recycled envelope

Roomie got a 4 foot poster board for work that came wrapped in brown paper. I’m going to make so many envelopes while drinking tea and listening to Welcome to Night Vale. I’ve been making my own envelopes for years, partially because I prefer A1 size that fits into the pocket of my jackets and they are hard to find. You can do it too, my template was just an old envelope I traced onto scrap card stock!


My sweet follower Gretchen the-incredible-me  asked for a tutorial on how I made my recycled calendar envelopes and it’s so easy that I thought it was a good idea to share it!  I used a really adorable mini calendar from 2014 to make tiny envelopes (great for valentines day!!!) for the tutorial, but it’s the exact same concept for large calendars to make standard size envelopes that you can use to send mail! If you don’t get it right the first time it doesn’t even matter, because you get 12 chances to play around!  I’ve got a pretty huge collection of calendar envelopes now.. I guess I should get around to writing more letters!!!   Hope you enjoy!


Recycled grocery bag envelopes, affordable, puts all those extra paper bags you have to good use, can make them any size for what you are shipping and lastly they are very fun to make and customize<3 



I got a cool parcel recently that had lots of my artwork printed onto greeting cards. Each card comes with a recycled envelope and a plastic sleeve - so profesh! You can choose from 6 separate designs or buy in a pack of three. Each card is $5.50 or $15 for 3!

You can have a look here! >