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Roomie got a 4 foot poster board for work that came wrapped in brown paper. I’m going to make so many envelopes while drinking tea and listening to Welcome to Night Vale. I’ve been making my own envelopes for years, partially because I prefer A1 size that fits into the pocket of my jackets and they are hard to find. You can do it too, my template was just an old envelope I traced onto scrap card stock!

[Fic] Tardy Note - General Danvers Teacher AU

“Any questions?” Alex asks, wiping off the diagram she had drawn on the board and turning to address her class. Her students are mostly alert and she isn’t getting any particularly confused stares so she takes it as a sign to move on. “Okay then, everybody turn to page 102 in your textbooks and read the whole chapter on gene expression and regulation and then answer practice questions 1 through—”

The door to her classroom creeks open and the heads of her students collectively turn to glance at the latecomer though it’s pretty much obvious who it is without even having to look. 

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Recycled grocery bag envelopes, affordable, puts all those extra paper bags you have to good use, can make them any size for what you are shipping and lastly they are very fun to make and customize<3 

so Espresso Yourself hit 600 kudos on AO3 overnight. which is crazy, you guys, thank you so much to each and every one of you who left me kudos and kind comments, they mean the world to me. 

one of the most lovely comments was from an anonymous reader who goes by the name RainbowGingerKitty, and they left me their headcanon of what would’ve happened if stiles and derek did end up going to prom together derek’s senior year. and from that comment came a whole lot of prom not!fic. 

and then from that not!fic ao3 user sue_denime left me their headcanon about long-distance relationship angst. which prompted even more angsty break-up not!fic. 

and so to celebrate the 600 kudos milestone i thought i’d post all that not!fic on tumblr! 

spoiler alert: there is a happy ending.

Ugh yes Derek’s tie brings out his eyes and they’re kind of coordinated with the grey/blue theme but too matchy-matchy and god Derek would be so nervous to pick Stiles up because he likes Stiles so much and he can’t believe Stiles actually said yes(!!!) when they don’t even really talk to each other, Derek just creepily watches from afar. And especially because Stiles’ dad is the Sheriff and there’s only two years between them but Stiles is still underage and holy shit is Derek going to get shot?

But fuck it, Derek decides, he doesn’t care, he’d take a bullet for Stiles. And shut the fuck up Laura god he might be slightly dramatic right now but at least he has a boyfriend. Oh god, is Stiles his boyfriend? Does Stiles think this is a date? Derek’s treating it like a date but what if Stiles thinks it’s just, you know, prom. Not prom, underlined and bolded and surrounded by glittery hearts like in Derek’s head, but just… prom.

Oh god, oh shit, oh fuck, Derek can’t do this, nope, nopeity nope Derek’s not doing this. Cora can explain, she’s friends with Stiles’ friends, she’s going with Isaac. She can just say that Derek… Derek… he died, okay, yep he’s gone, adios, toodlepip, auf wiedersehen, sayona-

And Cora storms into the bathroom where Derek’s been not so quietly freaking out for 20 minutes, grabs him by the tie, drags him down the stairs, shoves her idiot brother into his own fucking limo, and pats the trunk to send it on it’s way. Then she fixes her makeup, which, let’s face it, is fucking flawless already, grabs the keys to the Camaro, and goes to pick up her man.

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