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What do you think of the Jennifer trans hint?

Marco has undoubtly been called with female names/as a girl many time in the show, and this might mean something along the lines of “the storyboarders want to insert in the show elements that they can’t address directly” (recent posts by a storyboarder and a storyboard revisionist talked about this, and basically said that clearly everyone on the crew would be happy to tackle LGBT themes, but that Disney basically wouldn’t let them).

That being said, and knowing full well that there are always many “levels” in any storytelling, I think it’s a recurring gag, and possibly a jab at Marco, more than anything. All the instances of someone referring to Marco as a “girl”, so far, have been from villains, or from people mocking him: Glossaryck in Mewberty, Pony Head in more occasions, Rasticore addressing both him and Star as “princesses” (he arguably didn’t even had time to look at them before being zapped away from existance, he just knew that they were his objectives, and they were supposed to be princesses). And Tom in Friendenemies, technically, but it was part of a song. In an episode that was clearly a jab at Tomco shipping. Not a mean spirited one, obviously. Still, a very comedic context.
In this latest instance, Marco is visibly upset for a moment by being called “Jennifer” by this guy he saw for the first time -his subsequent smile is related to being about to get a magic trick, not to being insulted.

as with most things about this headcanon, there’s some personal intepretation going on: it’s almost impossible to draw a clear line between “jokes about Marco’s features being feminine and pleasant to the eye” and “the storyboarders want to imply something more”. I believe it’s the former, but I can’t be sure.

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now I’m mad that the last two aren’t actual one piece recurring gags

creating alternative one piece things is an exercise in grief and longing

but yeah there are plenty of shit you can do with an old man who hasn’t seen the world in 50 whole years, but then again, i guess i can’t say that any of the things i thought of would have as much of a pithy impact as the ‘panties’ thing.

Official Translations vs. Scanlation (Chapter 826)

Much like Chopper’s dialogue in chapter 825, there is another wonderfully thoughtful translation in this week’s chapter of WSJ.

Carrot is beautifully specific about her impression of Sanji in the official translation.  (Well, contextually Sanji in contrast to Yonji.)

As a Sanji fan, I find that it’s sometimes tiring the put up with the recurring gags of his nostril-flaring love hurricanes, or his violent, profanity-laden arguments with Zoro.  But I love these little reminders that there’s also a side to Sanji who would feed his worst enemy (Baratie) or would receive a potentially fatal attack to buy time for his crewmates to get away (Skypeia) or offer his life so that a crewmate could keep theirs (Thriller Bark).

Furthermore, as Carrot is a rabbit mink, I wonder if she carries that same sixth sense as animals often do when it comes to parsing out a human’s nature.  If Carrot’s inherent behavior has any relation to real, live rabbits, she probably has a heightened awareness when it comes to determining friends or foes.  While her intellectual human(oid) mind can form these opinions as well, she may well have also deemed Sanji to be “gentle and kind” with her rabbit senses/instincts.

One Piece, chapter 826