recycled vinyl


Hey followers and friends…I thought I would do some shameless promoting by pointing out that I have clocks made from recycled vinyl records for sale at my Esty store. I have not talked about these here on the old blog, but I think maybe someone might be interested in a gift for Dad or maybe one just for yourself.

The people that follow this blog know that I am a vinyl lover and collector. So I want to let you know that the recycled vinyl I used for the clocks are pretty badly beat up. I have a used record store that gives me a deal on trade in vinyl that they won’t even sell in their dollar bins. Plays like crap, but works fine as a functional art piece for your wall. Better than just letting it head to the landfill.

Take a look in the Etsy store to see all of the stuff for up for sale. Go to or click HERE.

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**THIS ORIGINAL CLOCK SOLD FAST** Here it is again. What a GREAT label!

This clock is backed by a stainless steel background that is slightly larger than the record. The dancing bears are cut out of the vinyl and the record is an actual Grateful Dead album. As with all of our clocks they are hand made and from found used vinyl…we only have one with this record label at this time.

Find it at our Etsy Shop by clicking here.