“Do you think he likes it?!”

“I’m sure he loves it~ ”

I also did this, my friend Amy and I like to headcanon that, for Valentines Day, Misty asked Delia to help her cook Ash something nice, (Delia notices that Misty chooses all of Ash’s favourite meals) buuuuuut of course Misty is a hopeless cook and still manages to screw it up

The Acciaio Lounge armchair, designed by Max Lipsey, is inspired by the classic steel racing bicycle. It is constructed from specialized, tapered iron bicycle tubes varnished in epoxy powder blue, red and butter and the result is strikingly strong and light.

How to actually help the environment:

Eat less meat.

After seeing the effects of meat production/consumption on the environment, water supply, and human health, it’s a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint.

And nobody is telling you to eat NO meat. Just LESS meat. I’m not a vegetarian/vegan, but this seems like a common-sense solution to some major environmental issues. Use your head! Go forth and be awesome.


So a few weeks ago I decided to make something with the multitude of Birchbox boxes I had lying around. Ended up making this lovely chest with 3 full drawers and 2 mini drawers and an open top. It looks and works beautifully drawers don’t get suck and it’s not sagging or falling apart. If anyone wants to make something like this let me know. I was thinking of writing up some instructions for it. It look a few hours because I messed up with some of the placement of the drawers (the little guide slides were angled). But over all it was so fun and pretty easy once I figured out what I was doing haha.