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  • somebody: wow! such a nice and warm weather, it feels like spring!
  • me: nice
  • me, muttering under my breath: shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's JANUARY it's not supposed to be this warm yet!!!!!!!!!!! global warming is HERE and our cold snowy beautiful winters are forever history!!!!!! yet we are doing NOTHING about the case!!!!!!!! and even if we did something trump is the president of united states now and he's going to FUCK everything UP because his climate decisions will affect EVERYBODY!!!ON!THIS!PLANET! this weather is not _NICE AND WARM___ WHAT THE FUCKKK it's the awaiting HELLFIRE THAT'S RADIATING HEAT UPON US SO SHUT UP
PSA: Getting a 6IV Ditto

Do you want a 5/6IV Ditto? Of course you do, it makes breeding a good Pokemon so much easier. But chaining them’s always a hassle because Pokemon that transform only get, at max, 20PP for attacks. Make chaining a hassle, right? Makes it so you have to focus on it rather than just doing it in the background.


1) Catch a Munchlax/obtain the Mystery Gift Munchlax.

2) Have it relearn the move Recycle (Move Relearner can be found in the Lanakila Pokemon Center).

3) Delete all its other moves. It must know ONLY Recycle (the Move Deleter is in the Hau’oli Pokemon Center).

4) Catch/breed a Pokemon that can learn Switcheroo (Dhelmise have it as a base move, take it to the Move Relearner)

5) Give the Dhelmise a Leppa Berry.

This is the fun part. When you start to chain, follow these directions in the fight to make sure things work out.

1) Find a wild Ditto on Mt. Hokulani.

2) Make sure the Ditto transforms into Munchlax

3) Switch to Dhelmise and use Switcheroo, giving the Ditto the Leppa Berry

4) Chain as normal.

If you’ve done things correctly then it’ll never run out of PP. Once it runs out, it’ll eat the Leppa Berry. Then use Recycle and reobtain the berry, on an endless cycle until you end the chain.

Happy hunting, folks!

There was actually a wedding
  • Noctis: What the hell were you thinking?!
  • Prompto: Releasing birds at your wedding is romantic?
  • Noctis and Luna: THEY WERE CHOCOBOS!

Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)

He’s just another lost boy,
with hollow eyes, reaching for the sun.
And if we’re all stories in the end,
then he must have been written to be,
just another goddamn tragedy.
—  With iron wings and rust, he is Icarus falling once again | p.d
Witch tip from a ceramics hobbyist

I’ve never made a spell jar myself, but I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion about safe, eco-friendly practices for burying spell jars in the ground and I have a tip.

Stone- or earthenware clay is what potters use in making ceramics. One of the nice things about clay is that it’s still biodegradable until you fire it, which means that it can be broken down and reused if you decide you don’t like your piece. You can recycle scraps left over from projects and you haven’t lost anything.

So a witch who’s looking to bury a spell jar without leaving glass or other invasive materials in the ground could make a pinch pot out of clay, fill it with whatever ingredients are desired for the spell, and bury it without fear or shame. Assuming the ingredients in the spell are biodegradable, then everything, including the clay jar, will simply degrade over time and return to the place whence it came. And besides, what better way to connect instantly with earth energies than using a jar made of something dug directly from the earth?

If you have a local pottery studio near you, you can sometimes purchase bags of reclaimed clay for MUCH cheaper than a new bag - at the studio where I make my ceramics, a bag of reclaim is $9 as opposed to $20.

(Also, please note that this only works with art clay. Do not use a polymer clay like Sculpey or Fimo!)