recycled envelope

DIY Paper envelope clutch

Mendadak ada undangan pesta setelah jam kerja & lupa membawa clutch ? Manfaatkan peralatan tulis di meja untuk membuat tas tangan kecil.


Amplop coklat ukuran sedang, selotip bening, selotip metallic warna-warni.

Mari mulai!

1. Lipat amplop menjadi dua, dengan bagian yang ada kaitannya di bagian depan. Bagian belakang yang terbuka bisa dibiarkan terbuka.

2. Lapisi amplop dengan selotip bening dahulu. Selain bisa melindungi kertas bila terpercik air, lapisan ini bisa menambah efek mengkilat.

3. Setelah semua terlapisi, tambahkan dengan selotip metallic dengan warna & model sesuai selera. Jangan lupa untuk menutup bagian bulat kaitan dengan selotip juga.

4. Selesai & siap dipakai!:)

(Note 6.2.2013) Versi lain dompet kertas dengan bahan amplop yang lebih besar:


More Halloween goodies! It’s September now, so full steam ahead. ;) Cute and adorable Candy Corn Halloween Card is back in stock with new text options,  “Wanna Be My Boo?”, “You & Me, Let’s Get Wild and Crazy", “I Just Scored the Sweetest Thing at this Party” or “I’m Very Popular This Time of Year”. Printed on 100% post consumer textured white cardstock, with recycled brown envelope included.

Now up in my shop! Happy Wednesday! xo

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Nautical Bridal Shower Invitations Beach by TheInviteLadyShop - Etsy

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Branding Stationery Mock-Up (Stationery)

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It’s nice your designs is out of print although you made is an easy-to-use professional looking ready for presentation

Even someone who never knew I can use Tutorial video we showed just how it’s done step by step with watch and apply

In addition, all made with photoshop smart objects as katnl? You can also add yourself if you want to

How do I use Here is a link to click on that link and you have prepared for you a video tutorial

How to use your own designs based on

10 psd files
Resolution – 5000×4000 px
Editable via smart object
Changeable background via smart object
Fully separated and movable objects and shadows

How to use

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Recycled envelopes
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I was clearing out stuff from another room when I saw a stack old ikea catalogue that I have kept and collected. Since I had never actually used them for anything, I was going to throw them out until I thought: why not make some envelopes with them and see if I like them? And so I did. I picked out the pages with mostly full blown images and got out my WRMK envelope punch board. That’s a handy…

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The world I despise so much is covered with my black curtain, leaving nothing but the few rays of sun that leak from the cracks the curtains can’t reach; to remind me that I’m living on earth and not the hell his open palm has warped it to appear. I don’t let the sun in, the sun causes burns and headaches, just like you did. So I rely on nothing more than the mere fabric to seal me inside of my bedroom like a letter in an envelope, praying I’m never opened and read. The last person that read me never re-sealed my envelope, nor recycled me. He just left me in his car and let me cook in the 90 degree weather of his black Chevy.
—  I’m still burning
Dell 1355 Toner Cartridges

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