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Snoozing - Poe Dameron

You have been working non-stop in the Resistance and one day, your friend Poe is worried you’ve worked yourself too much. After some convincing, Poe manages to get you to relax; on one condition.

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Today had been the first day you weren’t horribly busy with supply runs in a long time. The Resistance had taken in a surge of recruits, adding to the demand of health kits and food rations. The flights and piloting, back and forth were starting to wear on you. You would willingly die for the cause, but you couldn’t fight if you were half-awake.

Despite your need for sleep, you kept pushing yourself. The more work you could get done meant one day closer to the end of The First Order. You couldn’t wait for that day, but your impatience was driving you to an edge when it came to hours wrought through. There was still, even more task to complete. The moment you started thinking about all that could be done, your mind started to fog over and the need to relax kicked in. Like now.

“Y/N?” You shook your head as Poe rested a comforting hand on your shoulder. “You alright? You didn’t answer my question.” You shot your friend an apologetic look.

“Sorry, Poe, I’m just tired.Work gets into my head sometimes. What were you asking about?” Poe frowned and you could see the concern in his deep brown eyes. If you let yourself, you could almost admit you saw affection, love, in them, as well; but you didn’t.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said, taking his warm hand off your shoulder. “What matters is you getting some rest.” You closed your eyes and thought for a moment. That moment turned into a minute; and before you knew it, you felt yourself drifting off. “Y/N!?”

“Wha-” You shook your head again, meeting Poe’s gaze.

“C’mon, I’m taking you to your quarters.” You felt Poe’s calloused hand wrap around yours, lifting you out of your seat as gently as he could. “You’ve been working all month, you need to catch up on your sleep.”

“There’s still so much to be done,” you whined as he dragged you out of the common room. “The Resistance needs-”

“The Resistance needs well-rested, alert pilots. Y/N, you’re exhausted.” He stopped walking then, right outside your door. You leaned your shoulder against the wall and Poe’s frown seemed to deepen. “You need unwind, okay? Even if it’s just for a little while.”

Poe couldn’t help himself as he lifted a hand to brush against your cheek. Your eyes instinctively closed at his touch, leaning into his brushing fingers. Poe wished it could also be like this. Him openly comforting you and you melting into him; but, like you had said, works gets into people’s heads far more often than the prospect of love.

“Okay,” you whispered and Poe let go of the breath he was holding in. He brushed some hair out of your face and gave you a pleased, grateful smile.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Poe said, moving to open your door. With a hiss, the passage cleared and he led you into your room. You immediately kicked off your boots and shucked off your jacket. Poe watched as you stumbled towards your cot, a fond smile forming on his lips.

When you made it to your bed, you sat yourself on the edge of it. Your eyes looked up to meet Poe’s and you noticed the small quirking of his mouth. The blush that bloomed on your cheeks would have embarrassed you, if you weren’t so tired.

“I’ll check on you in a bit, okay?” He said, walking over to your cot. You nodded and pressed your side on the slightly uncomfortable sheets. Poe smiled and leaned down, smoothing a tender hand over your hair. Your heart hammered at the contact and you hoped he would just lay beside you, stroking your hair until you fell asleep. A friend would do that; but you and Poe weren’t friends. You were, but anyone could see that you loved each other in a way that was rare; even in a galaxy full of the unorthodox.

Poe’s hand leaving your head broke you from your thoughts. Your eyes opened and you impulsively reached out, grabbing his hand. Poe turned back, looking at you with slight confusion set on his brow. You looked up at him pathetically, the words you longed to say merely balancing on the tip of your tongue.

“Can you stay with me?”

“What?” Poe’s eyes were widened slightly, but not in shock. He looked almost scared, and Poe was never scared. He was first to the skies and last to leave a battle. For all the time you had known him, loved him, he had never looked as scared as he did in that moment.

“Just stay, until I fall asleep,” you murmured, your voice weak with exhaustion. Poe’s heart seemed to skip a beat at what you were asking from him. He held your gaze for a moment longer, then, finally, he nodded.

“Okay,” he said with a soft smile on his lips, “but you’re going to have to scoot over.” You couldn’t stop the soft grin that bloomed on your own lips as you moved over. Poe fell into the now empty spot on your cot, barely fitting beside you. He slipped off his jacket and his old, worn boots before settling in entirely.

“Thank you,” you whispered as you got comfortable once more. Your face was a mere few inches away from Poe’s shoulder, and it was tempting to nuzzle closer to his warmth. He was just so warm. You could feel your eyes getting heavy with each passing moment.

“I could use some rest too,” Poe said, turning his head to face you. Even through, almost, half-lidded eyes, you held his soft gaze. His brown eyes seemed to mirroring the warmth his body was putting out and you could melt under it.

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Team Bond Villain Wants YOU

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take over the world? To feed your mortal enemies to piranhas? To monologue dramatically to a captive audience of your mortal enemies *before* feeding them to piranhas? Now you can, because Team Bond Villain has cooked up a little surprise for the participants of the 007 Fest of 2018. 

BEHOLD! The Villain Prompt Table, a playground for your own monstrous muses.

Because this is a special edition, there will be Villain Ranking Badges offered for the hardy souls who manage the successful completion of prompts at the levels of 2 (Henchperson–because we like to be all-inclusive here in our league of evil), 5 (Villain), 7 (Supervillain), and 9 (World Domination Expert). 

So come join us in our mayhem! You might like it.

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“I really wanted to have this melodrama happening in the cockpit. I thought, What if there were two pilots, and they had to get to know each other really quick? When you Drift with someone, you know a lot about them in a few seconds — their virtues, their fears, their defects. And yet you have no choice but to accept them. I thought it was a compelling idea.

The pilots’ smaller stories actually make a bigger point, which is that we’re all together in the same robot [in life]. Either we get along or we die. I didn’t want this to be a recruitment ad or anything jingoistic. The idea of the movie is just for us to trust each other, to cross over barriers of color, sex, beliefs, whatever, and just stick together. Fundamentally, it’s a very simple message. But it’s one that I would have liked to have seen in an adventure movie when I was a 12-year-old.” - Guillermo del Toro

In the Han Solo movie--

–there’s an Empire recruitment ad running in the background. The music is the Imperial March, in a major key, very heroic and bouncy.

This means a couple of things:

1. The music actually exists in that universe, as opposed to just being the soundtrack we hear as viewers.

2. Vader has to have heard it. The Empire is everywhere, the ad is running wherever there are poor sods desperate for escape, Vader gets around.

THAT led me to the following realization:

If the music is real, and it shows up whenever Vader shows up–but in a minor key–it’s not showing up because the Rebels associate it with Vader. They’d associate it with the Empire, sure, but most of them have never seen him. It’s showing up because Anakin Skywalker is hearing his own goddamn theme song in his head whenever he comes to put the fear into somebody.

He’s humming that shit under his breath, I just know it.

If that’s not the most emo and Anakin-appropriate thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.

Mensis scholar Damian (who no one remembers) and the head Micolash.

Once again, a random warm up doodle that turned out to look like one of those recruiting ads schools sometimes have.

If you are a young adult in Yahar’Gul and skilled in mind, join Mensis. We like to go bit too far. Our multiple story academy offers plenty of room for research. We believe in team work, Kos and the end of the semester is going to be unforgettable experience. ”

*solo spoilers*

the handsdown best part of solo, the most stupid and bonkers and beautiful thing, is that the imperial recruitment ad Han sees has the fucking Imperial March playing behind it. 

which means the imperial march exists in-universe, and the empire actively uses it to recruit.

oh god, i hope it’s the national anthem. I hope that to be an Imperial patriot, you need to stand in awkward silence thru 3.5 minutes of wordless classical music every damn day. i hope that terrifying catastrophe in brass and cymbals was exactly what palpatine thought would inspire the troops. no, I hope palpatine wrote it specifically to have highranking officers shit out their spleens every time the horns kick in when they’re not paying attention. I hope every instance of the Imperial March in the original trilogy was palpatine’s 300-part orchestra who travels with him everywhere playing just off-camera because the bitch just cannot Live without being dramatic.

like, having the imperial march exist in-universe is both very stupid and incredibly funny, and i love it.

Please submit your résumé.

Hello, hello folks! Elstine here, and we want YOU to sign up for a part-time Sales Associate role today!

What is a Sales Associate one might ask? I’ll tell you! - A Sales Associate (SA) is an individual working for a store or business that circulates around the wonderful and fun world of SALES! You’ll learn the product, learn selling techniques that can be applied to Real Life scenarios, and of course SELL, SELL, SELL!

Currently we’re really searching for folks that’d be eager to fill various time-frames in manning various storefronts (You can choose which store!) during business hours on the Server.

Important info!

  • You do not have to join a guild; only add myself, Quiinn, and Sonnilyn to your friends list for communication and add us on Discord.
  • Just about any time frame is currently open to choose from.
  • An IC Interview will be required, IC training can and will be provided as well.
  • You will have an IC pay-check! Yay, motivation!
  • You can quit at any time!
  • Yes, there is a chance for a permanent position in-guild!
  • Yes, you can be promoted ICly even without joining a guild! It does take time and of course, dedication.

What should you expect in return? 

  • Fantastic random roleplay encounters with random individuals you may have not otherwise roleplayed with!
  • Learn real-life sales techniques, from sociology and psychology to marketing and management!
  • Get deeply immersed in the world of Azeroth with our detailed and fun methods of running the shops!
  • You get to meet fantastic people and make new friends!
  • You get to expand your IC contacts! If you’re looking to start a business, there is no better place to get involved! You’ll meet suppliers, sales-masters, managers, and so forth!

Any questions, comments, or concerns - or if you’re interested, please message me on Tumblr or contact Elstine, Quiinn, or Sonnilyn in-game!

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