recycled robot

Robotics Team Gothic:

•Your hands always smell like machine lubricant, you wash your hands multiple times but it will not go away. The metallic smell of the lube starts to smell like blood.
•Every team’s cheer is exactly the same. They all start with “what time is it?” You no longer remember how to read time.
•Your coach says they’ll be at meetings 4 days a week. 4 becomes 3 and 3 becomes 2. After a while you forget you have a coach.
•You walk into your team’s storage closet. All the equipment is in regular storage bins, you’re short a robot, Recycle Rush never happened.
•The mentors are working on replica game pieces. They’re currently working on the portcullis. As they add the final touch, a huge blade, you realize they were building a guillotine for those who don’t finish their prototypes in time.
•You’re at a competition with your team. Out of nowhere, a FIRST official gives you their business card. You turn it over, it’s bright red.

You Know You've Done Too Much Robotics When...
  • While Shopping for Food at the Supermarket
  • Dad: Can you put these cereal boxes in the cart?
  • Me: Sure. *Stacks the boxes*
  • Dad: And the granola bars.
  • Me: *Stacks*
  • Dad: Why are you stacking them?
  • Me: Because if you hand me that can of peanuts I can cap it and it will be worth 36 points.

First hack of a recycle robot, using raspberry pi and tensor flow object recognition.  Incorporates active learning - improved classification models with use.  One small step toward “solving trash”. 

Robot Saint .001

Ballpoint, Silver gel pen, red gel pen, and silver brush pen on cardboard

This is actually the back of one of my Bristol pads - it finally ran out and I’m still sad at the loss of precious, precious paper that isn’t made anymore*. But I think I cheered myself up a bit with this little robot.

I’m not sure if it’s halo is an atom or a planet? Both? Let’s go with both.

*It’s still made, but they tweaked the formula. And now it doesn’t take watercolor anymore :( Still looking for a good replacement….