recycled cereal box


Since we have been sick these past few days, i started to get a bit restless in the evenings….. so  
I dug through our recycling pile and started making these little recycled cereal box pouches, these fit a pair of earrings or necklace PERFECTLY and it looks adorable with a few sprigs or feathers for an extra little perk.
So if you have ordered something recently, dont be surprised if you open your package to find… another package made from rice crispies cereal box scraps  < 3

All i did was cut the cereal box into sections, fold them, tape them down ( would look way better with washi tape) and then stamped them with some handmade stamps! Super simple and helps keep down the recycling pile.
Next batch will be cinnamon toast crunch and pumpkin flax cereal box pouches : )