recycled shadow

Witchy Tip ~

If you have a jar candle that has burnt down, but you’d like to save the wax from the bottom, placing it in a freezer overnight is a great way to easily get it out! (Plus, you get a great new jar)

This also works for any wax that just won’t come off of a candle holder or container. The cold temperatures make it easier to remove the wax, which can be recycled to make new candles, seals, statues, etc!


If you are a broke witch, like I am, you can make your Grimoire or Book of Shadows by recycling an old agenda or notebook.

Impregnate it with your energy while you paint it, make collages or whatever technique you prefer. You can obviously buy one if you want, this is just a tip that can help some of you. A magic book doesn’t need to be perfect, it only needs to be yours.