The EASIEST dinner ever, honestly. You will be hitting yourself for not making this sooner because it is so tasty and really bloody easy. Allow me to enlighten you… 

Vegan Tortillzza 

1. Preheat your oven to 180*. Grab any leftover veggies you have in the fridge, slice ‘em up and throw them in the oven for this I roasted:

3 mushrooms

¼ head brocolli

½ red pepper

purple kale 

all drizzled with olive oil 

2. In a small blender whizz up 

1 large red pepper, pickled in olive oil

 (you can buy these at most supermarkets),

a handful of cherry tomatoes 

a handful of basil leaves





1 tortilla 

then top with your tomato sauce, roasted veggies then add any vegan cheese you like, I used violife’s pizza cheese. 

Bake for 5-7 minutes and voila! Vegan Tortillzza.  

Era uma terça-feira, sete da manhã. Abri as cortinas e me dei de cara com um dia lindo. O céu estava azul, azul daqueles que te convida à dar umas voltas no quarteirão. Fiquei parada ali por alguns instantes, encantada. E sorri. Sorri agradecida por saber que apesar de toda aquela distância, estávamos sob o mesmo céu. Então percebi que mesmo com um oceano nos separando, você ainda estaria sempre aqui, no meu coração. Me trazendo bons sentimentos, enchendo a minha vida de alegria e colorindo os meus dias somente com a sua presença aqui, dentro de mim. E eu desejava a sua presença aqui sim, aliás, era o meu pedido mais especial. Mas eu sei que nós nos pertencemos, e que de alguma forma, nossos destinos estão ligados. E também sei que assim como nossos olhos se encontram olhando para este mesmo céu, nós também iremos nos encontrar algum dia. Eu sei que o Sol que bate em meu rosto será o mesmo a bater no seu. Eu sei também que nosso amor consegue vencer todas as barreiras que possam surgir. Quero que saiba, e que sinta o tamanho do sentimento que tenho por você. Sentimento esse que não é pouco, é tão grande quanto a imensidão do céu que nos rodeia. Olhando para o céu, só consigo pensar em você.
—  Escrito por Juliana, Fran, Lu e Lucas em Julietário.
Mars Aspects
  • Mars/Sun: Strong will and energy and unless mars is in detriment, prominent vital force. Competitive, impulsive and combative nature. If harmonious, action and willpower are working together and the animal nature of mars is tamed. Needs activity otherwise lethargy makes them ill. Quick, alert and wants to be seen as independent and individualistic. Desire, bravery and ambitions are strong here. If sexually inclined, sexual-nature is apt to be potent. Easily angered, passionate, dominating and opinionated. If afflicted, anger must be kept from becoming destructive and violent, should be used effectively. With the square and opposition there is inner conflict of the identity against the warrior that needs overcoming.
  • Mars/Moon: Strong vitality and resilient inner being. Energetic and alert, possesses recuperative abilities. Subtle competitive nature, opinionated and apt to defend those in need. Can be impulsive, moody, hot tempered and easily offended. Subconscious feelings and energy working together if harmonious; the animal nature of mars is tamed and used constructively. Good for leadership roles and gives natural androgynous personality traits, making it easy for friendly but assertive relationships with others if harmonious. The square and opposition bring inner conflict where the needs are concerned; the soul against the warrior. Can get aggressive, selfish and become antagonists to themselves if afflicted. If not grasped healthily, there is bound to be trouble as far as relationships are concerned, especially with the mother or feminine figures.
  • Mars/Mercury: The mind is alert, clever, witty and restless. An active kind of person who enjoys debates. Activity is important, otherwise boredom causes the nerves to exasperate from agitation. Skillful in literature and/or mathematics. Comical and humorous nature, good dexterity and coordination, and tough mental capability. Reason working with action if harmonious; the warrior has a useful and valuable mind filled with tactics. Easily offended, more so if intelligence is tested or insulted. A biting tongue with snappy sarcasm, more dishonest, belligerent and untasteful if afflicted. With the square and opposition, the mind is animalistic and needs steadying, otherwise can aggravate the muscles and nerves as well as cause frustration with others.
  • Mars/Venus: The hardiness and vigor of mars united with the gentleness, sentiments and values of Venus; here lies the adventurous romantic. Much energy is put into creative interests and in surrounding themselves with beauty. Their principles and ideals are important to them, apt to fight for love or to passionately maintain peace. Makes for talents surrounding creativity such as singing, art, music and acting/theatre. Sensual and magnetic personality. If sexually inclined, sexual nature is ardent and the native appreciates both a loving and sexual relationship. Strongly concerned with money. If harmonious, tends to be sociable and friendly; the anima and animus are congruent. With the conjunction the two energies can be challenging to manage, there is fluctuation between the harshness of mars and softness of Venus. Androgynous characteristics are present due to the natural balancing of the powers of masculinity and femininity in the personality, more so if harmonious. If afflicted, such as with the square or opposition, sociable nature is troubled and romantic and/or social relationships with others proves to be difficult.
  • Mars/Jupiter: Sincere, straightforward, openly opinionated and holds deep-seated beliefs. Beliefs are usually spiritual, religious or political. Strong sense of justice, fights for it. The square or opposition can be so devoted to justice that they may foolhardily take it into their own hands. A friendly, generous, charitable, confident and approachable kind of person. The harmonious contacts prove to be natural teachers. Strong faith in inner truths and in others, but their greatest enemies can be idealism of the world and doubtfulness in themselves. Can over-exert themselves and get carried away in things they’re passionate about. If sexually inclined, appreciates a fleeting, sexual and adventurous kind of romance. With the square or oppositions and sometimes the conjunction, these people are apt to forcefully put their opinions on others. Arrogance in beliefs and unwise judgment with the harsh aspects. Can attack others for not believing in what they believe in, or hold bias more so if found in fixed signs. With any Jupiter aspect indulgence can become a problem.
  • Mars/Saturn: If harmonious, the animal is tamed by the discipline of Saturn. If disharmonious, the warrior battles with authority. Control and structure are important to these people. Likely to follow and/or enforce the rules. With the conjunction, square and oppositions, Saturn restricts Mars and there is fear of asserting oneself, perhaps a fear of authority figures. Can be extremely self-willed and controlling towards others. Very enduring. With the sextile and trine, are more reliable, responsible and constructive with clear judgment and common sense; more willing to work hard for what they strongly desire. Puts much effort into controlling temper, so much that those with Mars/Saturn aspects can suffer internal and confined rage that has no proper outlet. If sexually inclined, the sexual nature is vigorous, concerned with dominating. With the hard contacts, there could be fear of sexual activity. Can be remarkably courageous, successful, ambitious and directing if fear of failure is defeated. Good for those pursuing business. Easily makes enemies, more so in the fixed signs or if Venus is weak in the chart. Soft contacts tend to be active and structured, while the hard contacts may experience lethargy and disorientation. With the square or opposition, impulse and action need controlling; there is struggle between mars who rushes head first and Saturn who demands caution and patience.
  • Mars/Uranus: Erratic stamina, accident prone; can experience sudden physical injuries. If sexually inclined, there is an energetic, “strange" and unconventional sexual nature. Boredom irritates the nerves. Individualistic in nature, excellent problem solving skills and inspirational to others. The personality is magnetic, a sociable person. Apt to take up battles that aren’t theirs, to fight for humanity and the underdog. With the sextile or trine there is an exceptional ability to take immediate action and handle difficult ordeals in life. Independent nature from an early age with powerful intuitions. With any Uranus aspect, there is an inner genius if used properly. A Universal kind of person, can tolerate anything or anyone, excluding boredom. Puts energy into fighting for what is right, a talented debater. Can be good with technology and scientific matters. Soft contacts do not conform to rules unless the rules add up, hard aspects may recklessly rebel against rules with no cause. Violent temper, poor judgment, impatience, willfulness and recklessness need controlling when it comes to the conjunction, square or opposition. The hard aspects can experience challenging and sudden endings of important matters in the life, depending on the houses and signs involved.
  • Mars/Neptune: With the hard contacts, the warrior is dissolved and the person is apt to not be a fighter. Resorts to passive aggression. With the sextile or trine, mars triumphs; cannot be fooled by deception especially of hidden enemies, has a compassionate and honest nature, a practical idealist and has the energy to go for their dreams. With the hard aspects, one is predisposed to be the victim, a complex to be a martyr or to be saved. With the soft aspects, is inclined to be the hero, a complex to save others. A good actor, charismatic personality and sensual nature. May put energies into artistic, spiritual, and creative endeavors. Intuitive, emotional, sensitive, psychic and empathetic spirit. If sexually inclined, seeks a deep, romantic and spiritual connection. Can have sexual fantasies and hold what are considered strange sexual interests, more so with the hard contacts. If afflicted, there are self-delusions and fantasies of winning, competing and being strong. Hard contacts can potentially become self-destructive, obsessive, confused and restless. The harsh aspects can be deceiving or easily deceived (or both) and need to learn to acquire a sense of responsibility, integrity and understand what it means to sacrifice. With any Neptune/mars contact, must be careful where addictions are concerned.
  • Mars/Pluto: Knowledgeable of sexual matters from an early age and if sexually inclined, the sexual nature is formidably great and raw, sexual intimacy is preferred. Sexual nature can be suppressed out of fear with the square or opposition, but if not addressed can surface compulsively. Abundance of ambition and drive. The animal self is doubled and needs restraint and cultivating if afflicted. With the hard contacts, cruelty, ruthlessness, power-struggles and self-destruction need monitoring. With the trine or sextile there is self-confidence, healthy ambition, courage and dynamic energy put to good use. Mars/Pluto contacts makes for powerful emotions and an interest in the occult, taboos and spiritual matters. Psychic, dominating, magnetic, competitive, probing and charismatic presence and personality. Control and assertion of power are important to these people. Extremely private. Not one to trust or to be deceived easily. Physical activity is needed to manage the forces of mars and Pluto, more so with the opposition or square. Can be beneficially fearless and brave if buried rage and power-complex are managed. With the hard aspects, a fighting-for-survival mentality is present and there is a distrust of oneself and of masculinity that needs attending.
Olho o mar e lembro de ti. A cor cristalina que lembra seus olhos. Os peixes que nadam livremente e às vezes em conjunto, me lembram sua liberdade e em como você adora está com seus amigos em qualquer lugar que for. Os corais me lembram a sua personalidade, colorida como eles, seu lema é positividade e felicidade acima de tudo. Dificilmente te vejo pra baixo. A poluição é parte mais obscura, as pessoas entraram na sua vida, como entram no mar e deixaram lixos, deixaram para trás aquilo que não queriam mais e nunca imaginaram que aquilo faria tão mal a ti. Quando eu nado no mar, lembro quando nado nos seus sentimentos, mergulho de cabeça no teu coração e junto ele ao meu. Quando o pôr do sol vem e beija o mar, lembro dos nossos beijos quentes e aproveitadores. Água fresca e gelada que bate em meu corpo, me lembra seus toques sobre minha pele e o ardor que me dá por dentro por cada troca entre nós. Você é mar, e eu sou mais uma mergulhadora preparada para me aventurar nos seus mistérios. Ai, os seus mistérios… acho que são eles que me prendem, são eles o meu tesão em você. Parece que cada dia, que cada aventura nessas águas cristalinas é o melhor dia da minha vida. A infinidade do mar é também como a profundeza de seus sentimentos que eu estou sempre a buscar. A cada mergulho eu me envolvo mais. Às vezes calmo, às vezes agitado, admirado por todos ao seu redor. Peço que continue sendo como o mar, misterioso, mas que me permite mergulhar. Você despertou em mim sentimentos que eu nunca imaginei sentir. Você, mar profundo, e eu uma mergulhadora aprendiz.
—  Escrito por Ana Letícia, Marcela, e Glória em Julietário.

How to Handle a Bad Day

So. In about two hours Monday morning, I managed to:

- Forget my lunch
- Get so lost that I ended up 45 minutes late for work
- Destroy my phone screen, which is partially why I was in fact 45 minutes late for work
- Get sent to a 7th floor that doesn’t actually exist, thanks random professor dude

It wasn’t a great day. It was, in fact, bad.

Bad days happen to everyone. Literally every single thing that could possibly go wrong seems to go as poorly as possible. By the third or fourth thing to go wrong, you’re ready to throw in the towel on the whole “today” concept and just sleep until tomorrow happens.

I get it. I really, really do.

However, just because stuff went south doesn’t mean that your whole day or week is forfeit. Here’s how to recup and move on after just, like, the suckiest of days.

Cry if you need to. It happens. Tears are literally emotion pressure-release valves. Let them out if you need to. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a natural response. It’s okay.

Don’t be afraid to complain. You are allowed to talk about your bad day. Sometimes, just talking about it and feeling heard can make stuff feel better.

Stop focusing on the stuff that went wrong. Distract yourself. Watch videos of your favorite musician. Play some phone games. Get a coffee. If you can get your mind off of it for a couple minutes, when you come back to the subject it won’t be as bad.

Treat yourself. Light a fancy candle, or get a larger size of your favorite drink, or put on your favorite outfit. Take some time to be kind to yourself. A day turns bad over the course of several bad events and negative thoughts - you can bring it back with a series of self-kindnesses.

Sleep. If all else fails take a nap. Sleep is the true healer. It will make everything feel better. Go do it. Take a nap.

You’ve got this.

*~ Spirit Soup ~*

when you’re feeling down and grey, this soup will help you any day!


  • veggie broth (~3-4 cups)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 celery stalk
  • ½ red onion
  • 3-4 kale leaves
  • 2 big cauliflower florettes
  • lil bit of fennel, lil bit of potato (these are optional, I had some lying around)
  • 1 can white beans
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 small sprig rosemary
  • sprinkle of thyme


  1. Chop everything into soupy bite sized pieces (except spices of course!)
  2. In a pot, heat up lots of yummy oil (I used avocado oil, Costco sells it in big beautiful bottles) and sautee the onions, carrots, and celery. Don’t be afraid to use lots of oil, seriously! Oil is so good for you when you use good happy oil.
  3. Add your bay leaf and rosemary sprig and thyme so those flavours start coming out right away while you fry
  4. Add kale and cauliflower and cook for as long as your patience allows you. You’ll have a lot in the pot at this point so just stir it up and let it fry all nice and sweetly.
  5. Drain and rinse your white beans and add them to the pot. Stir it up! Yum I love white beans!!
  6. Ok now you can add your veg broth. I added just enough to submerge all the vegetables, hence the approximate measurement.
  7. Here’s where I added my optional bits. I added them late because they were already cooked and I didn’t want mush.
  8. Leave it until it starts to bubble, then turn it down. let it simmer

Here’s where the Magick happens

  • Bay Leaf: Healing and wishes
  • Rosemary: attracts happy feelings, alleviates depression, increases mental clarity, and eliminates negatie energy
  • Thyme: Vigor, good health, and recuperative sleep

Hold your hands above the soup and state your intentions aloud. Speak them from your gut, you know what you need. I said something like, “This is a healing soup. This soup will energize me. This soup will give me drive and determination. This is an optimistic soup. This is a happy, positive soup. This soup is full of love and good energy” Ask your Deity for aid in blessing the soup, if you are religious. Be grateful for the soup. Thank Mother Nature for the beautiful vegetables and the nourishment they will provide you.

When you are done that, sprinkle some salt in the soup and speak aloud what the salt will ward. My salt wards apathy and negativity. Then give it a stir, say your preferred conclusion, put on the lid and let it simmer, stirring occasionally.

Eating the soup

Once the soup has cooled, pour yourself a bowl. Eat mindfully, eat with gratitude. Give thanks with every bite. Think of all the benefits the soup will bring you.

When you’re done, close your eyes and feel the warmth of the soup spread throughout your entire body. Feel the energy fill your legs, your arms, your chest, your throat, your head, your mind, your soul, let it nourish you. Give thanks.

After the soup

Store it in a jar in the fridge and eat it every day until it’s gone! The effects of the soup won’t show up until after your first sleep, so it’s best to have it for dinner the night you make it.

This isn’t a fancy soup. There are no gimmicks or tricks in this soup. It’s just plain, earthy, vegetable soup. Just pure, simple, earthy energy. Back to basics!


Nem lembrou que me jurou amor, também não lembrou que prometeu não desistir. Mas como de praxe: “palavras o vento leva”. E o vento levou suas palavras, seu amor, suas mentiras e verdades, levou você de mim. Eu já fui melhor que isso, fui melhor do que sou, antes de você ter aparecido na minha vida e levado tudo o que tinha de bom em mim. Parando pra analisar melhor os fatos, até acho que foi melhor assim, porque água e óleo não se misturam, não é? A tampa tem que ter a panela perfeita, não é isso que explanam por aí? Foi muita burrice minha acreditar que você estava sendo sincero com seus sentimentos. Como pude? Como eu, logo eu: cair em uma armadilha tão ridícula? Você me fez acreditar que seria diferente, me fez por esperança onde já não havia espaço. Eu não entendo mesmo o porquê, mas eu te agradeço, sou quem sou hoje, porque você me fez forte, me ensinou que ralar o joelho não é nada perto de quebrar o coração em pedaços. Você me fez forte, me mostrou que não posso esperar muito das pessoas. Mas eu sei que lá no fundo, lá no meu fundo, ainda existe uma menina na qual acredita no amor, tem esperanças e claro, vai se permitir amar e ser amada, de modo recíproco.
—  Escrito por  Amanda N., Kellyn e Sabrina em Julieta-s.


During Jackie’s recuperative trip to Greece in 1963, Jack and John became very close. They spent every free moment of the day together. Jack indulged his son’s love of flying and bought both of his children many presents. One present was a wooden parrot. What delighted John was the fact that the parrot spoke. What delighted him more was that it was his father’s famous voice coming from the toy. When a string was pulled, he could hear his father saying: “Hello John! I’m Polly Parrot.”

Ideas...can only thrive when they are free
Charles Darwin/Evie Frye/Jacob Frye/Florence Nightingale
Ideas...can only thrive when they are free

Darwin: Well, look who’s here!

Evie: We were very worried about you, sir.

Jacob: You’re looking spry for a fossil, sir.

Darwin: A man’s friends are the best measure of his worth. I’m proud to count you among mine.

Evie: The danger’s passed, there’s no need to leave, sir.

Nightingale: What Mr. Darwin needs now is rest. To that end, he is joining his family on the Isle of Wight.

Darwin: Rest? Indeed! I shall start work on my next book!

Nightingale: I must insist that you recuperate quietly, sir.

Darwin: The acquisition of knowledge is in itself sufficiently recuperative. Go, tell her.

Jacob: This is one fight I aim to avoid, sir.

Darwin: Thank you for everything, my friends. Ideas, like people, can only thrive when they are free.

Happy birthday Charles Darwin!
☼ 12 February 1809 
† 19 April 1882

La sanità italiana è bella

- Pronto? Salve, vorrei prenotare una visita specialistica X con l’impegnativa del medico di base, possibilmente in fascia oraria Y e in zona Z
- Non abbiamo nulla, mi spiace
- Ah. Beh, facciamo così, va bene qualsiasi orario, troverò il modo
- Va bene. Allora vediamo, febbraio
- …febbraio? duemiladiciotto?
- Sì
- Senta, facciamo così, va bene qualsiasi zona e qualsiasi orario
- Perfetto. Allora ottobre
- Esatto. Preferisce Rieti o Viterbo?
- … … …
- Avrei anche Frosinone, ma slitta a dicembre.
- … … …
- … … …
- Guardi, non fa niente, sto benissimo.

::: Pluto in my chart  :::

[Sign & House]

My experience with Pluto in Sagittarius: visionary, prophetic sense, superconscious intuition, hungry for spiritual entry / intelligence and truth, lone wanderer unable to secure a home in the outer world, repulsion of dehumanization and global fraudulence, fierce moral and ethical principles, aggressively passionate of language, diversity & life

My experience with Pluto in the 5th: finding cleansing through completing creations, all or nothing in love and sexual expression, experiencing a shedding of the ego through every creation, feeling cursed due to a difficulty in enjoying life, perception of life & play is viewed darkly & too seriously, soul is poured into every creation which creates hollowness, strong creative expression 

[Aspects to Luminaries, Inner Planets & Angles]

My experience with Mars opposite Pluto: running on survival instinct, eaten by nighttime paranoia, compulsive desires, unhealthy and premature discovery of sexual nature, giving in to poisonous emotions, lone wolf & feeling misunderstood, volcanic anger (repressive –> explosive), power complex & strong desire to control, impulsively ambitious, self antagonism

My experience with Moon sextile Pluto: recuperative abilities, indulging in solitude, powerful empathy, private, strong desire for emotional control, handles dramatic and traumatic changes in life well, psychic sense & potent intuition, able to detect fraudulence and deception, intensely imaginative, emotional healing powers

My experience with Sun quincunx Pluto: Personal concern revolves around control and power, unaware of how powerful change affects me, self hostility and resentment, caught in fluctuating self-crisis, suppressing passions, desires and creative talents.

My experience with Pluto trine Midheaven: Desiring empowerment & control for myself in the future, perceived as dark & perplexing by the public, expects privacy from the public, self-involved and acutely focused on ambitions, transformations through reaching for who I want to be, wants to mark the world with my legacy, seeking transformation for the world

[Aspects to Social Planets]

My experience with Saturn trine Pluto: Severe self-discipline, preferring working alone and working hard & efficiently, marked for leadership, hardened and penetrating judgment, extreme moral principles, solemn perception of the public 

[Aspects to Transpersonal Planets]

My experience with Uranus sextile Pluto: a desire for social reform and a better future, extreme societal principles, intimate connection with the collective, evolved intuition used for universal understanding

My experience with Neptune sextile Pluto: Reforming injustices done to the unfortunate / deprived and oppressed, acute mystical and humanistic consciousness, passionate imagination, universal affection, intense desire to fulfill dreams 


It’s that time of the year again! Pumpkin season!  This means pumpkin everything from pie to latte’s to classic pumpkin soup.  Traditionally pumpkin soup is made with butter, cream & stock.  These unhealthy ingredients are not needed to make a delicious tasting soup.  Try this light and healthy alternative. 

Ingredients: (serves 2)
1 butternut pumpkin
herbal salt
ground pepper (+chilli fakes if you like it spicy)
dash of coconut milk (optional) 

1. Cut pumpkin in half, remove all seeds, peel and cube the pumpkin.
2. Add pumpkin cubes to a stove pot and fill with water until covered. 
3. Cook until soft, remove from heat and use either a soup stick or food processor to blend until smooth. 
4. Pour mixture back into the stove pot, add herbal salt, cracked pepper (and optional chilli) simmer for a few minutes.
5. Add a swirl of coconut milk & serve 

*gluten free - dairy free - sulphate free - vegan

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Nineteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Odin and Frigga leant forward at Loki’s words and the look of confirmation on the magistrate’s face. “She is a minor,” Odin reminded him.

“Allfather, the agreement is for when she becomes of age, I have no interest in breaking any laws.” the man bowed. Odin looked less than impressed but nodded.

“Father!” Odin looked at Loki sadly, causing Loki to realise he father would not intervene, so he walked closer his father so that the man could not hear their words. “He is closer to mother’s age than hers.”

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Writing question...

@wrathofthestag @heyfightme @gutsybitsies @checkplsdude 

This is open to anyone who wants to contribute their thoughts, I’m tagging these folks in particular because I’ve bent their ear about writing and fic in private before and I know they don’t mind :)

I have absolutely no training or specific education beyond high school in writing, so “everything” I’ve picked up comes from loving reading and analysis of literature, just so you’s know. So far my comfort zone writing CP fic is Jack in third person limited POV and - this is my main issue - I also made the decision to stick to present tense. My reasons are:

- as someone who can to a certain degree relate to aspects of Jack’s history, especially with recuperative sense, staying in the present is a minute-by-minute effort - he tends to abstraction in the comics and I think that would come across even more in the larger scale

- I’m enjoying making up missing scenes based on tweets, extras and information from Ngozi and the temporal nature of them seems to lend itself toward being in-the-moment rather than flowing seamlessly into the original comic or tweet format

I can’t grasp writing the kind of standalone, richly unique fic that most of you guys write so despite it being awkward at times and requiring so much re-reading to correct myself, I feel like I’m at least differentiating my fic from the types that I read in a way that feels right? I’m not remotely up to building an AU or even constructing a parallel but identical version to the canon. My shit’s just didactic little moments.

But I’m very aware that barely-writers can make some jarring and unfortunate stylistic choices without knowing it, so I wanted to open up to critique or preference from people who are writers. Does present tense feel strange or unnecessary? Will it start to get wearying after a while if I keep doing it? Is it a rookie mistake in writing? Am I doing the third person limited right (if you’ve read my fic)? Is sticking to Jack as my POV just too damn depressing? Is it making me neglect giving Bitty’s side a hearing, or is it turning everyone else into ciphers? 

Thank y’all in advance!