#PuppyBeerHour Volume Get Drunk Before Summer Dies

I am going to the beach to drink a mickey of whiskey, I suggest you do the same. At least a pool, ideally of pool of dogs. 

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RTARL Votes: Best Beer

Before we begin, this isn’t your run of the mill best type of beer or best beer brand polls. No, what we’re looking for here is just when a beer becomes just about the greatest thing in the world and the circumstances that surround its drinking. This is very scientific and you can only vote once (in truth if this were really scientific I’d have you rank them but that sounds like more work and none of us want to do that) so please be thoughtful in your vote.

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An Interesting Question...

Woke up Sunday morning, found this question in the RTARL email chain from ms621…

Is there anything to the notion that there is an inherent difference between classically good composers and those, like John Williams, who have made a living in making scores for movies? Like John Williams music is great but how does he differ from a classical or modern composer? Or is there a difference at all?

I guess what I’m getting at is this:

When the London Philharmonic records for a movie like Star Wars, does they feel like its beneath them?

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On This Day...

On this day in 1961, East German border guard Conrad Schumann bolted from his post on a street corner in East Berlin and jumped over a coil of concertina wire which marked the pathway of the Berlin Wall. Schumann’s leap, which lead to one of the iconic pictures of the Cold War, became known as the “Leap of Freedom” and was symbolic of the earnest desire of those in the East to escape the growing authoritarianism of their governments.

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