chashama Partners with Bank of America to Present Sculptures Made from Recyclables

In support of Earth Day on April 22, 2015,  Bank of America and chashama unveiled sculptures made of recyclables as part of Bank of America’s Recycle Now campaign to educate and inspire employees to recycle more at work. The campaign includes a six-week recycling challenge and the installation of sculptures created from recyclable materials in several markets.

As part of the New York City market, Bank of America partnered with chashama to present chandelier sculptures using recyclables from the daily office waste stream. Using paper, plastic food containers and plastic bottles, two distinct chandeliers will exist: one lamp made of plastic and the other lamp made of paper. Created by chashama artist Christopher Trujillo, the pieces are meant to inspire employees to recycle more and reduce waste. Throughout the installation, the artist will be on-site with live art demonstrations, and viewers will be able to see the installation grow as more paper and plastic chandeliers are installed.

chashama also engaged 10 young members of the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem at the Frederick Douglass Academy to participate in the art-making process of the lamps. The program allows the students to create a complete chandelier sculpture to add to the growing installation.

The lamps made from paper are directed to ambitions for cleaner air and admiration for trees. The plastic chandeliers mimic crystalline luxury but house live air plants - to evoke at once the essence of convenience, and the beauty of returning materials for re-use.

The campaign ends in June 5th, and we hope to help the New York market win!