recycled robot

Robotics Questions!

1. What is your team number?

2. What is your team name?

3. How long have you been on your team?

4. What’s your favorite FRC game?

5. What is your dream job?

6. What subteam are you on?

7. If you could be on an alliance with any 2 teams in the world, what teams would you choose? 

8. What is your dream alliance? 

9. If you could change any rule of the game, would you? 

10. If so, what rule would you change? 

11. Landfill or feeder station? 

12. If you could add a rule to the game, would you? 

13. If so, what rule?

14. What’s you worst (robotics-related) nightmare?

15. What’s your most embarrassing (robotics-related) moment?

16. Would you come back to mentor your team after you graduate? 

17. If you could give all rookies a single piece of advice, what would you say?

18. What is one goal you have for your team/yourself?

19. What’s your greatest (robotics-related) achievement? 

20. Describe your ideal FRC game. 

21. If you could ask Dean Kamen one question, what would you ask him?

22. What is your favorite part of FIRST?

23. Have you ever injured yourself while working on a robot?

24. On a scale of 1-10, how stressed are you at competitions?

25. What’s your favorite memory from build season?

26. What’s your favorite memory from a competition?

27. What’s the biggest (robotics-related) challenge you’ve faced?

28. Has being on a team changed your life in any way? 

29. What’s your favorite tool? 

30. What’s your favorite team memory?

31. Does your team have any inside jokes?

32. What’s your opinion on Battlebots?

33.  What’s the latest time you’ve ever stayed up during build season?

Robotics Team Gothic:

•Your hands always smell like machine lubricant, you wash your hands multiple times but it will not go away. The metallic smell of the lube starts to smell like blood.
•Every team’s cheer is exactly the same. They all start with “what time is it?” You no longer remember how to read time.
•Your coach says they’ll be at meetings 4 days a week. 4 becomes 3 and 3 becomes 2. After a while you forget you have a coach.
•You walk into your team’s storage closet. All the equipment is in regular storage bins, you’re short a robot, Recycle Rush never happened.
•The mentors are working on replica game pieces. They’re currently working on the portcullis. As they add the final touch, a huge blade, you realize they were building a guillotine for those who don’t finish their prototypes in time.
•You’re at a competition with your team. Out of nowhere, a FIRST official gives you their business card. You turn it over, it’s bright red.

You Know You've Done Too Much Robotics When...
  • While Shopping for Food at the Supermarket
  • Dad: Can you put these cereal boxes in the cart?
  • Me: Sure. *Stacks the boxes*
  • Dad: And the granola bars.
  • Me: *Stacks*
  • Dad: Why are you stacking them?
  • Me: Because if you hand me that can of peanuts I can cap it and it will be worth 36 points.

y’all know i love phil with all my heart but imagine how much trouble shield would have saved itself it mack were the director

keep the dude who betrayed us in the basement? no thank you!!

ancient alien city? oh we are staying the HECK away!!!

ancient alien monolith? recycle that pLEASE!!!!!

humanoid robots and an entire virtual world? you are out of your goddang MIND!!!!!

i mean, the show would be much less entertaining but shield would probably be a much more effective spy agency