Bridge Podcast valentines for you and your special sea monster <3 

Created in collaboration with @pryce-and-carter​, who did the monstrously impressive backgrounds, text, and special effects!

the signs as random things in my room
  • Aries: my recycling bin
  • Taurus: this picture frame I've had for months and keep meaning to put pictures in and hang up, but still haven't
  • Gemini: this awesome little table I got from Ikea for hella cheap
  • Cancer: a framed picture of Nicolas Cage
  • Leo: the box of newspapers I have to put on the bottom of my birds' cages
  • Virgo: the pile of laundry that I need to put away
  • Libra: another picture frame that I've had laying around for months and need to put a picture in
  • Scorpio: nail clippers
  • Sagittarius: the pistachio shell that's on my floor from when I tried to toss it in the trash and missed
  • Capricorn: vegan lotion
  • Aquarius: my stuffed beagle, Shiloh
  • Pisces: my suitcase that I still need to finish unpacking from my last vacation
Kim Deng

Kim Dongwan loves to go out doing his own thing. So, it wasn’t that hard to know what kind of car he drives or what he did because there are always netizens and fans reporting on the web.

1. SsangYong Korando, black - Celebrity cars list 2001. 

I only have a picture of him in 2002 posing with his rc airplane behind a car. It has the same plate number with the car at the parking compound of Shinhwa’s apartment on Love Mansae 2001. 

2. Mercedes Benz Brabus SL500, black - Celebrity cars list 2003. 

I think he drove the car in Good Morning 2005, but his driving part didn’t show much about the car, only him on the driver seat, lol.

3. Renault Samsung SM7 3.5 - Celebrity cars list 2007. 

Seen by a parking attendant.

4. Porsche 911 Carerra 4S, red - Celebrity cars list 2009.

Netizen reported Dongwan bought a Porsche Carerra in July 2007. 

A picture of him from his old blog in October 2007.

5. Porsche Cayenne. 

In 2009 Dongwan wrote on Oreobox about his SUV having a problem and taking it to service, I’m not sure if the SUV was the Cayenne he mentioned in June 2013 interview.

6. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG - Celebrity cars list Feb 2013. 

First seen in April 2012. Dongwan mentioned about the car in June 2013 interview when he was asked what kind of car that he drive. First tv appearance on I Live Alone (ILA) Nov 2015. 

7. BMW 120D, red hatchback 

Dongwan was seen driving the car when he did his reservist training in 2013. The last time I saw the car was from fancams after the 16th Anniversary concert in 2014 finished.

8. Porsche Boxster 981. 

First seen in February 2015. First tv appearance on I Live Alone April 2015. Media reported it as Porsche 911 Carerra, probably confused it with the Carerra Dongwan mentioned in June 2013 interview. The model confirmed by netizens as Boxster.

9. Black Audi? MPV. 

November 2016. I saw a picture on twitter, but later the owner deleted the picture of him with Dongwan and a black car. I might be wrong and Dongwan probably didn’t buy a new car, but Dongwan was in a new MPV when he did V-LIVE on his way back to Seoul from Gangwon-do in December 2016.

Motorbikes / Bicycles.

Dongwan bought his first two wheels when he was in high school with his own money after working in a factory and a chicken rib shop. MC Mong wrote on his blog about riding Dongwan’s scooter during their high school days. I’m not sure if before he bought his Harley there was another motorbike, but Junjin did told a story of Shinhwa early days about Dongwan’s motorbike fuming with smoke.

1. His grey mountain bike during his rookie days . 

2. Harley Davidson FXDI Dyna Super Glide - May 2002.

Netizen reported he saw Dongwan bought the Harley across the street and was trying his very best to take pictures from afar like a papparazzi, lmao.

Source: taehoozzang

3. Unknown superbike.

4. Unknown Harley Davidson in his The First photobook.

Sorry for recycling/posting this picture again.

5. Unknown mountain bike posted on ShinCom FB November 2013.

5. Specialized Enduro S Works.

First tv appearance in I Live Alone April 2015.

6. BMW F800R 2015.

First tv appearance in I Live Alone February 2016.

7. Specialized road bike - 2016.

Cr to pic owner.

Lastly, I’m not sure if this Honda CBR900RR Fireblade in Love Mansae was his or not, it could the motorbike was prepared by the production team, but I’ll just share it here.

[RadioSubs] DGS #38


Though this episode was way back in 2007 haha, around 9 years ago. Anyway, I really wanted to finish this episode before the year end so I was rushing through it especially for the video >.> Recycled lots of pictures lol. I will work on 39 next (and I have not forgotten about BuruRaji…) but it’s gonna take a while longer since I’m not sticking to a schedule this time |3 

Anyway, this episode has 3 guests, with pretty much all my favorite people in there - Nakamura Yuuichi, Sugita Tomokazu and Yasumoto Hiroki, and of course the DGS duo, making it 5 people in total…Hope you’d understand I’m no god so I don’t insert lines for everyone when all 5 start talking at once lol xD but the subs are colored for a reason so hopefully everyone can enjoy the most of it~ Too many references in it as well, that I might not have explained very carefully in the video so if you have queries, either ask Mr Google or shoot a message~ 


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She is using the same pic of the coffee pic she posted for Wednesday with a different pose on Monday! Same sorta caption. And same damn stuff. Recycling old pictures of one photo shoot! Plus wtf she has got to do on Mondays? She isn't experiencing the real life struggles which come with Mondays lol

So far we’ve gotten 3 pictures from that day, that we’re absolutely sure of. There’s a couple that could have been taken that day but she did an outfit change in those so it makes it a little harder to decide if they were taken that same day. I love how in the pictures she’s got a smile on with her eaten burrito in perfect view, the coffee next to the book and a random muffin next to her to show she still eats healthy after a night of ice cream. 

Now, if that were me, I’d end up knocking over the muffin and more than likely would have burrito everywhere. The damn burrito doesn’t even look like’s eaten any of it! It’s perfectly cut open so you can see the inside, good God she’s pathetic. How in the hell are her followers praising her for that bullshit picture?? Someone actually commented how she looks so good today. Um, yeah, that picture isn’t from today and you can barely see her face. But, if you want, you can just go back a couple posts and see her face because it’s from the same day, promise. 

Nothing about her life is normal, not even a Monday. I’m sure she bounded out of bed just ready to get the day going because she’s just that kind of woman.


Sole Party /// Day 1. Introduce your sole! :D one day late but who counts, recycling old pictures for this :D

Jayden ‘Jay’ Hawke*
Finnish-American, born and raised in Maine, moved to Massachusetts to study and work
Shepherd / farm hand / general animal friend
2 meters (6′7′’) tall; Big Friendly Giant
Railroad agent / Minuteman (but not the general, let’s ignore canon here xD)
Bi / demisexual
Romances Deacon (what canon???), and ends up living with him, Shaun, and an adopted daughter, Rosie.

Curious, friendly, stubborn, handy, needs to keep active, trusting/helpful to a fault, averse to strict hierarchies, conflict-avoidant, bad liar, doesn’t think himself smart, cuddle-bear extraordinaire, sticks to roles he’s comfortable in and can be slow to adapt because of this, lactose-intolerance & mole rat disease, can be pretty gullible, observant


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Hexxus Curse

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To Spite Those Fuckers Trying to Destroy the Planet to Line Their Pockets

What you will need:
 - Man-made filth and sludge; cigarette butts, used kitchen oil, ash, dirty diapers, anything else nasty and not recyclable
 - Car exhaust 
 - Names/Pictures of targets
 - Trash bag
 - Dirty pennies/coins

Drop the names/pics into the trash bag.  As you do, say, “I bury you in the garbage you try to bury us all in.” Submerge them in the filth you’ve collected.  To add the car exhaust, latch the bag around the tailpipe of a running car.  “Choke in the poison you’ve given us.”  Tie the bag tightly and drop in the (outdoor) trashcan.  Drop/toss/flip the coins into the can after it, as a last spit in the face.