Spurred on by her love of dogs, Israeli artist Nirit Levav got the idea for her whimsical dog sculptures after a trip to a Tel Aviv bike shop. Using discarded bike parts, Levav creates some seriously cute canines, each with its own personality – no pooper scoopers required. Check out our interview with Levav and more of her work.

How to Make a Lamp Out of a Bottle

Looking to add some more lighting around the house? Find yourself some empty bottles and get started with this How to Make a Lamp Out of a Bottle tutorial. You will be amazed how much light is given off by one of these lamps. Its absolutely amazing what you can recycle and reuse these days isn’t it?

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Angie Hamon with Recycle Across America


Stana Katic - “Let’s Recycle Right!” Recycle Across America (legendado)


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Last week I contacted a recycling company if they could help me out, with letting me search through their “E-Waste” for some old screens. They were very supportive and we could arrange an appointment. Today we visited their HQ and they showed us a whole truck full of stuff to dig through. I found 6 nice old 4:3 TFT screens and on top of that, the find of the day was a  Compaq 151FS from 1992. Really didn’t expect to find such a nice old CRT in that truck.