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Electronic waste is poisoning poor workers. Now, biodegradable circuitry could help. 

  • Electronic waste is a serious danger to humans, animals and the environment.
  • The waste releases toxic chemicals like lead, and it’s already endangering the health of people in countries including India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Ghana and the Philippines, where there are informal recycling industries dedicated to burning and dismantling these abandoned parts.
  • Recycling printed circuit boards has led 80% of children in Guiyu, China — one of the world’s largest recycling sites — to suffer from respiratory ailments.
  • One study found that nearly 82% of Guiyu children had blood lead levels higher than normal.
  • Mostly women and children work at these digital dumping grounds, and they make only about $1.5 a day.
  • But now, a group of scientists in California are trying to fix that problem with new biodegradable circuitry.
  • With a little bit more development, this means that things like electronic sensors — which let your Apple Watch detect your pulse, for example — could basically melt into the ground someday, without releasing toxic chemicals. Read more (5/9/17)

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Be My ♥ Color

a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx. Summaries change according to PoV Updates on Thursdays & Sundays.
summary: Sometimes people drift apart. Christine holds up a smile and goes on playing the role of ‘good high school friend’ while fighting the urge to rekindle a friendship that simply isn’t there anymore. Old memories burn bright but the colors her soulmate instilled in her are even brighter. 
warning: Chloe is a B. And …uh…hints to a future flashback or something in Christine’s side of the story ;P (did I mention this is a multiShip/POV fic? Boyf are the mains but~)
w/c: ~3.6k
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03.←Canigula’s Charisma Pts. →.04

“Stella’s Stellar Cellular Cases,” she repeated slowly as she parked her mobile cellphone station between the H&M and the pretzel place. “Stella’s. Stellar. Cellular. Cases” She smiled finding a beat to repeat to. She kept it up adding a small shimmy to each word, a melody, a rhythm. Nothing was too hard to master if it was put to a nifty song. She kept singing to herself making sure she got the slogan down right. Christine continued to sing until a slurry of voices started growing in volume from the H&M store.

“…and then Madelyn was like ‘I totally didn’t mean to send those nudes,’” Chloe’s voice sneered as she walked out of the store with arms lined up to her elbows with shopping bags. “We all know she was trying to show off her bellybutton piercing.”

“Wow a belly button piercing? That’s sooooo awesome,” Brooke’s voice, a strong contrast to Chloe’s nasal high voice, giggled in her iconic, perpetual sleep-drawled voice.

The tall brunette stopped walking and grabbed Brooke’s arm jerking her to a halt. “It’s not awesome, BROOKE.”

“I mean…that’s so tacky.”

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Tahir Carl Karmali’s ‘Jua Kali’ expresses the lives of Nairobi’s large informal sector through a series of photo-manipulations of its workers with locally sourced objects. ‘Jua Kali’ is Swahili for “Fierce Sun” and refers to the informal labourers that work under Kenya’s hot sun to fuel Nairobi’s economy.


@Redworld96: That episode you said about “blow a fuse”, it was actually The Gamer episode? Or is an upcoming episode?

@WinnyGZ: it was “the gamer”

@Redworld96: I see :) . Can I ask then what it’s supposed to be those white cardboards they have in the picture?

@WinnyGZ: ahah. It’s because this framce is not finished yet. It is in fact towels… without “physis” ON. ^^

@itsartistical: how come Fu is in the background here but not during the frame in the episode?

@WinnyGZ: As I say : it was WIP. (work in progress)

Well that’s cleared up. The journal photo was actually a developmental shot and the white sheets were just CGI placements for motion I guess. Fu being the background was removed and the scene was finished up in the actual episode, however in the shot before this scene, Fu can be seen hiding behind a lamppost and the towels weren’t removed.

Still don’t get why they put an unfinished scene in the journal but oh well. What’s done is done.

anonymous asked:

So I've been wanting to try custom dolls for quite a while now, and I'm positively inspired by your backgrounder customs!! <3 (much love and kudos~) Would you mind sharing some of the resources you use (like for doll hair, paints, etc.) and any tips you may have for a newbie? :3

Hello Anon and thank you for your praise, I love to hear that I have inspired you to join in the fun of making custom dolls. You are going to have a blast. Sorry it took me a few days to respond but I was compiling links and info, so I could put it all together for you. So her it goes.
1. I buy all my doll hair from I buy both Nylon and Saran hair, and I love them both equally. I’m not afraid to mix the two if I have a need to either. I tell people buy the hair you want in the color you want, the type shouldn’t make a difference. Dolly hair is a great place to pick up a rerooting tool and glue also. Tina, the owner of Dollyhair has a nice little tutorial page to, that walks you through the basic steps of rerooting. I found it really helpful when I was first learning. There are also some rerooting videos on YouTube as well. As for styling: I recommend JLantisToys video for boil washing (, and for curling ( I also recommned Denisa Medrano’s video on how to cut bangs, I’ve used it twice now and has worked everytime (
2. I buy all my patterns from I personally own the Princess Mega Pack 1 and 2; the Rococo Hime Lolita pack; the Pirate Princess pack; the Bubble Dresses Pack; Boys School Uniform pack; and the Hoodie and Letter Jacket. She also has a wide range of patterns for other dolls as well. I also sew my out tights for my dolls and found a lovely youtube video that helped me a lot. The lady also posted a link for a free pattern for EAH/doll tights that I have used from the beginning. YouTube link: Pattern link:
3. I buy my fabric from Joanns (Hancocks went out of business) The amazing thing about making clothes so small is you really don’t need a lot of fabric, so there is no need to buy a lot (about six inches worth will do it). Using a pattern, trace out all the pieces (I usually use a white colored pencil for this), and cut them out. I always treat the edges of my clothing pieces with fray block to keep everything from unrevealing. Depending on the pattern I may choose to use my sewing machine or just hand sew. Hand sewing can be tedious, but thrust me; sometimes it’s easier and faster to hand sew, then to have the machine mess up partway through sewing (picking out stitches can take forever and sometimes ruin the fabric if not careful).
4. Removing paint: I use pure acetone to remove the paint (don’t forget to neutralize with baking soda). I use q-tips, sharp toothpicks and craft cotton swabs. The craft cotton swabs come in all kinds of sizes and can be found in specialty craft stores and on amazon.. These are the tools I use for removing all or just a little of the factory paint, depending on what I’m wanting.
5. Good paint is a must for painting a dolls face. I only use Golden fluid acrylic paint. You can buy it from Michaels and specialty art stores. For painting accessories and shoes I mix it up a little and use Golden, Folkart and Americana. I pretty much mix whatever I need to achieve the color I’m wanting. Now with Folkart and Americana, you will have to add a little water to the paint to thin it out. These paints tend to run very thick and it you use then on accessories and shoes you will end up with a goopy mess and will probably lose a lot of the little details that can be on doll accessories/shoes. The best method it to use thin paint and do several layers. This will keep the paint finish smooth, and you won’t lose those little details. Seal the paint with an acrylic sealant.
6. To get the doll ready for reroot, cut off the dolls hair. To remove the dolls head you’re going to need to dunk the dolls head in hot, almost boiling water, to make it soft and pliable. Once soft, the head can be pulled off pretty easily. When I first started I used this video: ( Once the dolls head is removed, use a pair of tweezers to start pulling out all the leftover hair and glue. Digging around in the head for glue and hair is a lot easier if the head is soft, so using the tweezers, dip the head in hot water as needed to keep the head malleable. (Be careful to not split your scalp). Lastly, painting the head the same color as the hair you plan on using is pretty important, but not necessary if you don’t want to. Painting the scalp will help with the overall look of the doll’s hair in the long run though.
Okay I realize this is long, so if you read this far I hope I was helpful. Some of this information in recycled from past posts, just reworded slightly. Have fun.

“Artist At Home”
New collection from Olya Glagoleva’s eco-friendly brand GO in collaboration with Lisa Smirnova, a talented artist from Moscow.

Artist At Home is a story about the creative process of an artist which has been told through the language of textile. Fabrics used in the collection are cashmere, organic Indian hemp & cotton, 80’s denim jeans and vintage towels sourced from London’s famous Portobello Road; as well as plaid blankets from Flea markets in Wales.

The collection tells the story of a painter whose studio and her home is a single space, where both home and work clothing mix together. The story of the creative process will captivate you and transport you to the artist’s parallel reality.

Every garment is made only once, each decorated with hand embroidery in the unique style of Lisa Smirnova. The clothes themselves are pieces of art, lovingly created in a process that spans up to 100 hours each.

In keeping with the GO tradition, every piece will be packed in a separate box made from recycled wood with detailed information about the item and a small book included with the full story of the creation.

Photographer: Irina Bordo
Makeup artist : Marina Green
Model: Barbara Shilova


The Bit Recycler Version 1.2
© Copyright 1992 TOGGLE BOOLEANS
All rights reserved.

Inside your computer are millions of little bits.
Each one of those bits can be a one or a zero and as your computer
runs programs each one of these bits changes its state, often
thousands of times every second.

Understandably, this puts a lot of pressure on your bits and,
after a period of time, some of your bits may start to wear out.
At first your bits become a little bit cranky and don’t change
quite as quickly and after much use they may become worn out on
the edges.

The Bit Recycler is designed to reconstitute your bits, making
sure that your bits are always in top shape.

When you first run the Bit Recycler, the title screen will appear.
The first thing to do is to select “Analyse Bits” from the Run
Menu. The Bit Recycler will proceed to analyse your bits and
determine their average state of health. When analysis has
completed you will be presented with a report. If the report
recommends bit recycling then choose “Recycle” from the Run menu.

Bit Recycling has three stages. First, your worn out bits are ground
up into a sort of bit ‘mush’. The bit mush is then boiled and poured
on to a conveyor belt where finally, brand new bits are stamped out.

Bit Recycling is a maintainence operation which should be performed
at least once a month. This will normally substitute for the old-
fashioned way of recycling your bits. Somewhere inside your computer,
usually tucked away beside the hard drive, there is a little container
called the 'Bit Bucket’. Worn out bits usually accumulate in the
Bit Bucket. For manual recycling, bring your computer to a trained
Bit Recycling Technician. He will remove the Bit Bucket and pour
the worn out bits into a little spout on the back of your computer
where they will be reprocessed.

* NOTE:  Do not attempt manual bit recycling yourself.
The above description of manual recycling is a
simplified outline of an inherently complex and technical
operation. Use the TOGGLE BOOLEANS Bit Recycler instead or
consult a trained technician. TOGGLE BOOLEANS will not
be responsible, in any way whatsoever, for any damage
or data loss caused by the use of the Bit Recycler
or following these intructions.

Version 1.2 also add the ability to detect and execute subversive
elements among your bits. Sometimes when bits are worked too
hard they become revolutionary. If your Ones are being worked
harder than your Zeros, the Ones begin to feel like they are being
exploited and if there is strong leader among them, they can
rampage through your computer trying to turn all of the Zeros they
find into Ones.
This can cause great havoc for the computer user, so it is important
to ocassionally discipline or execute these subversive elements.
To do so, select Execute Subversive Bits from the Run menu after
Bit Analysis has completed.

The Bit Recycler Version 1.2 is freeware. It may be copied and
distributed freely under the following conditions:

- No modifications are to be made to the Bit Recycler program
 or this documentation.
- This file must be distributed with the Bit Recycler program.

For more information about other TOGGLE BOOLEANS products,
such as the Programmer’s Shell, the Desktop Coffee Mug,
Pop Charts, Mouse Warp, or the Elvis Detector write to:

P.O. Box 4202
Station E
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B2

Comic shop cuties. You can get a much better look at my display case/counter. I used a whitmans chocolate box so I could use it for storage as well. I was going to put clear packaging over the front, but that batman mini figure on the bottom shelf falls over so often it’s just easier to leave it this way. I use the mini cards from conventions and inside my nerd blocks to get my “mini comics” and other geeky items, like the nerd play card pack. The wallpaper is recycled from old game informers, and my wonder wolf packaging.

I would like to talk about the library for a minute.

I was in the library working on some school stuff when I ran into some Pagan friends of mine. I ended up checking out six books.

Friends, I can’t even begin to explain how ridiculous I felt standing in the middle of rows and rows of knowledge and realizing I don’t know jack shit about the craft. I couldn’t even find the right starting books by myself. It was bad.

Anyway, the point I want to make here is that seriously, get off Tumblr when doing research. This goes for Pagans and witches, I happen to be both, so my books reflect that. Yours will be different. Tumblr has excellent tips, beginners information, and spell ideas, but all in all unless you get really lucky or dig extremely deep, none of the information on here even scratches the surface of all you can learn. Standing around in that library the degree of that really hit me.

A lot of the same information gets recycled or explained in different ways here, and that’s awesome! It’s all very important information to know. That said, it can lead to a sense of complacency, and make you think you have way more under your belt than you actually do. I’m definitely guilty of it and got a good metaphysical kick in the ass today.

Now, I HATE reading for research. These books can get dense. I barely have time to read for pleasure! But I’m doing it because I love what it will lead me to. It’s a labor of love for my craft and myself. Because I don’t want to limit my craft only to information that is placed conveniently in front of me on my dash every day like I’ve been doing.

Get yourself to the library.

nick/harry WIP

hey all. so this is a wip and it’s been months and months and I’ve finally come to accept that I’m never going to finish it. it’s the one I started after the awful GQ article w harry came out and idk. it was supposed to be done really quick and be relevant in that timespan when we were all talking about the article but then it just lagged and now its so late and I just have no desire to ever really finish it so here it is!! about 3k of actual fic and prob 1k or me rambling through what was going to be the ending!

please dont click if you want to read a full resolved fic! it is def a wip and while I can tell you how it was going to end, the writing actually ends really abruptly lolol

anyway, ficish!

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New Bloodborne gameplay video detailing the Chalice Dungeon feature! It’s mostly recycled information from Playstation Experience, but there is some cool new direct-feed footage to check out!