recycled envelope

shudder to cold shouldered

Cheap envelope recycling
Entitlement mindsets
Confined ripped packaging
Sorted and refined
Through broken elements,

Shyness handed out
Under-the-table notes
Expressing chrome hearts
Momentary lapsed
Loneliness designs

Lasting for seconds
Yet felt for hours
Acted upon as hopeless
Romantic mindsets flip
Up too late for mornings

Rescued by spatulas
Capitulating surprised
Inabilities to save
Another burnt out
Pancake left sitting cold.

Roomie got a 4 foot poster board for work that came wrapped in brown paper. I’m going to make so many envelopes while drinking tea and listening to Welcome to Night Vale. I’ve been making my own envelopes for years, partially because I prefer A1 size that fits into the pocket of my jackets and they are hard to find. You can do it too, my template was just an old envelope I traced onto scrap card stock!