recycled envelope


hello all! just in case you didn’t know or had forgotten, I still have an etsy store where I sell my embroidered and screen printed patches. I’ve gotten 5 star solid reviews from happy patch buyers (and only one 4 star!), and I ship worldwide for less than $4. I send everything out in handmade recycled envelopes too!

Please feel free to have a look at my patches here if you would like to. Everything ranges between $3 and $10 AUD. ⚡️

Roomie got a 4 foot poster board for work that came wrapped in brown paper. I’m going to make so many envelopes while drinking tea and listening to Welcome to Night Vale. I’ve been making my own envelopes for years, partially because I prefer A1 size that fits into the pocket of my jackets and they are hard to find. You can do it too, my template was just an old envelope I traced onto scrap card stock!


Recycled grocery bag envelopes, affordable, puts all those extra paper bags you have to good use, can make them any size for what you are shipping and lastly they are very fun to make and customize<3