community appreciation week 2017 day 3: favorite episode • Intro to Recycled Cinema

I feel the force. What? I don’t feel the force, I’m not allowed to. What do I feel? I feel Dracula force. I feel Dracula signals.


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Not all heroes wear capes, some are just giant radioactive lizards. Happy #EarthDay!

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A while ago we had an assignment in character design class to design an extra character for selected cartoon TV shows. I chose The Amazing World of Gumball cause that was the last cartoon on the list I kinda watched until I cut my cable haha.

I liked how i could pretty much design anything for this show so i went with a trash can character. I was originally going to just draw a trash can until someone said it’d be better/funnier if i just took pictures of a trash can and drew stick legs/a face on it. I dunno if listening to that was a big mistake lol.

So yeah, this is Eddie! Hes an overzealous recycling bin that goes around terrorizing kids when they dont throw their trash away, or dont throw their trash in the right cans. :’D (think of him like the ‘hall monitor’ type of kid)

I also discovered that i cant draw Gumball at all hahaha.