rectangular marquee tool

Guys guys, I just figured out how to extract Sims from images in like less than 5 minutes :o No selection tools, no pen tool! I know I’m late to the party and this is most likely common knowledge at this point, but I’m going to write this down anyway because there’s a 99% chance I’ll forget it.

This is written with Photoshop CS6 in mind, but I’m assuming it’ll work with any graphics editing program that supports alpha channels. The starting point for working on this was @buhudain​‘s tutorial here.

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anonymous asked:

Random question but I really like the glitch effects you use if you don't mind me asking whare did you get them and what are they called :3

thanks!! it’s actually a tool in photoshop that i use called ‘rectangular marquee tool’ which allows for me to highlight certain parts of an image and slide them over to create that glitchy sort of effect. 

if that makes any sense? lol. i might do a tutorial of it some time. 💚

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hello sorry to bother you but may i ask how you put shapes onto your icons if you could do a tutorial please? your icons are amazing

It’s not a bother at all, and Thanks! :)

This is gonna be a little long, so a tutorial on how I make my icons w/ shapes

will be under the cut

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cookiesims967  asked:

How do you do this special border and title for your sims requests? I am starting a CAS and gameplay simblr: @cookiesimslp967 *cough *cough and I want to start of strong with 💥 pow bam 💥 AMAZING content just like u!❤️

This has been in my inbox for 9 days.

9 days.

I’m sorry.

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                                                  Collage Tutorial
                                           how to make these edits?

hello whoever is reading this! multiple people messaged me asking to make a tutorial for my siren!sehun (and other halloween series)-edits, so i decided to make this tutorial! it’s probably easier than it seems, so let’s start right away!

warning: this tutorial consists pictures to support the explanation! 

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quick basics and colouring tutorial

by request for mimirshead

if you told me i would be doing an art tutorial or art at all about five months ago, i would’ve told you that you’re a dirty stinkin’ liar. and you probably are. but i’m doing this art tutorial anyways.

i’m not an expert and some of this information is liable to be wrong. tread at your own risk.

this is how i have my Paint Tool SAI set up:

i prefer my palette and brushes on the right and the layers and stuff on the left (ignore the fact i don’t know what half of them do)

here’s a close-up of the functions:

excuse the handwriting, tablets are cruel to me.

in rainbow order:

  1. selection tool: also known as the rectangular marquee tool. allows you to make square/rectangular selections.
  2. lasso tool: allows you to select what you want to select by drawing around it using your tablet pen.
  3. magic wand tool: click it in an enclosed space (i.e. like circle, square, shape, etc.) and it will select everything for you. you can also use it on the background. it picks up on specific sections, depending on where you select.
  4. move tool: allows you to move whatever drawing is on that specific layer.
  5. magnifier tool: allows you to like and reblog my art.
  6. rotate tool: rotates the canvas, and by extension, the layers.
  7. hand tool: moves the canvas.
  8. colour picker: allows you to pick whatever colour you want.

here are the different types of brushes i have:

(i dragged down the border to show them all)

if you have the same, play around and see what effects they do. 

once you select the pen tool (which is what i typically for outlines and colouring (though i also use airbrush and marker sometimes), you will see a whole bunch of brush sizes:

you can also adjust the size in the ‘size’ bar above. the lower the 'density’, the lighter/less visible the line is.

onto the layer part. here is your layer panel:

as you can see, it comes with a thing-a-majig that keeps your image in scope and shows what you’re doing at the current moment. skipping all that other stuff i don’t know, you come to this:

as you can see, i currently have one layer. but let me first explain what each one does:

new layer: that blank page with the bent ear at the top left. allows you to (surprise surprise) make a new layer. who'da thunk it?

new linework layer: to its right, you can do line-art on this. i’ve actually never used it because i was too…blah to do so, but now that i’m discovering what options it has, i might start.

new layer set:  i have no idea what that means and i don’t think god does either.

eraser: bottom row, third option on the left.

now you see a few options blanked out; that’s because you need multiple layers to do so.

now look at that. wowzers! two layers, one linework and another normal. amazing.

now the options are popped up:

transfer down layer: whatever is on the top layer is now transferred onto the bottom layer without deleting the top layer. this only works if you have the top layer selected when doing so.

merge down layer: this allows you to merge the top layer with the bottom layer, making them become one instead of leaving the now blank top layer as it would’ve been if you only transferred it down.

trash can: you can delete whatever layer you have selected. only works, of course, if you have more than one layer.

i have literally no idea what the other two options are. IRRELEVANT.

something else you should know:

see the part circled in yellow? every layer has it. if you’ll notice in the previous pictures, that red pin wasn’t there. that’s because i didn’t click that option; it means that since i selected “layer 1”, now the other layer “linework1” will move with it and stay in the position relative to layer 1. for example, if linework 1 was your layer for lines (surprisingly enough), and the layer beneath it (layer 1) was where you did your colouring, then if you have the red pin selected, when you move your linework layer, it wouldn’t move separate to the colour layer and look fucked up. example A:

yes good yes:

no bad no:

also, a super fun fact that no one bothered to tell me until i discovered it myself by accident and had struggled for millennia and the discovery changed my fucking life:

if you have draw on lower layers, the linework/colour of the above layers won’t be affected. meaning that the top layers take precedence, so you should draw lines on top layers or at least move them to the top afterwards. it is such a time saver, instead of having to straddle the line and accidentally keep colouring over your lines and having to redraw them afterwards. 

when you put whatever layer you were colouring on above it, it turns out like this:

i typically just draw whatever i need to draw and then make another layer below and just go stir-crazy colouring beneath it freely because i know my lines won’t fuck up. i typically just use whatever appropriate brush size for the pen (if it’s big, 500 then) and use the eraser to clean outside the lines/any overlaps.

another way to do so quickly is the use of the magic wand tool:

i deleted the colouring layer and then selected the magic wand tool and clicked inside the smiley face’s face. the selected area turned blue. now it’ll be super simple to simply use the paint bucket to colour it in. or i could use a pen/brush/whatever and colour inside the lines.

that’s pretty much it. if you’re confused or if anyone thinks i’ve left something out, please feel free to message me and let me know, especially if there’s an easier way to do so. you can also watch this tutorial to explains things in greater detail and was of great help to me.

~artsyadam’s first art tutorial

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you know of a tutorial on how to make these types of icon borders: 40(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/47ceb43ef2cbf9814af082866f3c3d36/tumblr_inline_nzeqn6ATHv1tx86sj_100(.)jpg -- thank you!!! :))

Hey! I’m not sure if there is a tutorial out there, but since I know how to make that border I can make a quick tutorial for how to do it myself!! So, I will show you how to make the icon below:

The PSD is included at the bottom.

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tutorial of this -> xiumin exodus graphic

So 1. I created 3 projects each 540 by 400. I made the first a grey color and changed the opacity to around 50%. I then used the Rectangular Marquee tool to create rectangles in a stair like pattern like so: I filled them in with a pink shade.

I then used the selection tool on a picture of xiumin and cropped him out.

I then resized him and dragged him to the first project and placed my special psd over the whole image. I also noticed that the black and white made xiumins face really dark and you couldn’t see his nice features so i duplicated him and screened it to 75%.

Next, i took this texture from WDH texture pack.

I lightened it under xiumin. I then googled a pink floral pattern and placed it over the pink part and lightened it to 60%.

Next I went to pinterest and typed in “collage” and grabbed the smoke from this picture:

using the quick selection tool made it black and white and placed it above and below xiumin and making sure it was on top of of him. and wa lah, first one is done.

for the second project , I made the background all blue with an opacity of 68%, i then made a black and white adjustment and changed it’s opacity to 57% and placed my psd to make it look like this.

I then went to pinterest again and typed in “smoke collage” and grabbed this picture

and resized it to put in the background. I grabbed another picture of xiumin cropped him out and placed him on top of the image near the tower looking thing. I then used the same stripe texture and smoke image and walah next one is finished.(easy right?)

for the last one i did a pink background at 60% opacity and placed my psd over it. 

I took this texture from the same texture pack from above and placed it on soft light at around 60%.

I placed it towards the left side because i wanted it only to be on one side.

I then continued to look in the smoke collage pinterest tag and found this image and placed it over it. 

I then cropped out a xiumin and placed him near the dark part of the picture so he would blend in and placed the same smoke picture on the image and done.  hope this helped!

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/post/128581144601/castiel-graphics-challenge-strengthcas-prompt how did you attach the galaxy and cloud gifs to the graphics? it never works when i try to do it

I will try my best to explain! :)

Assuming that you’re using Photoshop, I’ll try to go through the steps. (I use Photoshop CC) It’s pretty simple! I’ve seen a few other ways to do it, but this seems the easiest to me. If you’re still confused after this, please message me again (maybe off of anon?), I’d love to help you but it’s a whole lot easier one-on-one.

This is going to get long, so click the “read more” for the tutorial on how I added the GIF to this picture:

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So this one’s been requested many times, and I thought the best way to answer everyone would be to make a tutorial. I know the struggle with icons, especially with indie RP’ers - we’ve all been through that stage of icon making on PS or Paint! Anyways, here’s just a quick & easy little tutorial with a photo guide for beginners. This is what’ll be the end product:

But you can totally change the symbol to your own liking, like my own:

I’m using Mac + Photoshop CS6 Extended for this tutorial, but the tools are pretty much the same for any other version. Please like or reblog if you thought this was helpful & happy iconing! Xxx

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Tips & Tricks for using action batches to make rp icons!

This tutorial was originally written for a close friend of mine so it’s going to be kinda informal. Plus i tend to ramble to make sure i’m thorough so bare with me if things get a little long winded Literally this is the first tutorial i’ve ever written so be easy on me pls. Idk if this is actually going to be helpful to anyone else, but it makes my life a lot easier so I figured i’d share. anyways, ramblers lets get rambling! 

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photoshop for beginners

shadi aka @phanbears aka a sweetheart sunshine asked me for some tips on where to start when first getting into photoshop so i thought i’d share that on here as well in case some other people find this a little helpful!!

DISCLAIMER: i learned all this myself and there are probably better ways to do the things i do but these are some basic guidelines that would’ve helped me a bunch when i downloaded ps a year ago so LET’S GET STARTED WOO

*i am using photoshop cc

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