DIY Sharpie Glass Storage Jar Tutorial from ling yeung b.

This is a good DIY for college students, teens, tweens etc… All you need are sharpies and glass jars. It may not be the most durable finish, but if it washes off just reapply.

These eye/eyelash DIY glass jars reminded me of a another very cheap and easy DIY I posted:  DIY Fake Eyelashes Wall Art Tutorial from Make My Lemonade here. Her piece is labeled, “Today I feel” and then descriptions for each pair of eyelashes.

Loads of unused drugs?

Had a patient who wasn’t able to tolerate a new diabetes medicine, but had already recieved a 90 day supply of it.

I remembered reading about drug recycling, but it took me a minute to find it.

The company is Sirum. This is their website:

And this is the NY Times articles I vaguely remembered reading: