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Myths and Truths in Science and Religion: A Historical Perspective by Dr. Ron Numbers is a decent lecture that goes over common myths about science and religion. One covered is the oft repeated "dark ages were due to an overbearing Catholic Church" claim. While the Church wasn't 100% science friendly (see Galileo, for instance), they also encouraged many areas of science. There are a number of reasons for the dark ages, but the expanse of Christianity isn't one of them (or so it seems)

Research the rise and fall of Alexandria, Hypatia and the library in Alexandria. That was the beginning and end of one of the greatest societies of our young history, with information and original texts lost, basically what would be the world wide web or wikipedia of information, all destroyed by the tools of the Christian religion due to its capability of being easily used for purposes of control and manipulation. See: Europeans impregnating their Christian beliefs and means of control unto the continent of North America.

Christianity. Keeping people numb and delusional since: “She’s a witch because she knows how to do that chemistry magic”

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So, to sum up, I am saying that is understandable why a politician would dance around a question like "how old is the Earth?" or "Where did humans come from?" I am not suggesting that a politician should have no views or ideals and simply give the populist answer, I am suggesting that politicians have to be careful with their responses to answers that would cause populist backlash.

dude, i understand. trust me. i know this. i’ve been raised around conservative creationist christians all of my life. my entire family. fox news, bill o'reilly. oh yes.
i know.

all i’m saying… is that i don’t give a shit.

it’s 2012. there’s massive climate change effecting our entire biosphere. 200+ species becoming extinct every day. EVERY DAY. global outcrying & resistance from nearly every nation, country & city. people are dying. we are dying - slowly. we live in a country that has the largest percentage of scientifically illiterate individuals & we’ve become a true embarrassment to the human race. catering to the masses in order to get into office? what does it matter if he lies or caters to his political demographic to get into office in the first place? what’s going to change if that douche gets in over some other douche with the same beliefs & opinions in another state? we are on the brink here. we have no other place to go.

this isn’t “cute” or “excusable” anymore.

this type of back & forth plutocracy, bouncing around facts & throwing in opinions just to please other dumbed down individuals & children being lured in & suckered with the same erroneous traditions & outdated, useless excuses are a waste of organic matter & energy all the way down to the subatomic level far beyond what we can detect in the universe, let alone the observable universe.

it’s not getting old, it’s becoming tiresome, outdated & inexcusable. knowing that these people are able to walk or fly around this earth, lying to people, uneducated, ignorant, yet, responsible for the continual perpetuation of this backwards, de-evolutionizing system….it’s a nightmare. every single day i fear for the reality we are creating for ourselves, leaving for our children. my son.

ok. had to get real for a moment. this is why i keep politics away from the science blog. let’s all calm down, throw some Cosmos on, listen to Carl, & light em’ if you got em’.