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A belated happy-birthday for @icefeels

Just a little thing from the first story in her One Sword AU, “Blue Bayou”, with the first appearance of the recurrently-plot-important star sapphire, featuring Ford and Ripley, as always my fave old married space gladiator ace couple.  Thanks so much, dude, for this ongoing epic, which continues to have me on the edge of my seat and yet is also, weirdly, comfort reading in a way.

No. I don’t like Sansa Stark, and this is OK.

Ever since season 6 started, there’s an up rise of Sansa’s Knights everywhere in Tumblr. Although show character and book character are fairly different from one another, I never managed to see the appeal in Sansa Stark. I don’t like her arc; I don’t like her personality and I fail to see what is it that she has that many feel the need to defend fervently.

“She was abused!” Yes. I know that. She was abused just like several other characters in the books and show have been. This is something terrible and something that I can relate to and feel sorry for the character, but it’s not enough for me to like her.

“She was raped.” In the show she was and I enraged and revolted against this terrible plot choice. That was an adaptation that should never have happened and the complains about it are beyond legitimate, just like complaining how the show reduces it’s female characters to a bunch of stereotypes and uses rape as a recurrent plot device. I still don’t like Sansa.

“You don’t like Sansa because she is feminine and virtuous!” No. I like Arianne Martell, Lady Smallwood, Melissandre (no matter how creepy she is), Genna Lannister, Daenerys, Shireen (too good to this world), Gilly, Missandey, and several other female/feminine characters. I still don’t like Sansa and let me tell you, no matter the source, Sansa isn’t virtuous.

She is helping LF to kill Robin Arryn. She constantly look down on people she considers to be inferior to her. She wished for her own sister’s death. In the show she is angry because nobody asked her opinion (when she could have spoken without being asked), or plainly ignored her when choosing the new ruler of the North (and again she remained silent about it), but for her it was ok to omit information that could have saved a great number of her people in the Battle of the Bastards. Sansa is far from being a saint, or virtuous as some claim her to be. She is a grey character, like pretty much everyone else in the books/show. She has flaws. She had suffered just as much as any of her siblings, so there’s no “she had it harder”.

I don’t like Sansa, and this is OK. This doesn’t make me a bad or good person, just like liking Sansa doesn’t make you a bad or good person. Like Sansa doesn’t make you more or less feminist either. 

What is really bothering me for a while now it this necessity of making everything about Sansa. I’ve seen some really nasty messages and posts from Sansa’s fans against pretty much every other character/theory/plot line that doesn’t subscribes to the idea that “Sansa is the ultimate badass queen who will rule the world, marry prince charming, have his babies and will never have a wrinkle, cellulitis or stretch marks in her life, because she is that flawless”.

If you like Sansa, good for you. Just don’t go around sending hate messages or accusing people of being bad/sexist/horrible people just because they don’t like her, or prefer another character over her. Liking Sansa doesn’t make you anymore special than the rest of the fandom.