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Protection Jar (Witch Jar)

This is a protection jar I use to protect myself from unwanted spirits or negative energies.


Incense and Herbs that make you feel protected/comfortable/safe. Salt and/or black glitter to fill up the container. A black candle and something with a sharp edge. A bottle to hold the contents of the spell. Optional: a pendulum and a negativity warding crystal such as quartz.


1) add a little bit of salt, I used Himalayan Salt 2) Fill most of the bottle with black glitter 3) add your herbs, I used what I had on hand which was rosemary, bay leaves, and licorice root (from a tea bag, yeah! witchcraft doesn’t have to be too expensive) 4) optional: write a wish for protection on the bay leaves, then burn them and add it to your witch jar 5) then add more salt crystals in the top to seal the ingredients inside 6) lastly add in the incense, I used lavender and chamomile 7) keep the candle burning the whole time with protection inscribed in it, wait till the words have burned away ( I like to write small so I can keep the candle longer, you can keep it burning until your candle is gone tho it, depends on what you want)


keep it around you and hold it with your pendulum and say a chant like:

Keep me safe inside my home//banish spirits high and low//do not let them in but out/let me scry without a doubt

anything works as long as you use intent properly it will. keep it along with you for more protection. whatever you do, stay safe!


A little notebook made out of two floppy disks, old paper from partly filled school notebooks, gray fabric cut from an old lunchbox strap, and miscellaneous washers and gizmos. Yay, recycling!

Basically I sewed the paper part together, glued the gray straps to both disks to connect them, then attached the paper booklet to the straps with a few stitches. And glued on metal bits for decoration.

Material: • Botellas de cristal. (Con tapa) • Flores secas • Pintura (Spray, acrílica o acuarela) • Silicon ( Caliente o frío) • Listones (Opcional) Procedimiento: Primero vamos a asegurarnos de que las botellas estén limpias, retiramos las etiquetas. Pintaremos las corcholatas/tapa con la pintura en spray -utilice el color dorado. Dejamos secar. En las botellas vamos a rellenar las flores secas. (Hay que asegurarnos de que las flores estén completamente secas ya que si guardan humedad corren el riesgo de pudrirse) Pueden agregar también pétalos artificiales. Una vez que estén llenas le colocamos las corcholatas. Y para que se sujeten bien ponemos un poco de silicon en el boca del envase!

The staff at my work are not that great at loading the dishwasher. We get a lot of chipped crockery. I was going to biff yet another chipped cup yesterday when I thought it would make a great wee pin cushion because it is small with a good handle. The chip in the rim is hardly noticeable.

Let`s face it: We`re all obsessed with notebooks. And I imagine I`m not the only one who has quite a few non-muji notebooks flying around that have only been used a very little… So here we go, this is how I recycle old, barely used notebooks into cute and ready to use ones! This is my first masterpost, please be kind :)

You will need: Mentioned old notebook, white paper/cartboard (not too thick), a pencil & an eraser, whatever decorations you want (stickers, patterned paper, pens, washi tape, …), scissors, glue (not pictured, sorry), a ruler, and very importantly large and see-through tape!

Step 1: Take your notebook and rip out all the used pages, if you wrote with a pencil you can also erase it.

Step 2: Now get rid of the cover, try to rip it off in a realtively neat way. (If you ripped out the first page it should be easier!) After that you work with the “inside”, the pages only.

Step 3: Now we`re going to make a new, white cover. (If you want another colour for the base, go for it.) Grab your paper/cartboard and draw the outline of your notebook. It`s very uselful to add a few centimetres on each side, it`ll make the glue-part much easier. Cut that out and just use your own eyes to determine the right length.

Step 4: It`s time for the gluuee! Glue the first and the last page of your “notebook” to the cut out cover. Fold the edges towards the insides so that the rims are smooth and it doesn`t look cut out on the outsides (as shown in the second picture). After that you should have a simple, white notebook.

Step 5: Decorating. Just let your creativity do whatever floats your boat. One suggestion though: If the white paper you used is quite thin then it`s better to use cartboard or thick paper to glue over it so you get more stability. (I used patterned cartboard and drew these little plant/glasses/coffee icons.)

Step 6: This is the last step, my friend, you made it! However this is the most difficult one. To really make a long-lasting cover, we want to tape it all. (If you have, there is special transparent cover foil, but I assume most people don`t have that.) Take the tape, and very carefully start right on the edge of your front cover. Leave enough tape over and beneath the actual cover to tape the inside: To make it look neater, you can take the next page and tape it all together. Repeat this progress so ever bit of your cover is covered and stuck together with the insides.

There we go! Above you can see the two notebooks I made in the last two days, one takes me 1-2 hours. The way I do it is pretty simple, you could spice it up by using the old cover as a base, by adding buttons, strings, whatever… I hope this helped a little, no more barely used old notebooks!


Upcycling Vintage Wine Bottles as Lamps

My MiL was ahead of her time. About 40 years ago, she made a pair of lamps out of a lamp kit and the bottles of some very very good wine. (The Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1959 was $50 a pop back then, and today its averaging - what?! - $3k a bottle?)

The lamps still work perfectly today!

Papercraft Inspiration: Honey Bees in a Hive Tin by Kate Kato 

Find this mixed media sculpture and others by Kate Kato in her Kasasagi’s Etsy Store here. *She’s on an Etsy vacation for a week or so, but will be back.

I am a huge fan of tin or Altoids Tin crafts. For 13 of my favorite Altoids Tin DIYs go here; for all Altoids Tin DIYs go here.

Note: When I post anything from Etsy, I am not getting compensated in any way (money or free products). 


DIY Lip Gloss Pens