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that post about, uh, sex education- thank you, Talon and mun both, that was the most straightforward and hilarious explanation of gay sex I've ever seen and I'm hereby linking anyone who asks such a question to that post in particular. Thank you. I snorted water out of my nose I laughed so hard.


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It must be hard to help maintain your blade, chopping people in half all the time would surely dull your blade

“Not as difficult as one might think. The ‘Nameless Blade’ - as the people of Ionia know it, has been specially crafted to serve a master of the wind technique. Asides from the highly durable steel, it has been specifically projected by a master craftsman to suit my needs. Ionian craftsmanship has no equal, at least when it comes to blades. Naturally, bragging about it is not my intent - a sword is but a mere tool in a swordsman’s hands. It is good enough to serve its purpose… but nothing more. I would rather not be using it as I am if I had the choice.”