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my friend: hey how r you doing lately!!!???
me, putting down a safety scissors that I just used to trim my eyebrows with: what

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35 please and I don't know if you want us to choose someone but if yes then please steve :) I really enjoy your writing xx

lmao I’m so sorry- you probably wanted angst and I totally made this goofy. Sorry anon. 

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35. “I’m sick of feeling so useless all the time”

You were typing furiously on your computer, fingers flying across the keyboard while the click-clacking of the keys interrupted the thick silence in the room. Your eyes were frantically looking between the two large screens in front of you, squinting when you couldn’t seem to find the right line of code, widening when you finally spotted it. There were coffee mugs and half-empty water bottles scattered around your desk, littering your work area. The waste bin on the floor was overflowing with apple cores and dorito bags. Quite frankly, you thought your office at SHIELD was perfectly fine.

Steve Rogers begged to disagree.

The neat freak toy soldier was appalled by your lack of motivation to clean. “Y/N, please, just, take the trash out for god’s sake!”

“Why? I have work to do.” You would usually respond.

His answer would usually be a scoff or something similar before tying up the bag to the waste bin, throwing it out, and replacing the liner.

Yes, Steve Rogers tended to bother you in your office. Rephrasing that for good measure. Captain America would often come to lil ol’ you’s office to talk to you or query about your day.

And you reveled in it.

Every time he came around, you got this giddy feeling. You weren’t sure if it was a crush or that you just liked his company, but either way, talking to the dashing old man was quite thrilling when you were stuck inside looking at screens all day.

When he walked in at that moment, you didn’t even turn around. “Hi, Stevie.”

“Hi, Y/N.” He responded. You could practically hear the grin on his face. You furrowed your brows and swiveled in your chair before your eyes widened and your lips thinned.

“W- Steve what the hell is that?”

“What? I’ve decided to take up a little creative writing!”

You crossed your arms in suspicion, eyes narrowing. “And my office seemed like the perfect inspiration?”

“Well sure! I’ve got a nice mess around me, a beautiful girl to my left. You have an extra desk over here anyway!” Steve then proceeded to sit down in the chair of the spare desk across the room, scooting in the seat before he cracked his knuckles and put paper in an ancient-looking, sky blue typewriter.

You thought your computer keys were loud. Steve’s typewriter keys sounded catastrophic.

“Seriously. What is the point of all this?”

“I told you,” he started above all the clattering, “I just wanted to try and start-”

“No no, the real reason.” You interrupted.

Steve sighed. “I just- I’m sick of feeling so useless every time I come in here!”

You cocked your head to the side. “Huh?”

He turned around to face you and gestured towards your workspace. “You have all these gadgets and high-tech things that I wouldn’t even have a chance knowing how to operate, and you do it so fast, I can barely comprehend-” he stopped, as if lost for words. “I thought if you saw me doing something that I can operate really well, I could impress you.” He looked down, avoiding your eyes.

You couldn’t help it. You burst out laughing. Loud, knee slapping, rocking back in your chair, tears coming from your eyes laughing.

Steve looked up to you in confusion. “What’s so funny?”

“You- you’re trying to impress me?” You forced out around the giggles.

“I- yes, I was.”

You straightened up and settled down, wiping a tear from your eye. “You are literally Captain America. Your job is saving the world, and you’ve done it. Multiple times! I’m a- I’m a hacker!” You started laughing again at the sheer ridiculousness of Captain America trying to impress you.

Steve looked at you with an embarrassed smile. “Yet you make me feel so incompetent every time I even come in here.”

You calmed yourself down before closing a tab of code and recycling the newest addition of plastic water bottles. You stood up and offered your hand to Steve. “Come on. We’re going to see if we can find some real writing inspiration.”

The star spangled man with a plan took your hand with no question as you led him to find someplace more inspiring to hang about.

Overwatch: What if Heroes Were Desserts Edition
  • Genji: Gatorade-flavored ice cream mochi.
  • Mccree: Nice home cooked apple pie & a cigar.
  • Pharah: A baklava w/ rocket thrusters.
  • Soldier 76: Black coffee, no sugar.
  • Reaper: Black coffee with like ten sugars, just to annoy Jack.
  • Tracer: Pixie Sticks, but snorted as though they were cocaine.
  • Bastion: Bread thrown to ducks by an old woman sitting on a park bench. The old woman used to be in the marines.
  • Hanzo: Sake served in a cool heirloom cup with a pattern of two dragons on it. The cup got dropped on the floor and there's a chip in it. Please don't tell dad.
  • Junkrat: A pie thrown by a clown. In the center of it is a copy of The Anarchist's Cookbook.
  • Mei: A nice home-made popsicle after a long day of exploring the outdoors.
  • Torbjorn: Anything from the restaurant at Ikea, but reheated late at night and consumed at one's desk.
  • Widowmaker: A tiny little cup of mousse that's way overpriced and kind of tastes like chemicals. The little mint that came with the check is really nice though, so it kind of evens out.
  • A hot pocket dressed up like a little bunny. Also, like four Monster energy drinks.
  • Reinhardt: Fine beer, but while you have a kid sitting on your lap that's playing with your beard.
  • Roadhog: One of those vegan nutrient smoothies that tastes kinda like bread, but you're drinking it out of a tin can that was opened by stabbing it with a knife, then later reused as a cup for the smoothie.
  • Winston: peanut butter.(duh) The jar is recyclable & has a code on it for a drawing to win a computer.
  • Zarya: You'd think she'd be vodka, and you'd only be mostly correct. Specifically, she's vodka from a dented military issue canteen inherited from one's grandfather, and then you sharpied your name on it as a kid and now you take it everywhere as a way to remember him.
  • Lucio: Bubble tea in a cool light up frog cup. It's from this little local place. Come on! I'll show you sometime! My treat.
  • Mercy: red wine and gossip, while collapsed in a big poofy armchair in an unladylike manner.
  • Symmetra: One(1) square of Vishkar brand Hint of Blueberry™ dark chocolate (85% cocoa, free trade, $19.95 at licensed affiliates)
  • Zenyatta: Does fasting count as a dessert? He's a monk, and he doesn't even have a mouth. But, like, emotionally, he'd be orange juice. Something that's healthy but also delicious.