rectifying that

A small meta:

I take this moment to be very indicative of Ging’s character, because not only does he use Leorio’s ability, he shows the audience Leorio’s ability before Leorio does. This is the first time we get any details of what Leorio’s Hatsu entails (other than ‘able to punch bad dads in the face from far away’), and it’s from Ging. Combined with Ging’s earlier blatant disregard for the Zodiacs, who he unabashedly manipulates to his own ends, I feel it demonstrates to what extent Ging takes & repurposes whatever parts of people are most useful to him without considering how they themselves could be effected.

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I don't really know where to ask this but I trust your opinion. I am mixed black white. My ex is white. Our son looks more like his dad than me. Basically he's 3 has nightmares. At his daycare they did a craft about dream catchers and he made his own little one. He claims it helps him. Likes to carry it everywhere as a safety blanket. I just try to make sure he understands that it comes from a very important and specific culture that is not ours but we appreciate it. Not cultural appropriation?

What the daycare did was culture appreciation and I don’t blame your child for it. They introduced it to the kids and I think it’s great that you’re talking to him about what it means. That’s really the only way to rectify I situation like that. I know it’s not this simple with kids but perhaps eventually there’s another sort of craft you can do at home that “keeps nightmares away” so you can move away from the surely inauthentic dream catcher, but of course I wouldn’t demand you rip it away from him when it obviously means so much. That’s not his fault. If you feel comfortable writing in to the daycare to let them know it was inappropriate and encourage them to reevaluate this choice hopefully it will prevent this from happening again. I hope your son feels better soon.

- mod g

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Kara finds out that Lena was never allowed to have any kind of stuffed animal with the Luthors. Kara thinks that could be considered one of the most cruel things the Luthors have ever done. So she goes out of her way to find out the best kind of stuffed toy for her Lena.

Dudeee. Okay but like Q and I were talking about this the other day!

So Kara is a stuffed animal hoarder and when she first got to Earth the Danvers took her to a funfair and Alex won Kara a Carebear and Kara loved it so much, it always was a reminder that Alex was there and loved her. 

So when Kara learns that Lena never got to experience this travesty she rectifies it by finding her very worn Care bear “Loves-a-lot” and guess who gets that bear? LENA. 

Lena Luthor badass ceo cries when she gets this bear, she hugs it to her chest and it smells of Kara and the bear is so soft and so special and for 5 minutes Kara is scared that she’s overstepped but Lena kisses her and says thank you at least fifteen times.

So then whenever Lena is having a rough day she hugs the bear and thinks of Kara, whenever Kara can’t physically be there Lena can hold the bear and know Kara is there for her. Kara snaps so many pictures of Lena cuddled with the bear and Lena can’t even bring herself to care because the gesture is so warm and loving.


Ohio bookstore shelves male-authored books backward to spotlight women

  • Ohio bookstore Loganberry Books is giving female authors the floor on International Women’s Day with a visual reminder of the publishing industry’s stunning gender disparity.
  • Starting on March 1, the staff began turning all male-authored books on the store’s hardcover and paperback fiction and poetry shelves backward, leaving only the spines of books by women visible.
  • Harriet Logan, the store’s owner, said the project serves the dual purpose of illustrating an injustice while simultaneously seeking to rectify it.
  • “By turning the books around, the whiteness of the page creates a different contour and color than what you’re used to seeing on a wall of books,” Harriet Logan said in a Wednesday interview.
  • “It’s also, of course, very easy to find women’s books because they jump off the selves. And browsing, you’re probably more likely to pick one up.” Read more (3/17/18 1:13 PM)

Kissy AVAC with desperate Steve and business tony for @hellogarbagetime because she seems to be stressed as all hell with her thesis, and whilst SteveTony isn’t the solution to all things, it is the solution for some.

Also, because I wanted to avoid finishing the shading on one thing, by drawing an entirely new thing. At least I finished this one.

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People can understand that your toxic behavior is directly linked to your mental illness and decide to leave. They don't owe you their presence in your life, and you're still accountable for things you say and do even when you're mentally ill.. don't guilt trip someone you've hurt (and tried to justify it instead of rectifying it) to stay with you because you're mentally ill. It's not okay.

Other people are going to protect their mental health, too. Be mindful and considerate is all im saying.

It’s sad when people know their parents are the route cause to their mental health problems, but continue to make excuses for them and refuse to address shit. In my opinion; How are you ever supposed to heal if you don’t rectify your foundational dysfunctions? Someone owes you an explanation as to why you were treated so badly during your childhood and why you’re still affected and suffering now. Don’t spare people the uncomfortable discussion. This is your life! Make sure someone takes accountability so you can move forward.

hey friends! especially sex worker friends, especially sex worker friends in portland:

if someone from a bad date list contacts you and you do not want to see them, PLEASE DO NOT SAY THAT IT IS BECAUSE YOU SAW THEM ON A BAD DATE LIST!

this puts the person who made the report at risk (or anyone he may THINK made the report) and it isn’t exactly cool to do to me as people have been successfully sued for libel simply for publicising that a convicted rapist was a rapist.

For this to work bad dates and black lists need to be shared only between us and NOT with clients.

if you are the person who recently told a client he was blacklisted in working it, please know that you did me and the other worker a big disservice. try and rectify it if you can, but also PLEASE NEVER DO THIS AGAIN.

Adventure Time, meanwhile, has only gotten a lot better in quality as its fandom seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth.

A single episode of the show can feel like a whole season’s worth of some other show’s character development and storytelling and still doesn’t feel rushed to me. Its team knows how to do satisfying buildup, pacing and payoffs and just tons of fun developments.

Not a perfect series, but a solid, dependable series. I’ll be sad to see it go when it feels like it’s really reached a perfect point, and even rectified a lot of fan complaints*. On the other hand, it seems like it’s historically better for a show to end at precisely that peak.


Finn’s got a permanent robotic arm for good, has grown up past his obsession with getting a girlfriend and we now have the complete story of his parents, which was highly satisfying after that years-long wait.

Why The Raven Cycle isn’t getting any diver$ity cookie from me.

This contains mild spoilers, and text from The Raven King.

The way Henry was introduced in BLLB was unforgettable. We saw him making an offhand rape comment. This is pretty common. See All For the Game series by Nora Sakavic where their lone!good!moc could be seen making the same proclamation throughout the series. I am willing to let it slide, maybe, this is not about race.

Moving forward to The Raven King, we get to know Henry Cheng better. He’s half Chinese and half Korean. His mother Seondeok is a Korean dealer of illegal antiquities. White authors can’t seem to write East Asians without associating them with mob, yakuza, and mafia? Another example: All For the Game series by Nora Sakavic

This is the part where it gets nauseating. 

“Principles? Henry Cheng’s principles are all about getting larger font in the school newsletter,” Ronan said. He did a vaguely offensive version of Henry’s voice: “Serif? Sans serif? More bold, less italics.”

Blue saw Adam both smirk and turn his face away in a hurry so that Gansey wouldn’t see, but it was too late.

“Et tu, Brute?” Gansey asked Adam. “Disappointing.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Adam replied.

It was explicitly stated Henry’s second language is English. I’m going to assume Ronan is mocking the way Henry speaks, the intonation or accent of his voice. Whichever fucking way I look it is racist. Nobody even called Ronan out. The gross thing, the author made it into an “inside joke” for pynch.

This didn’t end right there. We have another pynch scene where they made a punchline out of Henry’s ethnicity.

“Adam made puerile jokes at Henry’s expense (He’s half Chinese? “Which half?”) and sniggered clannishly; Blue called them on it (“Jealous, much?”): Gansey told them to put aside their preconceptions and think about him.

Really? This made into the final publication? Minority’s ethnical identity isn’t a subject for crass puns.  Blue and Gansey’s meek intervention is not going to pacify me. I’m not here for this. Once again, this become a “cutesy” pynch scene.

These vile ~scenes~ about Henry’s otherization serves no purpose. It doesn’t contribute anything to the plot. You can reason out the narrative is implying Adam and Ronan are jealous (of Gansey’s new attachment to Henry,) but the author could’ve made a different approach of executing that. This is deliberate.

Another troubling scene with Henry and Blue

It was this: Blue, teetering on the edge of offence, saying, I don’t understand why you keep saying such awful things about Koreans. About yourself. And Henry saying. I will do it before anyone else can. It is the only way to not be angry all of the time.

Great another Korean character written by white author who might or might not be experiencing internalized racism. Sounds familiar? See Ellen Oh’s intake of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.

I see a lot of bloggers here are now clamoring for Henry, maybe it’s because he’s greatly sculpted, or because he’s Asian and his characterization speaks to you. If your reason is the latter, I have news for you. There are plenty of Asian authors specifically Chinese, and Korean, who are out there doing a spectacular job at it. Here are some of them; Jenny Han, Renee Ahdieh, Cindy Pon, Malinda Lo, Ellen Oh, Maureen Goo, Marie Lu, Lydia Kang, Amy Zhang, Celeste Ng, S. Jae-Jones, and more.

Can we just take a moment and appreciate Dean’s apparently intense love of potato salad in the WWE comics?

Here he is, grilling his perfect steaks (without a shirt, mind you, what are you doing) and he needs some potato salad to complete the meal:

Seth forgets the potato salad (a cardinal sin, even Roman knows this) and Dean reacts like a completely normal human being:

The steaks must be put on hold until this travesty is rectified. Seth’s offer to fix his mistake is rejected. Dean must complete this quest on his own.

Roman gets it:

Seth has to leave to take a mysterious phone call, so Roman is just going to chill and wait for that creamy potato salad, but Dean has other plans.

Did I mention they were grilling on top of a semi?

Cue intense driving to the grocery store:

Roman is pretty chill about this whole thing, proving he’s always got his boy’s back.

Unfortunately, we never get to see this legendary potato salad, but I imagine it complemented the perfect steaks perfectly.


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,760

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, fingering, rough sex, multiple positions, a bit of fluff

Summary: When the heat goes out in the bunker, Sam makes suer the reader stays warm.

The bunker was freezing. Brick walls did nothing to help the chill that permeated the air, and you curled up even tighter under your many layers of covers.

Earlier, while you and the boys were feasting on a fine dinner of olive pizza and Samuel Adams, a loud clunking sound issued from the basement. Dean had gone downstairs and come back up a few minutes later, declaring that the heating was broken. Your only resolve until you could get around to fixing it was to bundle up in your warmest clothing.

Now, it was nearly midnight, and you huddled, sandwiched between several blankets that simply absorbed the chill from the rest of the bunker. You were wearing your favorite pair of sweats and a thick sweater, which also did little to contain your body heat.

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