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Have you read Personal Geography by Tamsen Parker? I think you might like it. Her India and Cris remind me a lot of Victoria and Jeremy. India is the ruler of the world and Cris is a laid back surfer dominant. With great reluctance (India's) they fall in love. It was free a week or so ago, I'm not sure if it still is.

Oh damn, it’s not free anymore but I am gonna KEEP AN EYE OUT because that sounds like hella my shit


Plus Sized Character Book Recommendations

Summer ( buttermybooks ) and I ( books-cupcakes ) recently discussed how there is a lack of plus size character representation in not only young adult literature but even in adult fiction. When we do read about characters like us they are either described as one of two things a.) gross and self-loathing with no hopes of ever finding love or b.) the fat funny friend who will never amount to anything more than that. It’s really discouraging to read books like this over and over again.  Even minor plus size characters get hated on; either they’re being knocked down by bullies and mean girls or they are described as villains. We want to read a book that recognizes us. We’re tired of reading books where girls (and guys) hate themselves because of their weight. We are tired of reading books where the only time the main character can be happy is when they lose weight. Happiness doesn’t automatically happen because you lose, 10, 20, 50, or 150 pounds. We want realistic and body positivity books about plus size characters because we are tired of reading books that tell us we should hate ourselves and change to fit societies perspective of what is “normal”. 

So until we do get more representation Summer and I have compiled a list of books that feature plus sized main characters. Now not all these books fall into the same genre or category. Some of them are really positive and some aren’t – some deal with heavy issues. Some are about losing weight, some are about gaining confidence and becoming happy regardless of size. Some books are fantasy and some books are romance. We tried to find as many books as we could. 

We really hope that you enjoy these recommendations and that you can find a book that you relate to. Hopefully this list will help you find your next favorite book!  Happy reading!! 

(illustrations credit)

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Hey! Can I get an update on the exhibitionist tag? Thanks so much!

of course my dude

www.ruinedomega. com by 3rdgenderfromthesun (6/6 | 16,967 | NC17)

Derek decides to purchase an omega online in order to build his pack. Since virgins cost a fortune he goes for those abandoned or widowed off of a disgustingly named website. He’s about to give up when he sees a young man whose cheery chatter in the face of difficulties gives him hope that he’s not doomed to die alone.

Owned by KattsEyeDemon, seekeronthepath (1/1 | 17,909 | NC17)

Derek raised his eyebrows as the man stumbled into the tent. Definitely not broken. “Kneel,” he ordered.

Stiles blinked, his chin tilting upward for a moment, eyeing his new owner up before raising an eyebrow of his own and slipping to his knees, hands palm up on his thighs.

Derek nodded approvingly. “Good. My name is Derek Hale, but you will call me Sir or Master unless I give you permission to do otherwise. Clear?”

“Yes sir,” Stiles said after a moment.


Derek buys Stiles as a bed-slave. Over time, interest turns into affection, and from there into love.

Please read the tags, and the warnings. If there’s something we haven’t tagged, please let us know, but if we have and you didn’t like it, that’s on you.

Nibble by Anonymous (1/1 | 1,145 | NC17)

Stiles had to stop himself from screaming as Derek hummed around him…

Spoiled by nameloc_ar_115 (1/1 | 5,865 | NC17)

In which there is a warrior, a virgin, several propositions, and the aftermath of a final battle.

Good Vibrations by Inell (1/1 | 1,601 | NC17)

Stiles and Derek are attending Lydia’s holiday party, and Stiles has a sexy surprise for Derek.

To Know Your Place by ADevilsHunger (Dream_tempo) (1/1 | 2,588 | NC17)

After Derek gets his alpha powers, the rest of Beacon Hills is too afraid to stand up to him, until Stiles snaps and decides to put him in his place.

What the Hell is a Rinse Cycle? by dobrien (1/1 | 2,708 | NC17)

Stiles is a student who doesn’t know how to work a washing machine and Derek is the one to notice him struggling and help him out. PWP.


‘tis the season!  october’s almost halfway through, the evenings are stretching out across the days, the leaves are falling, and it’s cold enough to warrant whole days curled up inside with a book.  here are some of my favourite scary stories for that extra chill:

  • each thing i show you is a piece of my death, by Stephen J. Barringer and Gemma Files - originally published in the 2nd of the excellent Clockwork Phoenix anthologies; this is one of my favourite short stories, period.  It’s also one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever read.  Even Cat Valente, who was also included in that anthology, recommends it wholeheartedly.  The premise is very simple - what if spirits could haunt film? - but done originally and very, very well.
  • Shirley Jackson, the queen of American Gothic - I’ve expanded on my love for Jackson on countless occasions.  Her most famous story is likely The Lottery, but The Bus, The Possibility of Evil, and, unfortunately not available online but widely anthologized, The Lovely House, are all also excellent and creepy, as is her longer fiction.
  • A Rose For Emily, by William Faulkner - to stick with America and the Gothic for a moment; I first read this in English 12 and it haunted me for weeks afterwards.
  • The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman - in some ways one of the most terrifying short stories ever written, particularly the more one reads into it, this Lit class classic about a woman with postpartum depression and the woman she sees in the wallpaper grows and refracts upon itself with each new reading, making it endlessly creepy and rewarding both.
  • and, of course, the king and founder of American Gothic, Mr. Edgar Allen Poe - most or all of his known works are available on Project Gutenberg, but some of my favourites include The Masque of the Red Death, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Cask Of Amontillado, The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, Morella, and, of course, The Tell-Tale Heart.
  • The Sandman by E.T.A. Hoffmann - the author of the story that would become the beloved Tchaikovsky ballet The Nutcracker also wrote a story so alarming that Freud wrote an entire theory on it.  In fact, The Sandman is probably just the most quintessential Hoffmann tale as, long before Freud ever wrote about him, he produced a great deal of tales focussed on the uncanny and an undermining of perception and the security of the self (which is all a highfalutin way of saying that Hoffmann anticipated the anxieties of his readers to come in fascinating and unsettling ways.) 
  • Don’t Look Now, by Daphne Du Maurier - unfortunately not online so far as I can tell, this is one of my favourite stories ever by one of my favourite authors, the masterful creator of Rebecca and Jamaica Inn, who also wrote the short story upon which Alfred Hitchcock based The Birds.  This story was also adapted into a film in the early seventies, starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, also a favourite of mine.
  • The Landlady, by Roald Dahl - another story dramatized by Alfred Hitchcock, about the horrors of taxidermy.
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving - thanks to the Tim Burton film and the currently-running tv show, we all know this story.  Or at least, we think we do.  Irving wrote something a bit different than either of those adaptations lead us to believe of the story.
  • The Monkey’s Paw, by WW Jacobs - an exemplar of the “be careful what you wish for” genre.
  • the works of Algernon Blackwood - personal favourites include The Willows, The Kit-Bag, and The Strange Adventures of a Private Secretary in New York.  Blackwood is one of the originators of what would become the Weird tradition within horror writing, although he had much more of a sense of humour (and was much less racist than HP Lovecraft)
  • HP Lovecraft - speaking of, if you must read him (and he does loom large over almost all horror written after him), I suggest doing so critically, without ever trusting him, and with an eye towards doing better.  I also suggest the stories Cool Air, The Thing on the Doorstep, and The Whisperer In Darkness
  • William Hope Hodgson - creator of one of my favourite literary figures, not least for the possibilities he opens up, Carnacki the Ghost-Finder, who is essentially a supernatural Sherlock Holmes.  Hodgson also wrote one of the forerunners of cosmic horror, a novel called The House on the Borderland.
  • I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, by Harlan Ellison - a postapocalyptic sci-fi story featuring a vengeful computer that was groundbreaking at its time of publication and remains quite scary.
  • the late, great Ray Bradbury - one of the most formative influences on my own imagination, and one of the most important writers of the last century.  A lot of his work isn’t available online (although he’s beloved of almost every librarian I’ve ever met so finding his work shouldn’t be a problem), but here are a few: The Veldt, The Pedestrian, and The Pendulum
  • The Entrance, by Gerald Durrell - when I mentioned to a friend and prof that I was fascinated by mirrors in literature, she recommended this story by Durrell, who is better known for being a naturalist, an author of charming memoirs, and brother to Lawrence Durrell, but she failed to mention how terrifying it is.
  • Faces in Revolving Souls and Houses Under the Sea by Caitlin R Kiernan - two particularly disturbing stories by a writer who is perhaps less famous than she should be.
  • The Krakatoan, Who Is Your Executioner?, and The Cellar Dwellar, by Maria Dahvana Headley - three short stories by one of my favourite writers, author of Queen of Kings and Magonia, and keeper of a truly excellent tumblr
  • The Bone Key and other stories by Sarah Monette - The Bone Key: The Necromatic Mysteries of Kyle Murchison Booth tells the story of Booth, an awkward and introverted archivist who finds himself in the midst of a host of supernatural mysteries, sometimes to do with his own shrouded family history.  They are easily some of the most engrossing and enjoyable short stories I’ve ever read.  Wait For Me, The Replacement, and White Charles are all available online, as is the newer story To Die For Moonlight.  Two other Monette stories, unrelated to Booth, that I recommend highly are Queen of Swords and Under the Beansidhe’s Pillow.
  • A Kiss With Teeth, by Max Gladstone - vampires and parent-teacher meetings, enough said.  My favourite story I’ve read recently.
  • Madeleine, by Amal El-Mohtar - my favourite story I’ve read all year, which is perhaps unsurprising as I adore El-Mohtar’s writing (not to mention her passion for speculative fiction and poetry and raising its visibility), about memories, and loss, and struggling with your own mind.

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Hi I was wondering if you had any prince Derek seer stiles fics thanks love you blog it keeps him life interesting. ❤❤❤❤❤

i wasn’t too sure if i’d be able to find a fic with both but i actually did! and not just one fic but two !!! (here’s the prince!derek and seer!stiles tag, just keep in mind that the two fics below are the only ones with both)

The Secrets We Hold by Random_Fandom (3/3 | 1,925 | NR)

Derek found him in the middle of the forest.
Stiles found Derek in the middle of the forest.
“Prince Derek,” The boy hadn’t opened his eyes. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

You’re Just An Empty Cage Boy (If You Kill The Bird) by cirquedusoleil (11/11 | 25,994 | NR)

Stiles can’t remember the last time he’s spoken.

Prythian FF MasterPost

Here’s virtually all of the A Court of (Thorns and Roses)/ (Mist & Fury) fanfiction I’ve stumbled across thus far. Ranked in no particular order. Spread the fandom love and meet new authors! Feel free to add to the list!

Masterlist of pop linguistics books and lingfic

Looking for pop linguistics books or linguistics-related fiction to read, find in a library, ask for as a gift, or give to a language nerd in your life? Here’s an extensive list of books you might be interested in. 

Recent general books 

Older general books 

(Most of these I read when I was getting into linguistics so I can vouch for them being interesting enough when I read them such that they’ve stuck in my mind many years later, but I’m not sure how they’d stack up on re-reading. Just so you know.)

Specific Topics

Beginner-friendly textbooks

Comprehensive but more friendly than actual textbooks: 

Actual textbooks, still at an introductory level:


Fiction that contains a significant linguistic element, enjoyable for both practising linguists and language enthusiasts: 

Anyone else have pop linguistics books (or #lingfic) to recommend, or reviews to link to? I’ll try to keep this list updated as I hear of and review other books, old and new, so make sure to check out the source post if you’re viewing it as a reblog. There are some great additions in the disqus comments below, as well as extensive reblogs by Stan Carey and Superlinguo.

Keep reading

I bet that Aristotle and Dante’s dads sat down on their first bowling night together and were all companionable and quiet and then Mr. Quintana was like “So, just so we’re clear, you know my son is in love with your son, right?” and Mr. Mendoza was like “Yeah, pretty sure my son is in love with yours too but he’s in denial right now” and they spent the rest of the night talking about cute their kids are gonna be as a couple once they get their shit together.


Book Recommendations for Sarah J. Maas Fans

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson
Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski
The Young Elites by Marie Lu
Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard 
Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch 
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge 

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what other movies would you recommend that fit into the 'there's something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls' genre?

I became interested in the trope/genre over a year ago because all my favourite films fell into it, so there are many that i could recommend! I’ve seen almost all these films, but there are a couple that I’ve only watched parts of. I’ve bolded favourites, because some fit the trope very well but aren’t necessarily my favourite films. 

  • The Sisterhood of Night
  • Pretty Persuasion 
  • American Beauty
  • The Virgin Suicides
  • Palo Alto
  • Lolita (1997 and 1962)
  • Marie Antoinette
  • About Cherry
  • Hick
  • The Runaways
  • The Moth Diaries
  • Thirteen
  • Cruel Intentions
  • Carrie (2013 and 1976)
  • The Loved Ones 
  • Jawbreakers
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Heavenly Creatures
  • Spring Breakers
  • All Cheerleaders Die
  • Sleeping Beauty (2011)
  • Heathers
  • Stoker
  • Cracks
  • Nymphomaniac: (Vol. 1)
  • St. Trinian’s 
  • White Bird in a Blizzard
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Mean Girls
  • Painful Secrets
  • Girlhood
  • Ginger Snaps
  • Mini’s First Time
  • Little Birds
  • Hard Candy
  • The Coven
  • Violet and Daisy
  • Girl, Interrupted 
  • Fish Tank
  • The Bling Ring
  • The Amy Fisher Story
  • The Dreamers
  • Daydream Nation
  • Jeune et Jolie
  • Beautiful (2009)
  • Very Good Girls
  • Ginger and Rosa
  • Jennifer’s Body
  • John Tucker Must Die
  • White Oleander

This post by ammapreakers​ is what originally sparked my interest in the genre/trope in film, so Savs deserves a lot of credit for my list. Please be aware that there are endless triggers for almost every film on this list, so don’t be afraid to message me if you want more details.


We Are Honey And The Bee : (41k) It isn’t his fault though, it is entirely the fault of whichever gods thought it would be a good idea to taunt Louis by dangling a curly haired boy in front of him with a mouth that can’t possibly be as soft as it looks, a mouth that requires further inspection with Louis’ own mouth. Unfortunately, Louis absolutely cannot do that, because it would go against all rules and guidelines in the Golden Handbook of Nanny and Employee Etiquette that he’s pretty sure where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.

Like A Car Crash : (17k) The one where Louis is a doctor,Harry has a car accident and two kids,and they meet.

Your Flaws Upon Your Sleeve : (37k) Harry is the charming nineteen year old law school drop out that lives five minutes away from Louis’ home, and Louis has a bad history with relationships and a four year old daughter he’ll protect with his life. They meet in a grocery store and it’s inevitable, really.Basically the au where Harry hides in strange places to hide his boners and Louis makes a lot of horrible assumptions. Niall gets high a lot, Zayn doesn’t have as much wisdom as he thinks he does, and Liam feels like a badass in a police uniform usually. Featuring very few surprise guests.

Didn’t Think It Would Work Out : (16k) There was no way he could let it happen, the prospect of working with Harry for the next two months or so seemed like a nightmare specially designed for him. From hell. By the devil himself, probably. Perfect torture, fit amazingly well with the self-destructive path he’d been on for a year now, Louis clearly had to say no.“‘Course, yeah, I’ll clear it with Simon then, brilliant, cheers mate,” Fuck.

Or, Louis is a primary school teacher, Harry has a 7-year-old son in his class, Louis has a 1-year-old crush on Harry, and they have to put on the school’s Christmas play. Brilliant.

Just Lay With Me :  (10k) In which Louis is the coach of Harry’s daughter’s football team and Harry likes Louis’ bum. One day there’s a parent football game and Louis, just maybe, starts hitting on Harry and, just maybe, Harry gives in.

All Too Human : (166k) Louis has a 3 year old son and works at a daycare while getting his education degree.Harry’s a fresh face Popstar with the world in his hands.They meet over applesauce and hide n’ go seek.

I need home (our tangled bones) : (68k) Louis runs a record label and Harry is his daughter’s new nanny. Over the course of a year, Harry helps Louis learn what it really is to be a father and somehow they find an unexpected home in each other.

Or, the kid fic where Louis wants to make Harry a star, Zayn just needs everyone to stop being stupid, Niall laughs his arse off at everything, Liam attempts to keep things in order and Harry takes a chance.

Nothing Else But Right Here : (35k) Louis sighs and gives himself a mental pep talk as he smooths his jumper down over his hips. He can do this. He can resist the draw of Harry Styles, because he is a responsible, mature adult, and as much as he wants to tangle his fingers in that mess of hair and map those ridiculous tattoos with his tongue, he does not want to get his daughter’s favorite teacher fired.

We’re Afire Love : (11k) Harry and Louis are best friends. Harry has the whole “crush” thing under control, honestly. Until, of course, he moves in with Louis and his baby.

We Were Made To Love : (16k) “Everything all sorted? Need help with the buckles? I know they’re a bit tricky in this compartment.”

The voice startles Louis out of his daze, and he turns toward the voice to let him know he figured it out. When he catches sight of the owner of the voice, though, his response dies in his throat. Whatever he had imagined the conductor of a children’s train that rides around the shopping centre in Leeds would look like, this is certainly not it.

Leaning through the window, arms folded across the sill, is a green-eyed angel with cherry red lips stretched wide in a smile and dimples flirting in his cheeks. A black conductor’s hat is the only confirmation that this is not some gorgeous stranger who’s come to flirt with Louis through the window of a children’s train, but is just a man doing his job.

[or, Harry drives a kiddie train in the shopping centre for the summer and is obsessed with babies, and Louis never stood a chance.]

Let This One Gift Last Forever : (10k) harry plays santa at the mall every year, and one day he meets a quirky little girl who instantly captures his heart. it doesn’t take long for her father to do the same.

Marking Up The Atmosphere : (119k) At the age of twenty, Harry deals with things expected to occur at his age: student loans, instant meals, electricity bills, and the constant, incessant presence of never ending coursework.That, and the job of raising his six year old daughter and avoiding the charm of a young, successful, and very off-limits Louis Tomlinson.

Ready For The Afterglow : (11k) It’s a summer job. It’s supposed to be easy, hanging out with a rambunctious 6 year-old while his father is at work. The father just happens to be Louis Tomlinson, footballer extraordinaire, recently divorced and even more recently out of the closet. Who’s really, really fit. It’s nothing Harry can’t handle. It’ll be great.

All I Want For Christmas Is : (17k) With Harry up against his side, his little four year old snuggled in his lap like it’s her favourite place, Louis could really believe they’re a real little family, off to their chalet to spend Christmas in the snow. A real little family where Louis would have the luxury of kissing Harry under mistletoe and rolling around in the fresh snow with him, taking him upstairs to his bedroom and fucking him to keep him warm.

(harry is louis’ daughters’ au pair. they spend christmas in austria)

You Gave Me Butterflies ( You Had Me At Hello) : (4k) It’s been seven years since his last relationship, five years since his last date. Louis hasn’t had a single crush since adopting his daughter, doesn’t think he’d even know how to ask out a cute boy now. Not that he wants to ask Emma’s school teacher out for a drink or anything – that would be unprofessional. But surely he’s allowed to think Emma’s school teacher is super fit, right?

[ or the one where Louis is a single father and also a struggling writer and Harry is his daughter’s kindergarten teacher and maybe also Louis’ muse ]

Looking For A Way Home : (5k) Something about this, about Harry in particular, feels so right. He’s a mere stranger, but Louis can swear he can see himself spending the rest of his life with him.

Or an AU where Louis takes his 6 year old daughter, Rosalie, to Disneyland, finding it a little more fun than he expected.

Call Me Baby : (37k)  Louis moves to Holmes-Chapel after his parents die in a car crash. He has custody of his five sisters, and it is through the youngest he meets Harry Styles, a preschool teacher. Life just got a lot more complicated for Louis.


Reading slumps are the bane of my existence. If you haven’t been one you’re extremely luck, I envy you. If you’re currently in a book slump, I feel your pain and I am so sorry. Hopefully these tips will help you get out of this bookish hell you’re stuck in.

  1. DON’T PANIC! What you’re going through is completely normal. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to finish a book or not being able to even start one. It’s okay! You’ll get past it; your love for reading hasn’t gone away. 

  2. Start small. Jumping into a huge book when you’re in a book slump can be dangerous. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to read a 700 page book; I wouldn’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Start with something short and easy. Maybe a novella, even a fanfiction. Anything that will slowly get you back on track. 

  3. Setting a goal. What I find works best is setting a schedule or a goal. Maybe read for 20 minutes a day or 3 days a week for 15 minutes. It’s just enough to lure you back in without getting frustrated. Set something up that works for you! 

  4. Find a friend to read with. Reading with a friend is always fun. Your friend will hold you accountable and hopefully making reading more interesting. If your friends aren’t big readers you can find someone on tumblr to read with or join a reading group! 

  5. Shake things up a bit. If you always read contemporary romances maybe try a different genre. Spice things up by picking a book you wouldn’t normally read! 

  6.  Audiobooks. You can rent audiobooks from your library or buy them from Amazon and even iTunes. The good thing about audiobooks is that you can take them anywhere. Cleaning out your closet? Listen to an audiobook. Going on a road trip? Bring an audiobook with you! Someone annoying you? Pop in your headphones and listen to a book. (Just kidding about that last one…maybe.)

  7. Browse your local bookstore or library. Sometimes surrounding yourself with books and people that read will get you excited enough to pick up a book! 

  8.  Read reviews. Nothing sparks my interest to read more than talking about books with my friends and reading reviews. Check out review sites ::cough:: mine ::cough:: like Goodreads! 

  9. Re-read one of your favorites. Sometimes when you re-read a familiar book it can jump start your desire to read.

  10. Don’t push yourself. You don’t need to read every single day. Give yourself a break from reading and pick up a new hobby or maybe watch a new show. If you try to force yourself into doing something you don’t want to do then you’re only going to frustrate yourself. It’s okay if you don’t feel like reading.

I hope these tips and the above suggested books help you get out of your reading slump! Good luck!
xoxo Jessica


Must-Read Books For Aspiring Fierce Poetesses

Racing Hummingbirds by Jeanann Verlee

The Madness Vase by Andrea Gibson

Into the Dark and Emptying Field by Rachel McKibbens

Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich

Little Venus by Carla Drysdale

Glass Armonica by Rebecca Dunham

Bring Down the Chandeliers by Tara Hardy

The Year of No Mistakes by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire

Split by Cathy Linh Che

Survival Songs by Meggie C. Royer

Kingdom Animalia by Aracelis Girmay

Our Lady of the Ruins by Traci Brimhall

The Bones Below by Sierra Demulder

Redhead and the Slaughter King by Megan Falley

good sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural webcomics in no particular order:

(this list is constantly being updated btw, so make sure to check back.)

witchy: fantasy world ruled by witches, where one’s power is determined by the length of one’s hair. the prettiest.
i don’t want this kind of hero: webtoon about a world with superpowers and half animal people and demons and all sorts of things. comedy, but u will cry.
monster pulse: sort of like animorphs meets digimon. kids get monsters from parts of their bodies and fight the evil corporation that started it all. gr8 characters.
monsterkind: social inequality between humans and monsters, and a social worker nervously bridging the gap. cutest art.
paranatural: the best?? the funniest????
beyond the wall/stonebreaker: a young girl’s brother is lost behind the barrier between the humans and the old city overrun with demons, and some other stuff happens. there’s a fluffy demon who is very cute…
feast for a king: worm hell. fucking incredible.
hotblood!: old west centaur crime. a+.
brainchild: the Best monster designs. so cool.
homestuck: look, it counts…..
saint for rent: time travel and family drama. beautifully illustrated, endearing characters. (sometimes it’s animated.)
*ruby quest: forum game transcribed in webcomic form. can’t rly explain without spoiling it, but it’s terrifying? simplistic illustration, lots of fun body horror/gore.
questionable content: mostly slice of life, but involves robots and cybernetics.
galanthus: pretty new, but looks rly interesting/pretty. space sci-fi.
o human star: robots! families! gender/sexuality exploration! death!
quicksilver: manufactured animal people form (literally) underground society. crime stuff, lovable protagonist. never seen a comic that looks like it, it’s so pretty…
**starfighter: y’all know what starfighter is.
*darwin carmichael is going to hell: gods and monsters are real, and they’re all hipsters. (illustrated by ultimate fave: sophie goldstein.)
unsounded: intricately horrible fantasy world. beautiful.
**iothera: sci-fi with queer elves and magic. amazing worldbuilding.
**chester 5000 xyv: victorian sexbot and friends.
kill six billion demons: a lot of hells, a lot of monsters, a lot of lore. if u like demon/angel designs: this is the comic for u.
outgroup: 7th graders in a secluded town deal with ethics, math and the robopocalypse.
icarus: part of hospitalvespers’ fantasy world, gaih. (rly, u should read all their stuff, but icarus is the most accessible.)
shadoweyes: this girl on a crime ridden slum planet becomes a mutant superhero. but at what cost????
dragons for hire: dragon people and dog people. the dragons are, often, for hire.
templar, az: fake modern day american town with outlandish worldbuilding that’s still somehow totally believable.
mare internum: there’s water on mars, also aliens and a depressed dude.
nibi: idk yet, it’s rly new, but so pretty.
judecca: purgatory? it’s rly pretty, such cool monsters…
skin deep: college students react to finding out that they’re mythological creatures. and other cool monster stuff.
monster pop!: also monster college students.
sam alden: person, not comic, but most of his work fits the bill rly creepily and well.
love me nice: toons and humans live together. behind the scenes look at the horrors of the media.
*the girl from hell city: abandoned, but what’s there is gr8. demons facing social inequality and economic strife.
prague race: amazing characters, art and worldbuilding. like, so good. love urself and read it.
ruth and annabel ruin everything:
everyone is rude girls. there’s a mutant armadillo and weird cultural practices involving milk.
gunnerkrigg court: science and magic intersect at a british boarding school.
supercakes: vignettes about cute lesbian superhero couple.
*yu+me dream: the classic fantasy yuri webcomic. so many things happen…
nimona: ye olde sympathetic supervillains.
sfeer theory: weird circle magic, political struggle, and cool noses. (artist also draws the fox sister: 1970′s, korea. a young woman’s battle against the fox demon disguised as her sister.)
*heart shaped skull: a shy witch with a hard life has to deal with the consequences of her unwanted fame and powers.
*freakangels: these weird purple-eyed people who were all born on the same day and have superpowers sorta accidentally caused the apocalypse, and now they’re…working on it…..
snakes and ladders: it’s pretty new, but looks cool. alien stuff.
minor acts of heroism: adorable superhero children face terrifying situations.
*super mutant magic academy: basically wipes away all the disappointments of harry potter. the absolute best…
spiddrelli: very interactive cerebral sci-fi. has music and animation and stuff.
modus operandi: space politics, dads.
ghost junk sickness: space bounty hunters. lots of cool alien designs.
not drunk enough: tessa stone’s new comic! some folks fight weird eldritch monsters in a creepy building.
trying human: some mib shit.
undying happiness: originally a oneshot. translated from japanese. love story of a long-suffering girl and a clumsy dude who is immortal but in the grossest way.
avialae: this dude is turning into a bird, and his neighbor is rly into it.
bloom: earth is dying….but is it rly? cutest characters.
*taproot: plants and necromancy and ~*romance*~.
pond scum royalty: idk what’s going on yet, but can’t wait to find out. beautiful art. (also check out home beings: paranatural home repair.)
shoot around: high school girls’ basketball team surviving the zombie apocalypse. (starts out kinda rocky, but gets so good.)
headless bliss: an adorable demon princess, gr8 monsters, fascinating world building.
daughter of the lilies: fantasy mercenaries: a gruff but kind orc, an angry elf, an also angry orc/human, and an incredibly nice mage who can’t show her face.
stand still stay silent: scandinavia, 100 years after the apocalypse. incredibly beautiful, endearing characters.
the glass scientists: alternate victorian london, where science and magic are feared because of the havoc wreaked by mad scientists in the recent past.
neokosmos: kids raised on a space station, being studied by aliens.
carnivore planet: anthro sci-fi. anarchist space carnivores and their botched kidnapping plot.
the immortal nadia greene: a cool teen beating up death.
possum soup: about a dead girl named possum, the underworld, and fungi.
signs: a kid with no life gets drafted into some cyberspace war by a bear furry.
derelict:  semi-post-apocalyptic world where humans and “gargoyles” attempt to coexist, and other creatures lurk in the waters.
afterworld: the last man on earth deals with ghosts and fixes the world. really pretty.
**oglaf: various old-timey fantasy gag strips, mostly pornographic.
white noise: interdimensional politics, monster/human conflict, gr8 characters, incredible worldbuilding.
*lady of the shard: small sci-fi epic about dating god. so pretty.
job satisfaction: nb demon summoners, and summoned demons.
spooky comics: spooky slice of life.
rechargable: queer mafia in 2100 australia.
full spectrum therapy: eldritch monstrosities and petty high school drama, 30 years after an alien invasion. one of the most aesthetic comics i’ve ever read. (also check out water by the same person!)
deadendia: lovable and relatable fuckups work at a haunted house/secret interdimensional portal. (based on the cartoon hangover short.)
ushala at world’s end: in a war torn matriarchal fairy society, a rly tall lawful good seeks redemption for her past life.


anonymous asked:

Since you talked about poems about mental health, do you have any recs?

tw/cw for nearly all of these.

So many poems in Said the Manic to the Muse by Jeanann Verlee (Good Girl & The Session were some of my favorites)
So many poems in Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems 1962-1972 by Alejandra Pizarnik 
Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath
Last Words by Sylvia Plath
Mad Girl’s Love Song by Sylvia Plath
Tulips by Sylvia Plath
Elm by Sylvia Plath
The Other by Sylvia Plath
Oracle by Cate Marvin
Resumé by Dorothy Parker
Communion by Jeanann Verlee
The Mania Speaks by Jeanann Verlee
my lover’s in love w/ sylvia plath by @openlylesbian
survival kit by @viperslang
[untitled] by @viperslang
excerpt from #Godbot by @viperslang
How to Get the Gun Safely Out of Your Mouth by Jamaal May
14 Lines from Love Letters or Suicide Notes by @doclubenpoetry
Poetry Suite in Nailed by Stevie Edwards
Poetry Suite in Nailed by Jeanann Verlee (esp. Polyamory, With Knives)
Reshaping the Bell Jar feature in Winter Tangerine (esp. oath (blud litany) and The River’s Lure)
Poems in Hatred of Women by Cassandra Troyan (esp. untitled)
Poems in Throne of Blood by Cassandra Troyan (major violence/graphic abuse/trauma tw)
On the Border by @afterthelonely​ (especially two.)
Wanting to Die by Anne Sexton

BPC Day 7 | Set in Summer |

______________________________ It’s been a year and I’m *still* not over the end of this book. I would highly recommend this one guys! _____________________________ #bookstagrammer #booksandcupcakes #reading #bookworm #bookphotography #booklr #booknerd #bookphotochallenge #wewereliars #summerreads #bookrecommendation #recs

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favorite fics [1/1]

two steps behind 

word count: 39k

author: sacredheart

summary: “Can I play?” He’s far away enough that he almost has to yell a little bit. He’s got one leg steadying him on the ground, and he’s holding the handles of his bike as tightly as he can. He doesn’t want to fall off in front of the older kids - the cooler kids.

“We’ve got four of us, though, and we don’t want uneven teams,” Zayn lies apologetically, and Louis frowns. He’s not stupid. They don’t want to play with him.

“Maybe tomorrow.” That’s also a lie, because Zayn said the same thing yesterday and now it’s tomorrow and Louis is being told no, again. His head is spinning with rejection and confusion and, most of all, disappointment.

Or, Louis is two years younger than his neighbors, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, and he grows up bending over backwards to get their attention and acceptance. Especially Harry’s.