Reduce, reuse, revive our oceans:
Prevention rather than cure. If we can't stop the amount of litter entering our oceans, we can at least reduce it. Here we will look at ways which you can do just that, from the comfort of your own...

You know you want to read my second university post really ;) Even if it’s just to help me get a first in my degree. I will love you always!


For a (very) limited time only, you, yes you, can buy Fluffy! 

IDK how y’all feel about my personal OC stuff, but here’s a thing I’ve been messing around with. I haven’t exactly decided what he is yet, but one thing I know for sure he’s giant as fuck wolf…demon thing creature that shape shifts. Since Spencer’s influenced by Celtic stuff, this guy’s influenced by my other mythology boner, Nordic. Speaking of Spencer, they know each other, how yet idk. Boyfriends? Frenemies? Arch nemesis?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll work on it.

INDIA, Guwahati : A Greater Adjutant Stork stands as a rag-picker collects recyclables at the biggest garbage dump in the northeastern state of Assam on the eve of World Environment Day at the Boragoan area in Guwahati on June 4, 2014. The UN declared the 2014 theme for World Environment Day to be ‘Small Islands and Climate Change’ with the official slogan for the year 2014 'Raise Your Voice Not The Sea Level’. AFP PHOTO/ Biju BORO