recycled steel

The environmental and health impacts of mining and processing metals are high (steel manufacturing alone is estimated to be contributing 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions – and recycling steel, while better, continues to emit high levels of #CO2). It can be difficult to tie our own choices directly to climate change, but if you think about the metal things you use (paper clips, beer cans, zippers, you get the picture), a clear connection can start to emerge… It’s within this spirit (of helping you have easier access to the most sustainable goods possible) that we’re hand-salvaging and sorting broken jewelry bits: these metals are worth saving - and we know many of you would prefer to make beautiful things (gifts, jewelry, art!) without making other things (climate change, pollution, working conditions) worse… We’ve been gathering these for over two years now, waiting until we had enough to convert into something meaningful, and also waiting for an opportunity to invest time in preparing them for you… being closed two days each week this winter has allowed us to do just that (#winning!). These will be put on the sales floor within the week. #getinformed #consciousculture #jewelrymaking #reuse #zerowaste #climatechange #minneapolis