recycled sounds

Pale Green Paci

Pairing: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, [No Smut], Little!Space

Word Count: 2200

Summary: Dan has a secret pacifier. And it’s not weird because he only uses it when he reaaally has to.

Author Note: This was the original draft version of ‘Sunday Night Sippy Cups’ before I scrapped it and wrote what you now know as SNSC^. Due to popular demand, I uploaded this very short draft idea (so unpolished) that inspired the SNSC series. 

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Five things that make me happy

1. Taking Ella and Oliver to the dog park and watching them get in crazy chases with groups of dogs. Ella is so fast she runs outside the group when it turns so she doesn’t get ahead of the other dogs. That way she can keep an eye on them.

2. Flossing my teeth. My dental hygienist raises an eyebrow when I say I floss daily, sometimes twice a day. What, doesn’t everyone?

3. Crossing the finish line in a race. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5k or a marathon. It’s not that I’m glad the race is over, though sometimes I am relieved, but I savor the accomplishment. Frequently I get a runners high. You may see me walking around the finish area with a stupid grin on my face.

4. The sound the recycling collection truck makes when it pours the contents of my bin into the hopper. When that mechanical arm flips Gaia’s big treat jar upside down and all those empty bottles crash in the cacophony is marvelous. It’s why I switched from boxed wine to bottles. My neighbors can hear how much I recycle. [Pats self on back.] Recycling is like hugging a tree except no tree ever delivered tasty alcoholic beverages.

5. Driving my car after an oil change. The actual difference is not perceptible. It’s not like I wait until black smoke is coughing out the tail pipe. It’s more of a placebo effect, knowing the filter is debris free and the oil is silky smooth. The passenger compartment may be filthy but knowing the inside of the engine is clean makes me feel like I’m driving a better Camry, like maybe a 2012 model with a sunroof.

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I hate this why is it ok not to take down serious and its just a fun summer bop but ridicule crying in the club complaining it aint deep enough and it sounds like 40 other songs both songs are the same summer bops that shouldnt be taken to seriously(even though the message in citc is better in my opinion) why are people lowering standards for down and making imposible standards for crying in the club

True. I personally have high standards for both, so when it turned out that Crying in the club was basically a Sia song I was disappointed, I Have Questions is what saved the whole thing, thank the lord. So now when 5h does exactly the same thing by recycling old sounds and also sampling another song, without permission in their case, it’s pissing me off sooo much! Those 5 girls are so damn talented, I don’t understand why we’re not seeing it! I don’t understand why the first songs we get for those two new eras are songs that we’ve heard a thousand times already! I fucking hope those first singles aren’t reflecting their whole album - I’m pretty sure it won’t be the case for Camila since I Have Questions is already something different, but I’m seriously doubting for 5H - this isn’t what I expected.

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What do you think of Down? Lauren has been autotuned within an inch of her life! I also feel cheated that it's only 2:44 long, such a short song! I do like it though. I just feel like they needed to come out with an absolute banger for their first single without Camila and I'm not sure if this is it.

Tbh I’m really disappointed, I mean the song is easy to listen to and all, but it’s basically another version of WFH - they used the exact same formula : repetitive chorus + chill tempo + rapper guest - only this time you can’t distinct the girls voices, like Lauren’s usual raspy voice is nowhere to be found, I can’t hear Ally at all - and what disappoints me the most is the theme of the song, it’s basically about giving a blowjob and getting high. 

I understand that that kind of song works, and that’s why it’s probably gonna be n°1 for a while, but I just don’t understand why they would choose to do the exact same thing they did for 7/27 when this time they had creative control, like I don’t get it, because I’m sure the girls are talented enough to come up with something different, something new, not just recycling old sounds.

watching beast wars has made me care about transformers more than i have in like six years so i’ve been thinking about transformers media a lot. including the 1986 animated film. it’s one of the most beloved pieces of transformers media but for anyone who doesn’t know much about this movie i need to share some fun facts because i can’t believe it exists

  • unlike a normal movie, the theatrical version of the transformers movie was actually animated at a 4:3 and then cropped down to widescreen for theaters, meaning like half of every shot was obscured in the theatrical version
  • the first act of this movie is incredibly dark and violent, especially compared to the campy antics of the show. most of the original autobot team is unceremoniously killed off so that they could be replaced by new guys for the next wave of toys. ironhide? dead. ratchet, wheeljack, prowl? dead. optimus? FUCKING DEAD. starscream was also disintegrated. there are lots of stories about kids crying in the theater
  • in spite of how violent it was, the producers were still worried the movie would get a G rating. so they added a few swear words
  • then after all that the movie gets really silly later?? there’s a fucking weird al song (dare to be stupid) in one of the big fight scenes. which is like the only song in the movie that isn’t ‘80s-ass hair metal (or incredible ‘80s-ass synth rock)
  • in one sequence there are post-apocalyptic backgrounds recycled from a fist of the north star movie that flash rapidly on the screen. it’s really hard to make out and there’s no reason for this to be there
  • this was the last role played by orson welles before he died. he hated the movie
  • eric idle and leonard nimoy were also in it
  • the plot of the movie follows the plot of a new hope beat for beat for the most part. arcee even has leia’s buns and they recycle sound effects from star wars. it’s basically, like. a new hope, if the death star was a robotic god of destruction that ate planets with its big munching robot mouth. and it was played by orson welles
  • it was later broadcast as a five-parter in the show’s fifth season. it was bookended by live action segments where a little boy named tommy is sad because he’s getting bullied at school, and to console him optimus decides to tell tommy about the time he died

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At the very least, I have heard that he understandably expected to get the usual 13 episodes to wrap things up, but adult swim only gave him 10. I don't mind the ending, but if anyone thought it was rushed, that would certainly explain it.

Exactly, we do not know under which circumstances/limitations Genndy was working under during development. The end result was not perfect. Rushed story near the ending episodes, coloring inconsistencies, recycling of sound bits. But I’m perfectly happy with what we got because I wanted to see the show follow through to the end.

We were wrapped around Genndy’s finger the episodes leading up to the end, his ability to write a captivating story that makes us jump in our seats is amazing. I’m glad he had the chance to finally tell HIS story and end the show in the most peaceful and stoic way possible.

The best thing about NDRV3 is how, thanks to Tsumugi cycling through cosplays of all the past characters (and switching to their actual voices at the same time, the team basically got OVER THIRTY FUCKING PEOPLE to play ONE CHARACTER.

And they didn’t just recycle sound bytes - no, all the dialogue is new. They rehired THE ENTIRE VOICE CASTS OF DR1 AND SDR2 to provide new dialogue for Shirogane in her cosplay costumes. Whether you like the game or not, the fact that they actually did this is AWESOME.

Silent as the Grave: The Non-Speaking Villain (5th Case Study)

Ungoliant and Shelob (the works of J. R. R. Tolkien)

I’ve read a few instances of Tolkien’s approach to his work where he proclaims to despise allegorical readings of his universe.  Though given his religious background, I can see how he may not have been able to separate a theological/metaphysical treatise (which is what the Silmarillion is on one level) with an allegory…even though the two narratives have a rich history of intermingling.  The gradations of Tolkien’s ideas concerning evil are, of course, personified by his villains and how their particular brands of evil affect themselves and their external environments.  Sauron is corruption, which is different from being fallen.  Melkor is fallen.  He does corrupt, but Sauron is the corruption inspired by Melkor personified.  For this corruption to gain power, risks must be taken.  The most well-known example is Sauron’s ring (no one really calls the ring Sauron’s ring, and I’ve often wondered why that is).  The ring is externalized power that yields great results for Sauron, but also makes his weaknesses obvious to his enemies.  True power to Sauron and Melkor is a gamble.  Melkor’s great gamble was aligning himself with a creature he didn’t fully understand…a creature that he didn’t seem to feel could, or more realistically would, try to overpower him: the spider demon Ungoliant.  The two kill some trees together and steal some pretty jewels.  Ungoliant’s evil, however, is consumption.  Melkor metaphorically feeds his own powers in order to attain higher ends.  He makes the world fall down his level of darkness so everything can be utilized as his tools tools.  Re-appropriation is Melkor’s game: the re-appropriation of good into evil.  This isn’t Ungoliant’s game.  She is feeding, both literally and metaphorically.  She does not recycle!  I know that sounds silly, but what she consumes is rendered unusable.  She is only hunger and void.  This is evil even to Melkor, the supposedly most evil creature in all of Tolkien-dom.  Ungoliant has no attachments to the meaning of Melkor’s coveted Silmarils aside from their value as food.  She has no sense of rallying around a cause like Melkor does.  She is not deceitful but a surprisingly honestl form evil.  This is a concept that Melkor doesn’t understand since his mind is so focused on the dichotomy of good and evil, light and darkness: his methods are deceiving holy binaries to promote the values of the damned.  Ungoliant is of one mind: darkness and evil.  This makes her more dangerous to both the holy and the damned in Arda.  It doesn’t make her less intelligent, as it might seem, but rather makes her a being who has realized that she can demand what she wants rather than having to scheme like Melkor (”You can give me those gems, or I’ll just eat you as well.”).  Her consumptive nature is so voracious that she literally eats herself.  She is an affront to the game played by the Valar and Morgoth.  Were all of the major players of the war of the gems kids on a playground, both parties would look at the kid playing Ungoliant and say, “You aren’t playing right!”  Melkor is orderly chaos; Ungoliant is chaotic chaos.  Let’s play alignment chart: Sauron is lawful evil given his machinations are largely inspired by the schematic set up by Melkor, Melkor is neutral given that his loyalty is to himself, and Ungoliant is chaotic evil because “consequences be damned!”  The same is true, to a lesser extend, of Shelob, the greatest offspring of Ungoliant.  

She exists in Sauron’s world, but Tolkien goes to great lengths to show how she is a separate force.  She isn’t his servant, and the grand scheme of what is happening in Middle-earth means very little to her.  Let’s say she killed Frodo, Sam, and Gollum, and the quest to destroy the ring was derailed absolutely.  She wouldn’t have cared in the slightest.  Given this scenario, it is likely that Sauron’s ring never would have found its way back to its master.  Even the most tempting thing in the realm wouldn’t sway her from the desire to consume.  Sauron would more than likely have lost as well.  She might have sent Middle-earth into a bloody stalemate.  But that’s what her evil is, and it is only a small portion of her mother’s, whose attack on Melkor shows unequivocal disregard for the world of war and instead favors the darkest parts of what might be called a glutinous sense of instant gratification.


This was when I was back in high school. The Get Up Kids played a free show at Recycled Sounds to promote the release of Something to Write Home About. This is “Ten Minutes.”

filmed by: RyanDude