person: so what’s the seventeen fandom like

me: well lets see we make lots of memes, vines, gifs and most of us are rlly artistic like have u seen the edits this fandom makes it will blow ur mind and we make terrible jokes that are actually rlly funny and we also make meanie bro jokes and one meme thing where coups cracks a pick-up line and jeonghan contradicts and we always try to make the underrated members popular and we make as seventeen as things and we are patiently waiting for the garbage can to pick us up bc we are trash and things about the great and terrible woozi and pull up on you wacks with a mac fully loaded aND YOOOO LADDDIIEEES and i’m thE BEST QUALITY! and coups as a cereal brand and vAMPIRE JUN aND SOONSEOK TALK AND MICHAEL CHANSON aND WE CALL THEM OUR SONS so yeah just the typical fandom

150726 Changmin - 10 Times KPop Boys’ Stage Outfits Might Have Been TOO Revealing

K-POP boy groups are known to take command of entire audiences….especially if they take off/rip off their shirts or sport some kind of revealing outfit during their performance. Some of these you might not even know happened, but that’s why we love K-POP groups: because they are so unpredictable.

1. TVXQ –  Changmin

Changmin’s chocolate abs. You can’t stare at them without drooling all over yourself first. Fans are no stranger to seeing his shirtless upper body, yet he manages to get provoke thousands of screams when he takes off his shirts every single time.

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