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The best thing about NDRV3 is how, thanks to Tsumugi cycling through cosplays of all the past characters (and switching to their actual voices at the same time, the team basically got OVER THIRTY FUCKING PEOPLE to play ONE CHARACTER.

And they didn’t just recycle sound bytes - no, all the dialogue is new. They rehired THE ENTIRE VOICE CASTS OF DR1 AND SDR2 to provide new dialogue for Shirogane in her cosplay costumes. Whether you like the game or not, the fact that they actually did this is AWESOME.

Naval History & Heritage Command 
‪#‎OTD‬ in 1959, USS George Washington (SSBN 598), the first ‪#‎USNavy‬ nuclear powered fleet ballistic missile submarine, is christened and launched at Groton, Conn. Her nuclear capability is removed in 1983, and she is classified as SSN 598 serving until 1985. Submarine Force Museum and USS Nautilus
USS George Washington is later processed in the nuclear recycling program at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in 1998.

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Could BAR possibly be a recycled Honeymoon "outtake"? It sounds a lot like The Blackest Day - especially the chorus

That’s a really interesting theory, and it is definitely accurate. I’m somewhat on the fence about whether or not it’s an outtake from a previous project, or if it’s from the next album, but there’s a lot more proof for it being off of the next album.



This was when I was back in high school. The Get Up Kids played a free show at Recycled Sounds to promote the release of Something to Write Home About. This is “Ten Minutes.”

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