recycled carton

im so bad at telling you this or im so off course

as if a nematode became human
i try to express myself to beautiful people
beautiful! so much
more beautiful than me,
much much more. honestly.

once i had a dream
i poured my heart out
i said can we, will we, will you?

when the scaffolding was well defined between us,
when the invitation i set out was heard but not honored,
not mirrored.

probably i make too much of things. wishes.
i am ridiculous. i know.
probably i am recyclable as an egg carton, or
even more so equally.
i wait for recognition and get none.
i pause and wait.
its because im cardboard. or bicarbonate of soda.
its because im lint.

i try to say
can we please
can we please just celebrate each other
and not drown in the world.
can we please!


i have to go to bed now.
i love you tho. you.
sleep soundly you. sleep.
i hope you are cozy.
i hope i am cozy too.

in a moment you and me,
we will be forgotten.
not even forgotten.
more than that.
we will be the absence of knowing.
there will be no one to know.
in a moment. we never existed.

i keep looking for someone who gets this,
someone who understands that
this is our moment of time, and that
together, we can create our own world
separate from this world of insanity.

im probably naive.
probably it is impossible.
so never mind.
i know im a nematode,
a puff of lint in a pocket,
a tangle of an eyelash of something real.
my beauty is nonexistent when i think of you.


Die erste Ausgabe der FREIGHTZEIT ist da! Das Heft beschäftigt sich mit der Substanzveränderung von Güterzügen durch Graffiti. Des weiteren enthält das Heft ein Interview mit dem skandinavischen Gütermaler NOR, der uns seine Ansichten über Graffiti, Güterzüge und andere Dinge mitteilt. 

Zum Heft: Broschüre mit 68 Seiten, Rückenstichheftung, Umschlag 300g Recycling Karton, Innenseiten 100g Recycling Papier Blauer Engel, limitiert auf 50 Stück, handnummeriert.

Preis: 9€ + Versand

Bestellung via E-Mail an

Finally the first Issue of FREIGHTZEIT is arrived. The magazine deals with graffitiart on freighttrains. In addition to that scandinavian freighttrain writer NOR is giving an interview and is talking about graffiti, freighttrains and other stuff. 

Details: Brochure of 68 pages, back stiching, cover 300g recycling carton, insides 100g Blauer Engel, limited to 50 copies, handsigned. 

Price: 9€ + postage

Order via e-mail

Life of an urban witch #2

Recycling is fun! 

  • use tin cans or plastic bottles as plant pots
  • make tote bags out of old/ripped pillowcases (you could dye them and  draw/print/sew sigils or magical symbols on them)
  • use an egg carton to organize your gems/shells/crystalls

DIY crafts: PHONE CASE recycling milk carton

There’s these dried hashbrowns that come in little cardboard cartons, like milk for kids. You can get them at like Costco or other bulk stores. I know about them cause the military uses them.

they are magic.

Anything that you would want shredded potatoes for, you can use these. It’s shredded potatoes that have been dried (and maybe par-boiled? idk). All you do is open the carton (like you’re gonna drink it) and fill with hot water (minimum 120F, I have an electric kettle so I do that) and then close and let it sit.

You can use these to make hashbrowns, but I really like using them for other stuff. like latkes or casserole or tossing in soup. They’re PERFECT for things that involve frying, cause they come out perfectly reconstituted but not drippy.

And you don’t have to deal with the peels afterward. Just throw away or recycle the carton.