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Salty rant: meta exists because they use phrases like "nothing is new under the sun" "what do we say about coincidences?" "universe is rarely so lazy" to excuse themselves to recycle dialogues and scenes. They're not clever. Mirror? What's a mirror?

We gave them too much credit I guess. I don’t have problem with meta-ing. I love metas because at least metas tell a better, free of plot holes story. But Really after all the disaster..TPTB aren’t really clever.. Welp we have to live with that for the rest of our lives.

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Omg that post you rb'd. I cant take kl analysis seriously. kl analysis reaches s o m u ch and its so sad bc they have no legit screentime to work w so they recycle the elevator scene (which is comedic relief) and the bonding moment. Its kinda sad how a deal of kl shippers actually think kl will be canon bc sh@da said they have a bromance or smth, like?? They get all this fanon and canon mixed up that when canon doesnt deliver everything they've read in fic they get angry and call it poor writing

@Dreamworks you heard it… give those poor people some shipping material to work with. they’re reaching so far their arms are close to falling off and it’s inconveniencing all of us


@Redworld96: That episode you said about “blow a fuse”, it was actually The Gamer episode? Or is an upcoming episode?

@WinnyGZ: it was “the gamer”

@Redworld96: I see :) . Can I ask then what it’s supposed to be those white cardboards they have in the picture?

@WinnyGZ: ahah. It’s because this framce is not finished yet. It is in fact towels… without “physis” ON. ^^

@itsartistical: how come Fu is in the background here but not during the frame in the episode?

@WinnyGZ: As I say : it was WIP. (work in progress)

Well that’s cleared up. The journal photo was actually a developmental shot and the white sheets were just CGI placements for motion I guess. Fu being the background was removed and the scene was finished up in the actual episode, however in the shot before this scene, Fu can be seen hiding behind a lamppost and the towels weren’t removed.

Still don’t get why they put an unfinished scene in the journal but oh well. What’s done is done.


Apparently Disney Used To Recycle Animation Scenes, And It’s Blowing Our Minds

Whoa there, Disney.

A new video has cast some doubt on the originality of a few of your favorite childhood films, because apparently Disney animators used to reuse movements from a lot of their old scenes. The technique is called rotoscoping and was used to help cut costswhen cartoons relied on armies of human animators.

If you still don’t believe it, just take a look at the full video here. MINDS BLOWN.

S2 Script Snippet Ep 5

After Elizabeth says “a piece of your heart will always be mine”   

Elizabeth needs to re-establish her ascendancy after seeing Ross and Caroline flirt.

They’re very close now as if no one else in the room exists as if all sound has drained out of the space and all that’s heard is the sound of their breathing. Eventually

Ross: Where does that leave us?

E: (smiling) With our hands tied. To other people

Ross  nods.  He sees the sense of this. And then just when he thinks there can be no further twist in the tale:

E: (with a glance at Demelza who is flirting with McNeil) Of course, were that not to be the case…..

Ross glances down the table to where Demelza is lapping up the attention of Ray and McNeil.  He is turns back to E.  The conversation hangs, fraught with possibility.  

Later that night (this scene was replaced with a recycled scene from Ep 2)

Demelza unlaces the front of her dress, Ross comes up to unlace it for her.

R: McNeil was all attention tonight

D: And Elizabeth. (begins to untie the stock around his neck) And Caroline Penvenen…

R: Yes?

D: She kept you in a corner did she not? And would not let you come forth.

R: She kept me in no corner that I did not wish to be kept in.

Demelza tweaks the stock as if in playful reprimand.

R: On one subject I’m sure we can agree: Miss Penvenen is a piece of work and we wouldn’t wish her on anyone we liked.

Demelza unwinds the stock from Ross’s neck. They begin to kiss.

Edited from the Complete Scripts S2 Debbie Horsfield

This would have been so cute to see.

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more 3x09 thoughts

At least they didn’t do Boy Meets World over again in this one…OR DID THEY?

Elaborate headcanon time!

So we heard Cory reference the falcon. What Topanga said was “I want you to be free to soar majestically as long as I know that you’ll always come back to me.” This was right as they were going into the Lauren arc.

So, Lucas thinks he’s Cory and Riley’s Topanga (based on the jelly bean scene, called back here, which was yet another recycled BMW scene from the Lauren arc.) However, I think Lucas is Lauren. Riley is Cory. Maya’s Topanga. I’ve been saying that for ages though. Now the show has actually said it. “You’re my extraoridinary relationship.” Not just a scene where they repeat Corpanga’s words, but a scene where Riley actually tells Maya “we’re like Cory and Topanga.”

And by Riley’s own admission, Lucas is just some boyfriend who might not be that forever. It makes me think of Cory’s version of the jelly bean scene. Shawn says, “It’s a tie. You like Lauren as much as you like Topanga and you can’t live without either of them. … Maybe this was a bad idea.” Cory replies, “No. No, this was a good idea. Shawn, yeah…I like Lauren. I like spending time with her…but I can live without her. I-I can’t live without Topanga. (puts the whole bag on one side of the scale) It’s no contest.” And then he doesn’t turn around and get all wishy-washy about it. He knows who his extraordinary relationship is. And Riley knows who hers is. Lucas is the Lauren of this show. The stumbling block on the way to the true endgame.

Or I’m deluding myself.

Fandom can squabble over whether Rilaya is romantic or platonic, but it’s literally canonized that Maya and Riley are the extraordinary relationship. And it’s because they’re the extraordinary relationship that I want them to be romantic. In my eyes, not having it be a romantic relationship would be a waste of the greatest potential this show has.

Riley and Maya have made eye contact in literally every single episode of GMW. Lucas isn’t even in every episode of GMW.

I said recently on my other blog, about another show with queerbait a femslash couple that’s frustratingly not actually canon yet (and even gayer than Rilaya) that heteronormativity has a flipside. It leads to a certain blindness toward things that are not straight, but it also leads to lazy writing of het ships. Because romance is so readily assumed between boys and girls, writers take shortcuts. Who needs to spend time building substance these days? And because audience’s just accept heterosexuality, you can just have another character say that these two have chemistry, without actually demonstrating that chemistry on-screen. Like, if the writers put the kind of development into Riley and Lucas’ relationship that they put into Riley and Maya’s relationship, I’d be significantly less bothered by the pairing. (I doubt if I would really ship it as such, but it wouldn’t bother me the way it does now.) If the writers would spend as much time and energy on their M/F romances as they do on their F/F gal pals, maybe I’d actually give a damn. I mean, if you’re gonna ignore the potential in Rilaya, at least do something interesting. Put some time into really developing the relationship between the characters beyond superficial details. Make me care about the story. Whatever it is that appeals to that portion of the audience is completely missing me. I’m not connecting with this random boy from the subway.

And it’s not just that it’s a straight ship. Representation is important and seeing a story told with LGBT+ characters is always refreshing. But I’ve shipped straight ships before. I loved Corpanga. For all of their gooey sap, they still had substance. It’s not because R*cas is straight that I dislike it.

If any other relationship had gotten the kind of development that Rilaya has had, I might not have bothered to make this blog. It’s becuase they have what is so sorely lacking in the rest of the show that they seem so obvious to me. If there had been any other element balancing out the scales, I would’ve just dismissed my thoughts as reading too much into it. But Rilaya is and always has been head and shoulders above everything else that this show has to offer. It’s no contest. They are this show’s extraordinary relationship.

  • Stalia: *gets a bunch of recycled Stydia scenes*
  • Stydia: I, as an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied me! You're a laughing stock. It's cheesy, it's disgusting. I personally found it artistically atrocious! I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion.