so during my 500th rewatch (recry more like) i noticed something

Grace has a cute yellow degrassi bandanna on her wrist and i was like sure ok

but then i noticed something a bit off.. tristan has one on his leg too, a rather unusual place for a bandanna imo

and to finally top off my suspicions maya had a yellow headband on (its so cute omg) but like when has maya ever worn a headband before tho

so i have a theory that these yellow bandannas are where people are going to get hurt. Grace hurts her wrist, im hoping for a break but it would be dark enough for degrassi to have a sliced artery as there are tones in the wrist. Tristan will hurt his leg, maybe become paralysed and maya, my poor baby maya nothing good comes from head injuries and i dont want to think about it.

now i know what your thinking, thats only 3 of the 6 that where on the bus. well we know that jonah is fine because of set pictures so that leaves tiny and zig. tiny had no bandanna and is wearing white so i believe that he will be fairly ok, but zig.. zig is wearing complete black so you can take that as you wish