recurring problems

  • 2007, Dreaming Out Loud: "I can't sleep, not like I used to"
  • 2009, Waking Up: "No sleep, today, can't even rest when the sun's down"
  • 2013, Native: "Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep"
  • 2016, Oh My My: "I don't set alarms, lately I don't set alarms"

i am so sick of seeing people not only steal gifs, but reblogging them. people have stolen my gifs before, and every time i see them gain hundreds of notes, my heart sinks. reblogging stolen gifs is just as bad at the person stealing the gifs. you are contributing to stolen work and that is not okay. so, to make sure you don’t accidentally pull the douche move of reblogging a repost, let’s go over a few signs to tell if a gifset is stolen:

  • the size doesn’t match up (small and large gifs in the same set, one 250px gif taking up the whole row, etc)
  • the coloring doesn’t match up (color and black/white or a soft pastel and a harsh red being in the same gifset) 
  • the caption of it being like “OMG look at these cute babies!” or “This scene is so good!” etc (something that’s more of a comment than a caption)
  • you’ve never seen the url before
  • you go down the person’s blog and they have multiple gifsets posted, all looking as if they were made by different people
  • you can’t find the user’s edit tag (something like *, or my edit)
  • it doesn’t use edit tags (ouatedit, the100edit, arrowedit, etc)

it’s bad enough that people will steal someone else’s work and provide it to the fandom as their own, but helping them out by spreading it to others is just as bad. if a gifset is going to be stolen, make it have 0 notes, not 500. if several of these tips applies to a gifset you’ve seen, there are a few things you can do:

  • reverse google search (right click one of the gifs, go to “search google for this image”)
  • if the style of the gif looks like it was made by someone you know, go down their edit tag or message them asking if they a) made the gifset or b) know who did (as someone who makes gifs, i also know the style of several other gifmakers, and would be able to help even if it wasn’t mine!)

  • message someone else (a friend, a popular blogger, etc) and ask them if the gif seems stolen

but most importantly, if these are applying to an edit you see and you can’t tell if a gifset is stolen or not, don’t reblog it. i don’t care how good or it is, or how much emotions you get from it. don’t take the chance of reblogging something that’s stolen. there are plenty of gifs in the sea, so to speak. you will find something similar to it.

we need to talk

My dear followers, 

I’m not here to whine or beg for attention. I just want to explain a recurring problem and this post here sums it up well.

I’ve noticed now that the number of my notes doesn’t really follow my number of followers… I mean almost 8k but 50-70 average notes per scenario?? 

I’ve seen many fanfic/scenario writers with the same problem: generally speaking we get very few notes compared to the amount of work we put into our writings. It can take several hours to write, sometimes days or even longer, and in the end we don’t get that much of recognition. 

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anonymous asked:

Is it wrong for fans to take Yume as abusive? I've read an ask where the anon said she was in an abusive family (or have experienced abuse) and that yume is not abuse. She also said that it's sad how people belittle abuse. She even wished for a father like Kaname.

I would never want to speak over someone’s personal experiences with abuse and come across as invalidating that experience, because I myself only have secondhand experience with it (through friends and family), therefore I would not consider myself an authority on this subject. If this anon does not feel triggered by Kaname’s behaviour, I can only be glad for her sake that this is the case and I would recommend she not read this post which could be triggering, so I’m adding an abuse tw to be safe and suicide tw for any of my followers who need that tagged. :) 

That being said, there are different kinds of abuse, and I have also spoken with people who have felt triggered by some of Kaname’s behaviour because it was reminiscent of abusive people from their own life, and I feel their experiences and voices should also be respected and not invalidated. Some of Kaname’s behaviour is abusive, and we only need to look at the impact the relationship has on Yuuki to recognize that the relationship was extremely unhealthy and unbalanced. Yuuki goes from being a bright, vibrant young girl to a girl who blames herself for everything bad that ever happened in the series and believes her very existence should have been erased to prevent it. She becomes suicidal because she believes her death will fix everything and heal everyone she thinks was hurt, not by her actions or even lack of action, but simply because she was born. It is Kaname who leads to her feeling this way, regardless of whether or not it was his intention.

Personally I think it is fair to view the relationship as abusive and I think Hino herself was pretty unapologetic about Kaname’s behaviour, because:

  • She had two characters visit Yuuki in a scene that served no other purpose than calling to attention the fact that Yuuki was dressing differently and that she appeared to be under house arrest. Why did Hino feel the need to call this out if the narrative was condoning Kaname’s choices? She deliberately brought readers attention to the red flag behaviour where otherwise they might not have noticed, and this was for a reason. 
  • In case that wasn’t enough, since people at the time thought Yuuki’s change of clothes was because she was a Kuran pureblood and had to keep up appearances, Kaname literally says the reason why he forbade her from cutting her hair and made her wear certain clothes was because a part of him wanted to keep her away from everyone but him, and he was sorry but “please allow me to deprive you a little of your freedom.” It had nothing to do with Yuuki’s upgrade in society.
  • She literally had him threaten suicide to keep Yuuki from leaving??? He gave her Artemis back to show her that he meant what he said about how he’d rather she kill him herself than leave. Yuuki thinks about it several times over and feels immense guilt at being the one who “made him say such a thing.” There’s no putting a positive spin on that, it’s emotional blackmail, and - yep - also abusive behaviour.
  • She had Kaname admit that he stole the heartfelt smile from Yuuki’s face before he told her his true identity, because he couldn’t face his contradictory feelings and imposed unreasonable demands on her. If his demands were “unreasonable,” and a result of his contradiction - where he was torn between wanting to chain Yuuki down or setting her free - I’m not really sure how people misinterpret this to be for Yuuki’s “own good” when Kaname admits that it wasn’t. He was making excuses for his behaviour because of his contradictory feelings, not because those excuses were legitimate, and I’ll explore that more later in this post.

And, I mean, that’s just the surface of their relationship and the most obvious examples referenced in fandom, it’s far from everything - more on that later. But regardless of whether or not Hino really intended for Kaname’s behaviour to be viewed as abusive, there is still no obligation on fans to accept it. Sometimes, it is even more important to address what the narrative will not, because ultimately saying “it’s just a story” is ignoring the fact that we are influenced by the media we consumeand over time can become desensitized to certain things without ever realizing it. 

I understand that this is a very controversial topic in this fandom, and also a controversial topic on a much larger scale, so I’ve tagged accordingly and I will be putting the rest of my response on this behind a cut. I also apologize for sitting on this message for as long as I did. This isn’t a topic I usually get into in the fandom, and I decided if I was going to talk about it at all I was going to do it right and turn it into a full fledged meta post.

Reminder that I tag posts that are critical of Kaname and Yuuki’s relationship as anti yume.

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Accurate Typing: Tertiary Temptation

Read the full Function Theory Guide ( for more detail, including notes about common typing issues.

The tertiary function produces much of the variation among individuals of the same type because it is often used very inconsistently due to its lower position in the stack. Tertiary behaviors are likely to contradict generic type descriptions, and how the function manifests largely depends on a person’s level of psychological and emotional development. There is not much official literature about tertiary functions specifically, so I have taken the liberty to piece together expert details with my own extrapolations/research.

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Trust Issues: Jon, Sansa, Daenerys, and betrayal.

A little meta I was inspired to write today after getting super tired of reading ‘Will Sansa betray Jon?’ posts. Warning! I try to stay away from season 7 plot leaks & spoilers but I am aware of some things and treat them as season 7 theories…so if you don’t want to know even a hint of anything SPOILER WARNING! (but not really b.c. I have no idea what will happen.)

Pretty much every fan everywhere has debated  the question “Will Sansa betray Jon?” The answers range from yes to no to she will pretend to betray Jon in order to take down Littlefinger. But maybe just maybe we are all asking the wrong question.

Sansa and Daenerys have both been casts as betrayers at certain points in the story. Daenerys by Viserys who she has visions of in ADWD calling her a betrayer. Sansa by readers who see her early actions in A Game fo Thrones as a betrayal of her family. We seem to forget that there is another betrayer in our midst. Yes, our hero Jon Snow. His time with the wildlings is steeped in betrayal of either his vows or of the wildlings depending on which view you take.

Why are we not asking the question “Will Jon betray Sansa?” or maybe even more important “Will Jon betray Sansa or Daenarys or both?”

If Sansa’s arc is about how a young woman in a patriarchal society can go from political pawn to political player. Jon’s is all about how one who gets given that power by default because he is a man despite his birth status attempts to make the hard decisions. His is the dynamic between the inner moral compass and the one wielded by public opinion. The women of our story have no such luxury. You are either pawn or player and to get to be a player it’s assumed you must have used unsavory means or had dragons. Daenerys’ arc mirrors Sansa in this way, she too goes from political pawn to player. Much of it rests on both losing her brother and her husband and having dragons.

That’s maybe why we rush to ask the question “Will Sansa betray Jon?”. A woman gaining power must mean she betrayed a man somehow or had dragons. We can see this in our current modern day political situation…ok won’t go there for now…

 Given Jon’s history and the issues going into to season 7, the question of “Will Jon betray XXX?” becomes a much more compelling question. Here are a few theories.

It’s possible Sansa in her plan to take out Littlefinger at first looks like a betrayal of Jon when in actuality it’s Littlefinger she is betraying. Part of her cover might mean Jon believing she is siding with Littlefinger. In his frustration maybe he sides with Daenerys, pledges fealty to her..etc. By the time he realizes Sansa was working to undermine Littlefinger and not him, it will be too late he’s given the North away to Daenerys. The Northern Lords are for sure not going to like this and might be willing to support a Sansa-Arya-Bran alliance. After betraying the Starks once by pledging to Dany, Jon now has to choose the Starks (represented by Sansa) or Daenerys.

It could be we never even have to see Jon believe Sansa will betray him. Littlefinger could be taken out in an entirely different manner while Jon is away. Jon may still betray Sansa and the North by pledging fealty to Dany. The audience may not feel it’s a complete betrayal but Sansa would, the Northern Lords would. It’s not unlike what happened when Jon joined the wildlings. We as the audience understand what Jon was doing, he was going undercover. This didn’t change how he used Ygritte. He betrayed her love and her trust. Which is exactly how she sees it.

Cersei may also still have Sansa in her sights. Please please season 7 give us the scene when Cersei finds out Sansa has re-surfaced and taken back her home along with her half-brother (really cousin…wanna be lover…). I think I may want this scene more than full on JonSa. If D&D give me this I can wait till season 8 for JonSa. What will Jon do if Cersei offers him a deal..perhaps Sansa’s head for Northern Independence or help with the White Walkers? One head to save many many lives. We believe Jon would say no but…there is always a but…

Another option is that Jon betrays not Sansa or his Stark family but Daenerys. Again, he has a history of tossing aside love/attraction when it comes to duty and the bigger picture. Dany is still owed at least one betrayal according to prophecy and it is the betrayal for love. As mentioned above Jon could have to choose Starks or Dany. That being said betraying Dany could be a question for season 8 and the last book.

In a perfect Westeros, Sansa would be Lady of Winterfell successfully manning the North while Jon builds the greatest alliance the realm has ever known to fight the White Walkers. After some minor compromises, everyone gets on board. Maybe he has a flirtation with Dany before discovering his parentage after which everyone understands. Dany sadly sacrifices herself against the walkers becoming a hero. Jon and Sansa rule the realm. Or for the Jonerys shippers, it’s the other way around Sansa sadly sacrifices herself and Jon and Dany rule together. But as we all know this is not a perfect Westeros. Some shit is gonna go down. 

So as fans continue to debate “Will Sansa betray Jon” and JonSa shippers wring their hands over the thought of Sansa even considering a betrayal of Jon, we may all be asking the wrong questions. Maybe what we really should be asking is “Will Jon betray Sansa aka sell out the North? And if so, when he realizes this is a huge problem, “What will Sansa do about it?” and “What will he do about it?”

**For the record, it would be wholly out of character for Jon and Sansa especially book!Jon and book!Sansa to truly betray one and another. However, misplaced trust in the wrong people (a particular recurring problem for Starks), miscommunications (all it could take are a few ravens lost in a blizzard), or poor timing could create a situation where one feels betrayed by the other. And if these two truly love each other as siblings or otherwise, or are falling in love with each other unbeknownst to other the person, the sting of even a perceived betrayal could be shattering creating a cascade of unfortunate events. JonSa shippers get your kleenex things are about to get extra angsty before fans get their bittersweet ending.

The whole James Roberts/Megatron controversy is wayyy overblown and people are treating James Roberts like he’s writing Megatron as if he never did anything wrong but let’s not forget the following points:

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do the RFA with an MC that always acts tough but gets flustered easily? Thankss ^^💞

(Hello! I love this!!!!I hope you enjoy~ feel free to keep sending in requests!)

-when you first met he felt a little intimidated by you
-now he’s more just impressed you’re able to keep up your tough appearance
-he learned quickly after getting to know you it was mostly an act
-even though he learned quickly you weren’t as tough as you acted
-he loves to boost your confidence
-there was no denying he gets flustered just as easy as you do
-more often then not, he’d get flustered from you getting flustered
-the second time he tried to kiss you, you got nervous and flustered quite quickly when you saw him closing the distance
-when he caught sight of you he also panicked and got quite flustered in the moment 
-you guys eventually laughed it off and shared a bunch of shy blushy kisses
-when he doesn’t get flustered he does his best to comfort you
-hugs are better then words in his mind
-he could hold you forever
-he quickly adapts to doing little things you’d usually get flustered over
-orders meals, talks to cashiers, answers the door, or the phone
-even though at times he falters as well
-he’d rather be embarrassed then see you in that position
-plus he was you man!!! he wanted to appear tough like you do
-even if he was just acting as well

-thinks you’re absolutely adorable
-even the slightest of blush on your cheeks drive him crazy
-he loves calling you up and hearing you get flustered over the phone
-he can’t help but melt over how adorable you are
-if it’s in front of anyone else though
-he’ll dive right in without question to avoid you being embarrassed 
-totally backs up your tough act as well
-will tell everyone how brave and strong you are
-but knows how soft and cute you are on the inside
-of course he wants to be the only one who gets to see you like that~
-the worst is the paparazzi 
-they all know who you are and are dying to get dirt on him
-so of course they’ll try to spring questions on you at his shows
-you try to keep up your tough act and dismiss them
-but it’s hard when they’re trying to ask about your love/sex life
-lots of stuttering and blushing, even if you aren’t flustered by the answer, of course they’ll take it as you two doing something out of the ordinary 
-Zen to the rescue!!! 
-he’ll swoop in and pull you behind him and instantly dismiss everyone
-no way he’s talking to anyone who’d hound his s/o like this
-he’ll comfort you with little kisses and compliments
-of course, you only end up flustered for a completely different reason

-thought it was nice having someone so tough around
-but it was quickly realized that the composure was only temporary in most situations
-the recurring problem being rude customers at the bakery
-or ones that just want to hit on you
-she often ends up in similar situations but is good at defusing it
-you on the other hand can’t help but get flustered 
-the unfamiliar tone they talk in often sets you off
-weather it be someone yelling at you over something being cold
-or someone saying how hot you make them
-she often finds herself having to step in 
-especially when words just seem to leave your mind and your face gets redder by the second
-she’ll often give your hand a tight squeeze after to reassure and ground you
-but as soon as you see that loving smile on her face it’s all over
-she has to say sorry for making matters worse
-but you just shake your head and stutter out how much you love her
-she still says sorry but she loves you too
-this happens about once every hour

-he was glad to have found someone who could look just as calm and collected beside him
-he liked keeping the unapproachable appearance, and you giving off the same vibe was an added bonus
-it’s too bad this man has such a filthy mind behind the calm exterior 
-he can’t help but shower you with compliments whenever he gets the chance
-and don’t get me started on the filthy things he’ll say out of no where still in that calm tone
-though he enjoys how collected you are most of the time
-after finding how easy it was to fluster you it almost became a game to him
-he thinks you look beautiful when you’re lost for words and beet red
-he’ll start the morning by telling you what he loves about you
-of course every word is the truth
-but the look on his face always sends you from 0-100 in seconds
-words become nonexistent when he looks at you with hooded eyes
-there is definitely some filth about what he wants to do to you coming out of his mouth soon after that
-you’re grateful that he only ever does it at home
-but he hardly give you a chance to collect yourself when you are
-with that said, he’ll occasionally shoot you a look in public that makes it hard for you to remember how to walk

-you both make it a game to see who can act more tough
-this boy is easily flustered, but only when it comes to you
-if he cheats and does something to break your cool
-you only do something back that leaves him red faced and lost for words
-you know he could keep his cool for days
-if only you didn’t say something so obscene about what you want to do to him
-he may still remember what being cool was
-it always escalates
-he’ll give you a deep kiss and make an filthy loud moan
-as fake as it is you’re left melting into it
-you almost forget how to exist 
-he’ll also ask you ridiculous questions that leave you in a stutter and unable to respond
-so you’ll spring similarly obscene questions on him while he’s working
-have you ever scene a hacker that’s completely lost the ability to type?
-as much as it’s a game to the both of you
-he’ll fight anyone else who dares to leave you so helpless
-if he sees you getting flustered in public, he’ll pick you up bridal style and RUN
-he’ll take you to safety, most likely in one of his babies
-where of course he’ll tell you you’re adorable and cover you in kisses
-despite being red as hell you can’t get enough of it

An Important PSA

IMPORTANT UPDATE: DO NOT, under any circumstances, send hate to the users below. I do not condone hate. I am merely trying to spread awareness and, with luck, get in touch with the users below. Letting them know we do not want our tracks reposted is fine, but please think about how you word it. I do not want people to get death threats or hurtful comments.

You may find the original PSA down below.

Sigh. I really did not want to have to resort to this, but this has been a problem in the fandom overall for far too long. What is this problem? Music theft.

Some of you may know that I have repeatedly asked people NOT to upload my songs to youtube, yet despite this, it is a recurring problem, and I am not alone. My fellow composers LucasPucas, Jimmythebassist, Jamangar, ZacharyChang, among others, repeatedly have their songs taken without consent by Youtubers such as Yeah, TylerNess, Horse Burgers YT, CrazyArtPhoenix, ThatCrazyAU, and more. I will add to this list as needed.

Allow me to make one thing clear: None of us are okay with this. I speak with these composers on a regular basis, both in the IF and Storyshift Discords, and we are all sick of this.

You may think it is harmless. You may even think this is exposure for our work, but here’s the thing: these people are getting traffic and subscribers for content they did not create, and sometimes they don’t even credit.

While potentially well-meaning, in my case, I make it clear that I do not want my stuff reposted, such as on my sound cloud:
“**IMPORTANT**: People have been uploading my songs to their youtube accounts without my permission. Please do not do this. I know a lot of my stuff isn’t up there yet, but I do plan to bring it over in time. If you want to use my songs for any reason, I’d like credit, and asking permission is preferred.“

Never mind all the descriptions where I also reiterate that I do not want reuploads. Because the fact of the matter is, reuploads take traffic away from the original creator, and when people don’t link back or hide the credit under lengthy descriptions, it leads people to believe that the uploader is the composer, when all they did was lazily take someone else’s work and slap it into a video editor.

I will take a moment to note that Umbra Extensions is actually one of the few music channels on Youtube that not only asks permission, but does his best to give credit where due. If more people were like Umbra Extensions, I would not be making this post.

EDIT:  I have spoken with BC Gaming and Azzy Extensions. Oka C has been removed from the list, as it seems most of the offending content has since been removed. TheYazzer has also removed my stolen works. I will leave the original message below just as an example that this is a problem, and with many channels still taking our work, this issue is far from solved. However, we would much rather solve this peacefully, so if you are one of the channels involved, please contact us. We may be unhappy, but I swear we don’t bite.

EDIT 2: I have spoken to Outershift Chara as well, and things seem to be going smoothly. I am grateful for all parties responding politely and with understanding. :D The DVLPR has also contacted me.

EDIT 3: Spoke to Autocats as well! Unfortunately, Herobrine TV refuses to remove his stolen content, claiming we don’t own it. This is not an excuse to send hate. This is merely an update on the situation.

EDIT 4: Herobrine TV has agreed to remove the stolen content. Yay!

Below is an example of a recent theft. It has since been resolved. However, I am keeping it here to outline a very real problem with many of these videos.

And for a while, it seemed like he did… only for him to put it back up behind my back. Others have noticed this, and commented accordingly. Some friends have provided screencaps here and here, in case the uploader decides to “hide the evidence,” as it were. I would link the video itself, but since this chap decided he could make money off of my work, I don’t want to give him more fodder.

I have submitted a copyright claim, and I will continue to do this for any videos that take my content without consent. However, the fact that I even have to go this far represents a huge problem in the Undertale music community. Musicians are not being treated with the respect they deserve.People assume that they can just snatch music, slap it together as a video compilation, and reap the spoils.

This has to stop. I doubt it will, but if spreading this message can make even the slightest difference, then I am sure as hell gonna try. So please, if you enjoy our music, please reblog. It will help us all out tremendously.

Thank you for your time. Your regularly scheduled IF content will return shortly

PS. I am still okay with use of my music in fandubs if credit is given. It is the shameless stealing that I do not allow.

Potential Health Issues seen through Astrology Charts

When Looking at an individual horoscope there are several places you may see where potential health concerns can occur.  The most major one is the sign ruling the 6th house cusp.   Planets in the 6th house can also bring the health afflictions that can be brought on by the body functions and parts they rule over.  If you use Placidus you may look at at both Placidus and Whole signs’ 6th house cusps (and planets) to determine what afflictions can occur.  Another condition that can cause health issues can be Sun and sign it’s in. This is simply because the Sun rules over the physical vitality.

In the natal birth chart the conditions mentioned above can show lifelong chronic health conditions or potential dispositions as life goes.  If suffering from an ongoing health condition transits to the 6th house ruler may agitate or alleviate them temporarily.  Transits to the sun may also in some cases cause this effect.  A planet transiting the personal 6th house may cause a possible trigger of one of these conditions as well in extreme circumstances.

It is recommended to use this information with contemplation in learning how to prepare to navigate the potential these conditions can come to pass. Prevention is the best medicine.

Now the Conditions:

Aries on 6th House Cusp (Scorpio Ascendant) / Sun in Aries / Mars in 6th House

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Request! Chanyeol

Hi! Are you open for requests? If yes then can I request an angst with fluffy ending chanyeol scenario?

“Please.” you whisper while you hold onto Chanyeol’s hand tightly. He had been like this for days now, motionless and severely injured. Your own condition wasn’t any different, tied to the wheelchair provided by the hospital. The doctor said that your injuries would heal with time but that the mental scars recent events left on you should be treated with care. In this moment you couldn’t find yourself to care for this, seeing your best friend lying here like this.

Only a few days before you were sitting on your own couch, your boyfriend’s arm nestled around your shoulders. The two of you had arguments, sure. But you were convinced he loved you as much as you did him. The only recurring problem between you two seemed to be his Jealousy, specifically directed towards Chanyeol. Now the other male did not care for this, dropping by unexpectedly anyway and being entirely unaware of the consequences this would have for you.

He did the same thing this time around, leaving around eleven in the evening only to come back minutes later since he forgot his phone. He found you on the floor, crying and holding onto your cheek while your boyfriend ravaged the apartment. Upon seeing this you noticed his eyes going blank and a switch flipping inside his head. The entire evening was chaotic, Chanyeol first calling the police and making them fully aware of what he was about to do. 

Punches were thrown and Chanyeol’s lifeless form on the floor gave you a much bigger scare than the other male suddenly grabbing you to finish what he started. You knew it was supposed to be you in this position, but thanks to the unconscious male you were able to sit here. A small smile forms on your lips while tears drip onto the skin of his hand. You wanted him to wake up, to take you home and never let you go. This event made you realise why your ex boyfriend was so jealous, he knew all along that you and Chanyeol had a special connection. 

“Please wake up.” You whisper, squeezing his hand lightly only to feel his hand squeeze yours back, his eyes half lidded but directed towards you.                     “When will you learn.” He whispers, cracking that small grin. You merely shake your head and rest your forehead against the back of his hand. “I know now.” your words are whispered. “I know now Chanyeol.”

It came as no surprise how fast things progressed after you were both dismissed from the hospital, the gown you wear on your wedding day stunning Chanyeol in a way you had not managed to do since that one prom you two went to as a couple. Vows confirm promises made in the weeks prior and a kiss seals them.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Harry x Reader

Set Up: Post break up Harry sabotaging your dates

Warnings: None

Gender: Neutral. Bisexual reader, btw.

A/N I swear I can write for more than just Harry, it’s just… all of the ideas I have really work for him, you know? Harribard is my favourite. We all know this. He will hopefully be next. Hopefully…

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I think the problem with this season of The Flash is that the writers’ cowardice/laziness is showing more than ever; mainly:

- Barry turned into someone awful who couldn’t care for his best friends. Now I guess it was so the width of his love for Iris could mislead us about Savitar’s identity; But was there really no way else than make him a dick to his own team to lay the ground? Which highlights another recurring problem: Secrets being the only way to create tension

- Iris still not being properly written for more than one minute. All the more frustrating in this season because they got to hide behind the fact that she was going to die, so rightfully, why make her put herself in danger, which also hindered her participation to changing her very own future. Fix. This. Once and for all. Jesus

- Savitar’s reveal taking the most unecessary century to happen, like they probably had a great plot and ended up changing it exactly because they are not brave enough to go to the “extreme”

- Killer Frost being a split personality, most likely because they’re afraid the fanbase will turn on Caitlin - They spent S2B going on about her anger and pain could turn her evil but suddenly, her trauma has nothing to do with it all? Okay then. And oh, hello romance, yet again

- Savitar being a time remnant whose motives are meh? Like that’s a new level of hurt in your feelings triggered by a totally ooc behavior; Team Flash shunned him? Hard to believe, honestly

And on top of that you have the continuity of female friendship being impossible because ships, a nth Wells (though I really adore Tom, I think we all do but yeah), more filler episodes than ever, plot holes every freaking where, a predictable death coming, another cliff hanger that will prolly be settled in 4x01 and may I add, comic relief that was misplaced for most of the season (really, this kind of plot two episodes before the finale? A musical episode in the B part of the season?)

All this to say S4 better level up. Because personally, I can only thank the cast for their efforts, and the writers of the solid episodes which I swear I can count on a single hand of mine