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Be My ♥ Color

a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx. Summaries change according to PoV Updates on Thursdays & Sundays.
summary: Sometimes people drift apart. Christine holds up a smile and goes on playing the role of ‘good high school friend’ while fighting the urge to rekindle a friendship that simply isn’t there anymore. Old memories burn bright but the colors her soulmate instilled in her are even brighter. 
warning: Chloe is a B. And …uh…hints to a future flashback or something in Christine’s side of the story ;P (did I mention this is a multiShip/POV fic? Boyf are the mains but~)
w/c: ~3.6k
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03.←Canigula’s Charisma Pts. →.04

“Stella’s Stellar Cellular Cases,” she repeated slowly as she parked her mobile cellphone station between the H&M and the pretzel place. “Stella’s. Stellar. Cellular. Cases” She smiled finding a beat to repeat to. She kept it up adding a small shimmy to each word, a melody, a rhythm. Nothing was too hard to master if it was put to a nifty song. She kept singing to herself making sure she got the slogan down right. Christine continued to sing until a slurry of voices started growing in volume from the H&M store.

“…and then Madelyn was like ‘I totally didn’t mean to send those nudes,’” Chloe’s voice sneered as she walked out of the store with arms lined up to her elbows with shopping bags. “We all know she was trying to show off her bellybutton piercing.”

“Wow a belly button piercing? That’s sooooo awesome,” Brooke’s voice, a strong contrast to Chloe’s nasal high voice, giggled in her iconic, perpetual sleep-drawled voice.

The tall brunette stopped walking and grabbed Brooke’s arm jerking her to a halt. “It’s not awesome, BROOKE.”

“I mean…that’s so tacky.”

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Cut Loose in the Archives

It’s best that density restricts
some doubling up, enough mist
amounting to drowning, or else

origamists would find every
folder fodder, fatter tagboard
loose as water and the weft

bone structure of a crane,
crone loping leaves to express
what’s left of trees, in trees, intrigued

by recycling fibers, a tiger lurks
tides with a fistful of papercuts, folding
under the weight of practiced hands.  

- B B Pine

tony takes it upon himself to aggressively set Steve up on dates because he thinks Steve spends way too much time by himself or doodling. Obviously some of Tony’s ideas of a good ‘match’ for Steve are pretty off, but Nat, who has been crashing at Steve’s more and more frequently, is delighted to help Steve by weeding out the awful ones. 

These potential “dates,” more than happy to go out with a gorgeous blonde and not seeing him for much more than that, come to Steve’s door to find a snarky, gum-chewing redhead. 

All of them tell different stories to their friends afterward:

“his CRAZY lesbian roommate told me 'i want to have your adopted babies’ and tried to shave my head”

“He has this weird younger sister who i think is part of a cult; she said she only eats 30% post-consumer recycled fiber and was tap dancing to swedish death metal”

“This lady dressed like Jessica Rabbit was sitting on top of his refrigerator talking about how she used to be a police officer in Transylvania, then fell in love with a boy named Jesse and burned down a fish farm?”

“I mean she would’ve been gorgeous but she had about twenty ponytails on her head and wouldn’t let me in while waving a fake lightsaber and making 'vwoom’ noises”

“She tried to convince me she was Jareth, the Goblin King? she had all this weird makeup on and told me my new name was Sarah.”

“I don’t look anything like Vladimir Putin but she just wouldn’t let it go and then stopped speaking in English entirely and switched to Russian or something.”

“She threw a dead fish at me”

“She told me that steve isn’t a real person and that he’s actually a man that lives in her finger? and then asked me a lot about pirates?”

“Whenever i tried to talk she would just start laughing really loud.”

“I know steve is like, you know gorgeous and tall but honestly reenacting star trek episodes with his weird friend for hours isn’t worth it”


Midnight Sky

Fill this journal with your thoughts and dreams… photos, sketches and notes. There is a ton of room and the long wrapping will keep it all together no matter how filled it becomes during your travels.

This little journal has 120 gram paper made of recycled fiber, bark and twigs that has a wonderful rustic feel to it. The cover is quite thin, but still sturdy. This makes a great diary, sketchbook or photo album, however you can use it for anything you like!

Hand painted cover, 1 meter lace wrapping and a little frame hanging from the button for you to add anything you like in. A picture, symbol or word perhaps to symbolize the inside. Sewn with blue linen thread. Handmade marbled paper on the inside cover.

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