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Sigil Butterflies!

Hi all! I am taking commissions for sigil butterflies! Message me to send me your intent for the sigil and any preferred color(s) for correspondences if you’re interested! 

$5 (includes shipping), payment through PayPal 

You will get 1 butterfly made by me with the sigil folded on the inside (I will also include a copy of what the sigil looks like)

I make the butterflies out of recycled paper and hand paint them. They are pretty sturdy so no need to worry about them being too delicate to handle. Charge the butterflies as you would any other sigil

I have more pictures on my Etsy for anyone interested:

idk if yall remember but i asked if yall want me to start this lil series a long time ago but i’ve finally gotten onto it!! u’d be surprised to find out how many of this can save u lots of $$ too and i still have a lot of posts to come so look out for them ٩◔‿◔۶

  • get urself a water bottle
    • i was shocked to find out sm people don’t have bottles of their own??
    • reduces waste   
    • save $$ by never buying plastic bottles bc u can just refill it
  • also get urself a tumbler
    • so u can use ur own at cafes and starbucks
    • such a good investment u buy a $10 cup && save 10₵ everytime
    • if u drink 4 coffees a week that’s $20 saved a year
  • take the public transport / bike / walk
    • esp if u have time after school and when ur not in a rush
    • extremely therapeutic and is a great stress relief
    • u can rent bikes now which is rly cool
  • draw ur curtains
    • apparently 10% of energy can be saved on heating when u let sunlight in
    • saving money too how cool
  • turn ur thermostat down by 1°C
    • or up if u use air conditioning
    • apparently u can save up to $60 a year
    • or just turn it down by 5 degrees and hibernate in ur hoodie + a thick ass blanket bc it’s rly comfy and u should try it
  • shop w reusable shopping bags
    • or just bring a huge bag u can dump stuff into
    • some places deduct a few cents if u don’t use plastic bags isn’t that gr10
  • reuse plastic bags
    • don’t throw them out bros
    • u can line ur bins w them
    • if u need a change of clothes throw them in a plastic bag before u throw it in ur bag
    • after u gym or smt throw ur sweaty clothes in a plastic bag so it doesn’t stench up ur bag
    • and check if the plastic bags are recyclable before u recycle them!!
  • buy refills instead of new pens
    • let’s be real ur gonna buy the same pen
    • so just get refills instead it’s sm cheaper + u get 10 in a box
    • just google “(pen name) refill” it’s rly easy
    • some shops sell refills at the counter u can go ask
    • (@ sg and msia fam,, popular bookshop does)
    • literally just get ONE mechanical pencil
    • and get urself some pencil lead
    • idk why every back to school haul has like 5 pencils
    • yo pencil lead refill is a thing my brothers
    • and a box costs less than a pencil and lasts for more than a year
    • is this not a thing??
  • eat meatless some days
    • did u kno giving up beef will reduce ur carbon footprint more than if u give up ur car
    • but lol still gotta live that cheeseburger and kbbq life from time to time
    • so just cut out the meat like 1 or 2 days a week
    • and no mutton and beef and pork and turkey if u can help it
  • save and recycle paper pls !!11!1
    • use both sides!
    • recycle don’t trash!
    • buy recycled paper and notebooks!

that is all kiddos if u have more ways to save the earth pls inbox me here!! and check out my other study tips too:

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The Signs as Brandon Rogers Quotes:
  • Aries: "fuck me right in the asshole"
  • Taurus: "you want to become what? a doctor? I wanted to become a ballerina, you know what i became? HIV positive."
  • Gemini: "well what are you supposed to be, a disappointment?"
  • Cancer: "three years ago my husband went out one night for a beer, but that beer was all the way in Tennessee and had much bigger tits."
  • Leo: "you are the cum-shot I should've swallowed"
  • Virgo: "Try me, bitch"
  • Libra: "I'm gonna shove these up my ass"
  • Scorpio: "boy pull up your god damn pants. I can see Pinocchio and he is tellin the truth."
  • Sagittarius: "suck my left tit, David, you just got yourself another hour."
  • Capricorn: "it's fucking colder than a witches tit out there"
  • Aquarius: "fifth one i found today. I dont know whos drawing these but I'll tell you what, if I had those tits I'd still have a husband."
  • Pisces: "yeah we sell organic kale chips theyre on the homosexual hipster isle next to the recycled toilet paper, you glitter dick"

• 062617 • 🌱• i made a cover for a new plant study in doing on earth tone recycled paper • 🌿• im v excited•

• 🌱• would you guys mind if i started posting my art here? • 🌿• i know it’s studyblr and stuff but i like art and i might be an art major! •


240416 - THANK YOU for 800+ followers!! I started on a studyblr just so I could share my notes and photos and to get inspired; I certainly did not expect this!

Today, I’m working on some key political science terms and trying not to freak out now that I have 4 extremely heavy papers in the next week. I’ve been getting questions about the materials I use so:

1) the black pen is actually a really cheap house brand from Popular bookstore
2) the coloured flashcards are from a SG brand called Ugrade(
3) I use recycled paper so it’s actually the blank side of my sisters’ old music scores you’re seeing

Moral of the story: Don’t feel troubled about using expensive things for your studyblr, save the stress for your cramming instead :-)

Τώρα, βελονογραφια και κίτρινη σινικη μελανή σε ανακύκλωμενο χαρτι, ντεμη 2017

Now, drypoint print & yellow ink on recycled paper, demie2017

photo: Lillian Howan

Recycled paper created with paper cranes from Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The paper cranes honor Sadako Sasaki who was two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on her home of Hiroshima and twelve when she died of leukemia caused by exposure to radiation.  According to Japanese legend, anyone who folds a thousand origami paper cranes will be granted a wish.  During her lifetime, Sadako began folding paper cranes towards her goal of one thousand and, after her death, her classmates continued folding, completing one thousand paper cranes.