Tip to get items faster on the mission board

Here’s a helpful tip that can help players (especially f2p) get things faster to recruit characters/outfits/whatever else.

If you keep having trouble with long 8 hour missions (Cap’s Charleston mission, anyone?) being the only thing with items dropping and dismissing them is just taking too much time and with no guarantee of what mission you’ll get when the timer is up, this may help.

First off I must say this screencap isn’t the best example, but just try to use your imagination. We’ll use Cap’s Charleston mission as the example here. If you’re lucky enough to get a mission with Cap’s Charleston on it that doesn’t drop anything, don’t complete that mission or delete it, keep it on the board.

I know this here has the x5 traps on it, but just pretend they’re not there.

If you keep that one on the board then you will not get that specific mission to show up again until you complete it (this goes for the special events board, it could still show up on the regular one).

This will force all mission slots that do drop items to give you different quests and hopefully shorter ones.

The downside is that you’re down one mission slot for things, but you’ll save a little time with potentially getting shorter missions for items. Once you’re done collecting what you need you can either delete that mission or complete it.

Hope that helps!