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Any tutorial that can be done with a smallish amount of fabric (the amount you'd find in a tshirt, give or take) and no sewing machine? I have a fave tshirt that ripped in a way I can't fix and I want to do something with it, but I can't find anything. :x

Depending on how the rip is, some of these might not work for you?

DIY Tie-Dyed T-Shirt Headbands

DIY Crop Top

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DIY Recycled T-Shirt Potholder

DIY T-Shirt Yarn

DIY Easy Sew T-Shirt Headband

DIY Easy Bralette

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How To Wear High-Waist Short

The familiar summer high-waist shorts you wear can be pull off more flattering and trendy with just these simple following tips.

► Crop-top - not only it’s appropriate for the hot weather but it’s also a “cheat” for any short girls out there. You don’t have to actually wear a crop-top, just roll up your T-shirt or tank top then tie a knot or a casual bow on the back or side. For a more tight look, midriff top will do the job. The point is to show-off your entire short, so any shirt that is cut out will be just fine.

If you going out on a date or just hanging out with friends, and wanted to put the whole outfit altogether just add a kimono or flannel during the day and cardigan for a night out. 

I usually recycle my old baggy T-shirt by just cutting them in half or so and there you go, your very own crop-top. This trick works on sweater as well. As for the shoes, sneakers, converts, and sandals are some of the common items for the hot summer for a casual look. Platform heels is an option for a more classy look.  

PS: bikini-top would also do the trick. 

► Floral High-Waist Short - Whenever you want to be classy with floral or designed short, just remember a basic white T-shirt or button-up is a great combo or anything that is simple for the top. You don’t want to look like a walking flower, do you?

White Short - nothing can go wrong with white short as a combo, if you want a casual style, tank top or shirts that are simple is more suitable for the hot summer. You take it to the next level by wearing a classy button-up or add a blazer and clutch or hand bag is what you need for an office meeting or a night-date.

► Knee-Length Short - You may be feel uncomfortable to wear long jeans during the summer and feel too exposed wearing short jeans, then why don’t choose the “middle jeans”, or I must say knee-length short for a more tomboy style.

► Bohemian - Adding blouse, graphic T-shirt, kimono in your wardrobe is the key for a hippie look. And don’t forget, bohemian or vintage style is all about accessories, so remember to invest many and many of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, headbands, etc. Some of the key symbols you can find are dream-catcher, infinity, hexagram, stars, and the list goes on.

► Skirt or Short? - These short are for girls who more approach to sweet, cute, and flirty style. They look like a skirt outside, but it actually a short, which is good for those Marilyn Monroe’s moment. :p With these shorts, I recommend white or pastel color for the top to add the final touch of sweet and classy style.  

► White Shoes - okay, I might be a little bias choosing the color white, but white sneakers, white oxford, white sandals, white heels, white platform, or even white socks are the trends nowadays, guys, They might look simple but once you put them on, the whole outfit will stand out more. Not to mention, I love it when my white sneakers get old and dirty, it give off a very laid-back and casual vibe. 

► Gladiator - These lace flats or heels is a must for girls with long legs :)

Converse - Nothing beats the old converse all star shoes. :)

► Basic T-shirt - When in doubt, basic one-color T-shirt is your easy mix & match OOTD. With this outfit, you can just leave it as it is for a sporty look, or have fun with the short-design or accessories for a more personal touch. 

Items such as denim jackets, coats, flannels,cardigan, blazer, etc. can add color to the outfit. 

If it’s get too hot during the day, instead of a non-sleeve shirt rolling up the sleeves is another tip to put the outfit in your own personal way. 

Sweater or pull can definite work on high-waist short.

► Casual - These kind of “home-fabric“ high-waist short can be wear both in, as pajamas, and out the house. 

Vintage vs Modern - Modern style tends to have triangular collar and bigger/deeper V-cut to show off the independent classy look.  

On the other hand, if you want to wear a vintage style, you can button up the whole top or find a rounder collar shirt. You can also add a sweater outside for a sweet girl vibe. 


Hey everybody, Hiro Hamada right here! Today I’ll be teaching you all how to make your very own Baymax plush with a simple step by step tutorial!

Step 1: Draw a pattern like this on newspaper and cut them out. You only need to draw one for the arm and the leg.

Step 2: Cut out the shapes in white fabric. You can recycle an old T-shirt or if you wanna get fancy, use fabric more suitable for plush. Pin the pattern to the fabric so it doesn’t slide around. You can also put multiple pieces of fabric on top of each other to get equal size pieces, and it gets done faster. You need to cut out two for the head, two for the body, four for the legs, and four for the arms.

Step 3: Lay the pieces on top of each other so you have two for each body part. Pin the pieces together so they don’t move around and sew around the edges EXCEPT for where the red lines have been marked. You can sew by machine or by hand, however hand sewing will take longer.

Step 4: Turn each piece inside out completely and begin to stuff them with pillow fluff.

Step 5: Begin sewing all the pieces together. Use pins to hold it in place if necessary. You can also sew thread across the hands as pictured to create fingers.

Step 6: Give your Baymax a face by sewing buttons and making a line in between them, or simply draw it on with a marker. Draw the circle on Baymax’s chest, accessorize him with a fancy bow tie if you wish, and you are done!

((This is my way of sharing that my ask cosplay blog for Hiro Hamada is officially open! Send in your sweet asks and I will be happy to answer them!))