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But this last weekend has been spent recuperating following a few days down at Mammoth Caves, Kentucky. Amazing. Hot. I felt like a hippie. We didn’t have any AC, but I did see this little guy. Have a few other pictures, but this was one of my favorites. Sleepy, snoozy squirrel just enjoying his day.

Anyway, I’m back from brief hiatus and between this, finding work, and working on my etsy shop, I’m a busy little bee. But life is good. Hope you all have an awesome week!

Construction Worker Hides Waldo On Site Everyday For Kids In Hospital Next Door To Find

Jason Hanley, a construction worker, decided to cheer up the children at a hospital, Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana with a creative idea. Constructing a Waldo with the help of his daughter, he made an eight-foot tall effigy of the beloved character Waldo from the children’s book series called “Where’s Waldo?” and hid it at different places for the young patients to spot next door. The thoughtful father gives the children something to look forward to, a fun game to keep them occupied while they recuperate, has inspired many people.

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A comiXologist Recommends

Voltron: Legendary Defender #1 (Lion Forge)

by Tim Hendrick, Rich Iverson and the Digital Art Chefs

Five giant robot lions that combine into one REALLY giant robot to fight aliens in space: an awesomely ridiculous concept that could only have come from the 80s. Voltron is back and looking absolutely fantastic the new Voltron: Legendary Defender animated series, created by much of the same incredible team that brought you Legend of Korra. Of course, as awesome as the robot is, the real draw of this story is the friendship between Hunk, Pidge, Lance, Keith, and Shiro, the new paladins of Voltron. And this week, from Lion Forge, the team stumbles into a new adventure in Voltron: Legendary Defenders #1. (For the continuty conscious, this issue takes place after episode 8.)

While Princess Allura recuperates from their latest face-off with the Glara Empire, Coran takes the paladins out for some rigorous training. Their plans are waylaid, however, when a stop at a dodgy bar leads to a run-in with someone who Coran owes a debt - one that’s overdue by about ten thousand years! While their training must be postponed, the new defenders of the universe will get plenty of hands-on experience as they fight to obtain a Yalexian pearl valuable enough to pay for their friend’s release.

Though this adventure stands apart from the main plot of the animated series, it seems there’s at least one juicy hint of backstory tucked in among the action that fans will be eager to add to their theories and discussions. Who knows what else may be revealed down the line? At the very least, if you blasted your way through 11 episodes of Legendary Defender and are now desperate for more, this 4-part series looks to be a fun bonus chapter to help tide you over until the next season. Which is… when exactly? I have an urgent need to mark my calendar.

Emily Forster is a Digital Editor and spends her free time thinking almost exclusively about various kinds of sentient space robots.



Was furious.

They opened the door and the mustached ranch owner only had to give them a glance to see the tattered and bruised appearance of the two. His face filled with a hot red flush and his mustache bristled in a rage as he started at them—demanding answers and shooting both of them vicious looks. Between his strangled shouts, Malon and Link were able to explain the events of the masquerade before Malon promptly dismissed herself. The ache in her back was more than she felt like standing through anymore and she hardly had the energy to lift her skirts high enough for her to stumble up the stairs to her room. She had even less energy to fight with the corset and many skirts of her dress, and absolutely none to properly put the clothes away. She tossed the dress over the chair at her desk and left the garter belts and many layers scattered here and there as she painfully shifted back into the more comfortable, less fitting attire of ranch work and flopped on her bed. As she lay there, she decided that merrymakings were exhausting and not to be trifled with gently.


“Ginger was working so hard that she needed a few assists. She was a sunny, cheerful person, friendly and approachable as a puppy. She never had an entourage to impress other people, as many stars did and still do. She needed a hairdresser right at hand and a choreographer, and a secretary and a press man or two, and when she moved about the lot, they moved too, to save her time. When she walked from her dressing room to the set, seven or eight people came along. Ginger made seventy-one A movies in a period of fourteen years, including nine with Fred at RKO. When one of their films was finally in the can, Fred would sail to Europe to recuperate for six months; Ginger would start a new movie within twenty-four hours.”Lucille Ball

Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers! (July 16th, 1911)

Hello You

It’s been a while, since you and I–

since we,

honestly I don’t want to talk about that.

I just wanted to tell you

I’m doing a lot better these days.

I figured out what I want

Finally, right?

Yeah I know, it took me long enough.

Those things need time though…

I needed to experience some things,

make a few mistakes,

and learn to live with myself.

It’s one day at a time, but I’m better.

So, just in case you’re wondering

I’m thinking of you. That’s all.

wow hi Anime Expo is over! 

Thank you to everyone who braved the heat and humidity to come and visit! Thank you for all the snacks (seriously, thank you…they kept me alive!), gifts, and support! I’m still thinking of everyone’s kindness ahhh thanks for another great AX!

I will be reopening my store next week for anyone that is interested! I ran out of most merch (tysm!) so all charms, lanyards, and print sets will be available for preorder! 

If you’ve already placed an order prior to AX, I will be sending out your orders this weekend! Thank you so much for your support and patience! 

I’ll be tabling again next year! (I love to die!!)

Waiting Room Toys For Patients
Patients especially children spend most of their time recuperating in hospitals without nothing much to do. Boredom could make their healing process a little more difficult or perhaps longer. Even when the kids are not to be admitted to the hospital or clinic, it would spell a difference if they have something to do while waiting for their turn at the doctor or dentist. Waiting room toys are thus designed to keep them preoccupied while waiting to be discharged from hospitals or waiting for their turn. Waiting room toys could also keep kids from thinking fearful thoughts such as needles and injections. Playing could also keep the kids from becoming restless and irritated.

“¿Quién dijo que trabajar juntos en esto impedía de alguna forma que me besaras a mi también?” Inquirió a Amelia, recostado sobre el puesto de Kissing Booth que ambos tenían a cargo, con toda la atención sobre la morena. “Podemos divertirnos mucho más nosotros juntos que con el resto de idio—” Sus palabras se vieron interrumpidas en cuanto un tercero se acercó a su punto de trabajo. Aún dándole la espalda a quien fuese dicha persona, el rubio rodó la mirada. “¿Puedes venir más tarde? Estamos teniendo problemas técnicos con el juego y por el momento está cerrado.

Recuperating {closed rp with burningtwiceasbright}

Arelette thought she could’ve handled it. She really did. But Abstergo had somehow figured out how to break her. Maybe not in the way they had intended, since the Québécoise never did give up the information they had been looking for, but they broke her. All she was now was an empty shell.

Arrie didn’t even remember much of anything anymore, nor did she feel the need to try. She was dead. Dead, dead, dead. But that didn’t mean people stopped trying.

The femme was currently sitting on a couch, staring blankly at an off T.V. screen as Matt worked away at making dinner.

Matt… Poor Matt. If only she felt the want to reconnect to everyone from before. He was the one who was pulling most of the strings to ensure that she was returned home, and alive. But despite all of that, Arrie felt nothing towards him.

She didn’t even feel bad about acting this way.

{ burningtwiceasbright }